MoneyNetworkW2 - test BitCoin wallet ( used by MoneyNetwork.
Note that has been acquired by Blocktrails Node.js API is used for BitCoin operations.

Optional ZeroNet ID select .... Can be used for wallet login storage and/or MoneyNetwork integration.
Use an anonymous @moneynetwork.bit ZeroNet ID or use your preferred ZeroNet ID provider.
Click on ZeroNet ID link to change ZeroNet certificate. Send me a PM ✉ if your preferred ZeroNet ID povider is not on the list.

Remember wallet login?
No thank you, I will remember wallet login by myself.
Save wallet login in MoneyNetworkW2 (browser/localStorage) encrypted with my ZeroId certificate.
Save wallet login in MoneyNetwork (browser/localStorage) encrypted with my MoneyNetwork password.

Name Value
Network : Bitcoin TestNet
Wallet Id : Generate
Wallet password : Generate
Wallet operations: :
Wallet status : n/a
Confirmed balance :
Unconfirmed balance :
Send money : Receiver: Amount: Satoshi  
Receive money : Address :

Standalone usage. Add this wallet site to MoneyNetwork?

Grant MoneyNetwork session permission to: All , none , open wallet , get balance , send money , receive money , pay , receive payment and close wallet .
Confirm MoneyNetwork money transactions (send, receive, pay & receive payment)
Grant MoneyNetwork session permission to: backup and restore localStorage data. Confirm backup and restore:


Add more hubs. Get content from more MoneyNetwork W2 hubs and help distribute MoneyNetwork W2 content.
Use checkbox to add/remove hubs. Use url to see info about hub (will also add site).

help download and help distribute all W2 wallet data files (money transactions)? Thanks. I love you ❤❤❤️️
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  • Tested OK with test Bitcoins (see screendumps below)
  • Tested OK with MoneyNetwork integration (see screendumps below)
  • Please return test Bitcoins to faucet when finish testing
  • Please delete test wallet when finish testing
  • GitHub

Click to show/hide screendumps: Standalone usage and MoneyNetwork integration

Contact info: I am not using ZeroMail. Send a PM ✉ , use "@jro:" in ZeroMe or create a GitHub issue with question or issue.

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