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Homegrown's Experience

A Blog about anything, from videogames to linguistics.

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Donkey Kong Country on GBC

on Jan 07, 2019

Looking into strange rom sites who don't care about Nintendo's legal team I found something rather interesting, a Donkey Kong Country rom for the GBC(Game Boy Color). At first I thought it was a kind of hackrom of Donkey Kong Land, however I decided to try it. So I put my microsd card into my pc, put the rom in the roms' folder and turned on my Odroid GO. What I found was surprising, it was a full port of Donkey Kong Country for GBC with special features for the GB Printer, multi language interface and even a detailed option menu. The game was pretty much the same, as level design, of its snes counterpart, however, graphically, it was one the most surprising title for GBC. Indeed the graphics was all prerendered, as for the snes version, but downscaled to fit the GBC limited hardware. I have pretty much finished the game and I have still to find any difference between this version and the snes in level design.

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Hello World

on Jan 02, 2019 ·
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Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog, I do not know what I'm talking about right now, therefore I shall introduce myself.

I'm Homegrown and I'm a linguistic enthusiast and a videogame fan. My favorite game is Zelda II for the NES and I'm currently writing a novel that you can find on Zeromedium.

That's all for now folks.

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