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The New ZeroWiki

This is a clone of ZeroWiki created with better organization and information-richness in mind. ZeroWiki is a wiki platform for ZeroNet, the distributed web network based on BitTorrent, Bitcoin and Tor.

ZeroWiki is public and clonable. Wikis can be used for taking notes, storing snippets, sharing knowledge by creating FAQs and documentations, keeping track of your goals, or as simple to-do lists. See the help page for a more in-depth view of how it works.

If you want to contribute to the wiki, go to the Contributing to this Wiki page for guidelines. If you don't know where to categorize a page, link to the page from the Uncategorized Pages page. You can use the Sandbox page to test out editing ZeroWiki pages.







This page is a snapshot of ZeroNet. Start your own ZeroNet for complete experience. Learn More