Welcome to the Slothkrew website. We’re a group of technology and security enthusiasts from around the world who enjoy talking about information security, code, technology in general and pretty much any silly thing that is out there.

We can usually found loitering in #slothkrew on Freenode where we bathe in the joys of procrastrination. Feel free to drop by, we don’t bite (To be fully honest with you: We might try at times, but until we reach your arm we have already forgotten what we wanted to do with it in the first place.)

Some of us sometimes stop sleeping to write some lines about this or that in our very own blog. Please be prepared to see silly walks, pugs and other nasty things.

In addition to our daily routine of sleeping and hanging from trees we run a publicly available XMPP-server which you can easily join for a cool domain and a sane administrative team. (One of those two statements is false. You need to figure out why the administrators are batsh.. ehrm, which one it is.)

We believe that each and every sloth is entitled to sleep in private. That’s why we operate a small Tor-relay. Thanks to the Tor Project we can show you fancy, colorful graphs here.

We also sometimes take part in capture the flag competitions. It’s easy to find out when that’s the case. When you join our channel and all you see is crying and hysterical swearing then it’s probably ‘that time’ again. And at very, very rare occurances we also write on or the other line of code which we then make available on our profile on Github.

If there is anything you want to tell us which can’t be done via IRC our XMPP we can also offer you a more traditional way - just shoot us a mail at

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