Dark Nebula

A fun, friendly, and fierce BDO guild.
Founded by Ursi and Jetstar
Work in Progress



Dark Nebula was born in the system of sorrow, tempered with power in a class O star, forged with the bond of true friendship and brotherhood. Dark Nebula is a battle tested guild like no other. Founded on the 29th of May 2016 by two awesome star admirals; Jetstar "Neydo Bean" Hoshibito & Ursi "Shark Howitzer" Von Ursington. Dark Nebula focuses on both fighting enemy monsters as well as enemy humans in the abyss of the void known as our universe.


Oh yeah we host a server for that too!

but not yet tho

Dark Zone

Learn about what Dark Nebula has to offer.

Take a peak at some of our amazing feats and get to know some of our veteran members.

Learn about our history and see where we are headed!

Visit the Dark Zone

but not yet tho

Contact Us

Feel free to pm us in game at Jetstar or Ursi,
or come find us on Valencia U1

Zeromail >>> jetstar

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