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a decentralized college

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Are you new here? Follow me.

on Jul 19, 2016 ·
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on Jul 02, 2016
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on Jul 02, 2016
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新开课题 - 华尔街

on Jun 23, 2016
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on Jun 22, 2016
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on Jun 22, 2016


  • 免费;
  • 自己定学习的课程安排;
  • 学习和练习英语写作,有志愿者外教辅导;
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How it works?

on Jun 21, 2016

As a learner, you do the following:

  • determine your own project, your own goal, your own path of learning;
  • for every project, idea, goal, set up a dedicated blog site;
  • for each of your ideas, projects, goals, keep working on them;
  • while you are working on your projects and ideas and goals, faculties will examine them and give advice;
  • there is no term, no deadline, no fee, no admin, no exam; you can be here learning for life;
  • you should take a look what other learners are doing, that is a great way to learn;
  • if you see anything you like from other sources, you can copy them and make them become your owns and further develop; there is no copyright about ideas;

once you have your project site created, you can register it here, so others can visit:

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So what is College 34?

on Jun 19, 2016

This question we need to ask again and again. And for the time being, let's put some of his traits here:

  • it is not a common college; here, student the learner dictates everything; not admission officers because therre is none of that type; not admins because there is none; not professors, they are here to advise and advise only;
  • it is not a common college, where most students are not sure what they are learning are of any practical use;
  • it is not a common college, where budget always plays a bigger role than students' and faculties' interest;
  • it is not a common college, where exams are the final evaluations;
  • it is not a common college, where political right or wrong has to be somewhat observed; not here; right or wrong, you say it;
  • it is not a common college, where faculties serve students but in reality they are higher in hierarchy; here in College 34, every one is truly equal; just take a look of their ids, they are equal in everyway;
  • it is not a common college; here, the tuition is free;
  • it is not a common college; here, you decide the curriculum, the term, the time to finish or study for life if you want;
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Things you do not like about your school or college? Share that with us all...

on Jun 17, 2016
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insiders, but want to do things differently

on Jun 17, 2016

we welcome anyone who has his own insight about education, but cannnot freely do what he wants; we will do our best to implement what you want to do diferently.


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Towards a model of future learning

on Jun 17, 2016
  • here we are exploring about the future learning models
  • we want game play a role
  • everything that is traditionally institutionally championed and promoted is not what we pursue here
  • over the time we will implement these trial strategies one by one
  • we welcome your input and comment
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on Jun 14, 2016
  1. 学会用克隆生成你的博客;
  2. 注册你的网站,这样让别人知道你的网站:
  3. 开始写作英文,等老师批改
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China Business Center

on Jun 11, 2016
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Can I use the generated site address/private key to accept Bitcoin payments?

on Jun 11, 2016

Yes, it's a standard Bitcoin address. The private key is WIF formatted, so you can import it in most clients.

Tip: It's not recommended to keep a high amount of money on your site's address, because you have to enter your private key every time you modify your site.

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34 Business Development

on Jun 10, 2016
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