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Freemasonry Secrets:
the owners of world

And our personal experience

Hi. I'm from a non-english country and my grammar isn't very accurate. Me and my family are being persecuted by freemasons and because it, I've discovered a bunch of secrets about free/masonry not only here, but in all the world. Soon I'll translate what I have and fill this site fully. Please keep seeding this site for receive new updates and help me spread it to world by sharing this page to your contacts (do it privately and anonimously in Tor).




Lets assume you is a good people and you never has BIG problems in your life and with the world. If you are walking in the streets and note some people staring at you with eyes of hate, some other treating you scared or as if you were a bad guy, strange things happen in your life, your family/friends/helpers are abandonning you, people recomends for you a psychanalist, all you do receives a bad feedback with irony and vague arguments, everything goes wrong and it seems the whole world is against you, make sure: you're being chased by freemasonry! That's what happens to me and a lot of people around the world, and this can be proved by testimonials that surround the entire Internet.


It all starts by freemasonry. And at finish, the revolution. And freemasonry begins with psychopathy. Psychopaths are people who are born with impaired production of the hormone oxytocin. Because of this, from birth they have existential crises, lack of affection and having no self-consciousness. All they want in life is to hate, be loved, success, and social interactions. Still, they know they are weak before all but the rage this fact makes psychopaths always want to take advantage and be right at all. Psychopaths do not have dreams, but the pleasure to use words and gestures considered beautiful to win over the people and pleasure by the torture against other people, and that power fascinates the psychopaths.

The freemasonry


Things that will irritate freemasonry at the point to he down the masks

Masons only acts as friends of people, because people do what freemasonry need. But if people put the people in first place, is 100% possible freemasonry down the masks and want fight against people: equally, not in persecutions like he do currently. These are the things that will reveal the faces behind the masks in this freemason-made capitalist system:

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