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My holy wife commanded thoust silence thyself on facebook, so I'll post my shit right here.

Did you guys know that in Genesis Lott fucked his two daughters and impregnated both of them?

Noah had his wife, three sons and their wives on the arc along with the animals and shit. Now imagine those blood relatives that will descend from them fucking each other in incest. The bible is a fucked up book!

How fucking bad of a god do you have to be to allow such shit to go on? I'll answer that one my goddamn self. The same god that allows Catholic priests to rape little boys. The same god that allows millions of impoverished children to starve to death each day. The same god that drowned every living person and creature on the Earth but Noah and his fucked up incest ridden family to live on a goddamn arc the he god commanded 600 year old Noah to build despite not having any motherfucking ship building experience. The same god that allowed slavery in the South. The same god that spake of treating men superior to women. That same god whom in the bible allowed his son to be tortured and nailed to a fucking piece of wood. That same god whom stretched forth his dick to the Earth to have unprotected sexual intercourse with another man's wife [PROPERTY]. Goddamnit the boy didn't even know who his real father was. Three men showed up at his birth though to try and pay for some more of that virgin pussy. I guess if we really want to find out who Jesus' fucking father is to rank the three men from richest to poorest. The richest of the three men got the pussy on that day. Who was this mystery Wise Man though? It most certainly was the man who brought the gold bars for the pussy, but who was this man because it doesn't fucking say in the bible? Well, since it doesn't say we're going to call him Jackulate. Jackulate was the Wise Man who brought the gold bars to Jesus' birth and was also the biological father of Jesus. This is where the word ejaculation comes from. That Wise Man's name.

Soon after Mary swallowed the Wise Man's cum she spat it back out again and the man did eat the cum and shortly after he fucked Mary once again, but this time ejaculating the cum that she swallowed and then he swallowed again to then fuck back into her thus sayeth the Lord. Soon that motherfucker we will soon know as Jesus will come out from the pussy of "Virgin" Mary. He will grow up to become a carpenter and by the age of thirty and five Jesus will then be sacrificed for that very sexual act that Mary and the Wise Man Jackulate did that nasty night.


If you don't believe this and love me you can all go fuck yourselves and burn in hell for all eternity. Love god!

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