Keygen Music

放 了一些我喜欢的注册机音乐在这里,估计很多人也会喜欢这些音乐的。音乐文件在music/目录下。
大多数情况下,以.xm  .it  .ym 为后缀名的音乐是打不开的,你需要VLC之类的音乐播放器。考虑到文件大小限制,我只转换了三个文件。

[全部音乐可以在 找到]

I put some keygen music that i loved here. I think much of you will love it, too.You can find then at music/ dir.
In most cases, you can't open thoses files like *.xm  *.it  *.ym directly. You should install VLC or something like that.
This site need to be improved, and i hope that someone can help me.
ALL music can be found at



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