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The sacrifice and service of rejecting the prevailing view.

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Man With 205 Followers BTFOs Gun Control

on Mar 25, 2018 ·
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Poll exposes enthusiastic, widespread support for civilian-owned firearms.

image.png (534x290)

The leftists who murdered 17 children to exploit the masses aren't fooled. Guns save lives.

But what you might not know is this:

image.jpg (844x529)

How much power a humble man with 205 followers really has.

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The Hatred Twitter Hides From You

on Mar 23, 2018

Stop posting sensitive, hateful content, you Nazi bigot! (In other words, stop tweeting about things shitlibs tweet.)

The following may be TOO DISTURBING for "sensitive viewers"

the_hate_they_don_t_want_you_to_see.jpg_large.jpg (546x396)

Isn't Blair hateful? Don't worry. Twitter is there to mark tweets as "sensitive" to hide the evidence of activist Blair Cottrell's hateful, disturbing image.

Which is literally nothing but an image of nothing except what a liberal has said.

Things gangsters do: Hide the evidence.

Other things gangsters do: Silence the witnesses.

It would be kinda hard to get a fair trial when gangsters run the media, wouldn't it? Hiding witnesses and evidence for 55,000 years of forced interbreeding with our people. (See recent Neanderthal admixture. Pretty sure mixing with trolls wasn't the captured womens' first choice.)

Meh. Justice? Who cares about stuff like that. It's 2018. Time for #tolerance, baby!

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"Evil Nazis" Feed Pork to the Hungry

on Mar 22, 2018

When they're not shoving defenseless, innocent victims into gas chambers for absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER, "fascist Nazis" sometimes feed pork suppers to the homeless. Why?

anticom_food_for_poor_2.jpg (940x788)

So they can push their radical viewpoints, such as:

People should be allowed to protest being abused by government institutions, regardless of their race. Even if they're the "wrong" race, and we can't allow this race of people to complain.

Also, the liberal, feminist, communist government institutions would like you to know that race doesn't exist. Except when they say so.

anticom_food_for_poor.jpg (940x788)

The police in liberal cities are now systematically suppressing speech, just like they did in the 1960s, by selectively enforcing the law.

This means you're allowed to get punched, but you're not allowed to defend yourself if you have the wrong opinion.

The powerful white supremacist government doesn't want anyone exposing the government as anti-white, so you certainly won't be allowed to speak in public about your abuse at the hands of police, who threaten to arrest the attacked, but never arrest the attackers.

bad_guy_good_guy.jpg (728x544)

Also, good luck getting your testimony to stay up, even on your own YouTube channel.


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Mission Accomplished! Blackness successfully bred out of Egyptians!

on Mar 21, 2018

They're breeding out whiteness. Or are they? Seems to me that's what they want blacks to believe. All these people have tragically had 70% or more of their blackness bred out of them over time by the ruthless, hostile invading globalists.

Globalists have been an international clique for a very long time.

blackness_gone.jpg (1024x683)depressed_in_egypt.jpg (540x537)

The "hatred of blacks" is working so well, Americans have raped 24% of the precious, pure blackness out of almost every black American. And their whiteness is rising by the day.

By pretending to be victims of 19,000+ black-on-white rapes per year!

Using reverse psychology, they're exploiting via psy-op deception, forcing vulnerable black men to forcibly take "inferior" white women, leaving behind a legacy of less and less black children.

They're not winning the hundred meter dash anymore!

All blacks are starting to look like Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, and that girl with the boobs from that new Mad Max movie.

lenny_lisa_bonet.jpg (1200x900)

I mean, I guess all girls have boobs. Sorta. It kinda depends, really.

If this trend continues, there will be no pure black people in the world by 2150. This is what the future of the black race looks like.

Isn't it beautiful?

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Things The Devil Represents In The Liberal Mind

on Mar 21, 2018

No judgments. This is a safe space. Tell me what Baphomet means to you, liberal anarcho-Satanists. You guide me.

baphomet_expectation_vs_reality.jpg (1200x446)

Yup. About what I expected. At a minimum, Baphomet is the world's most disturbing Rorschach test.

And a clear picture of the actual LGBT agenda.

Something tells me they're not fans of God's laws at all.

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How To Make A Gun

on Mar 21, 2018

According to Cody (3d printed lower receiver) Wilson, you're not allowed to publish instructions on how to make a gun in the United States. A country where there's lie is that we have freedom of speech. In which the government isn't Constitutionally empowered to restrict speech.

cody_wilson_receiver.jpg (480x360)

Something about National security. Which isn't a right, but a privilege extended to the servants by the people. We could as easily draft a "kill em all" Constitution and the Bill of Condemnation citing "all are guilty who aren't slaying", "the bloodless must die", and "kill all cucks" as articles 1, 2, and 3 of the new Constitution.

Is that leagal? In my inexpert opinion as a fake internet law-talker-court-man, it's logically gotta be just as leagoll as what they've got. Why?

Because either they've got the right to make up a government or they don't.

They invented it out of thin air. Anybody can do that.

If they've got the right to throw off British government, then so do we. If they don't have the right, then their Mickey Mouse laws are all fake and don't apply to us, anyway.

In which case, there's no need to set up a new one. The Law of the Jungle rules. Might makes right. Grab yourself a lower receiver!

Too bad the things are a bit crap. And a bump stock does the same damn job.

Either way, we've got the right. The only question is whether or not it's considered prudent by a given man at a given time.

And that's a question entirely up to that man.

It makes you think. Do you even want to go to war?

racial_inferior.jpg (1200x739)

Naaaaaaahhhh, dawg. Naaaaah.

The Neocon (at best) guv mint U.S. Kangress does everything to restrict nationalist speech on behalf of the (((globalist))) media and crony capitalists.

Censorship-resistant sites like Zeronet allow such information to spread at exceptionally low cost will be a far more interesting development than bump stocks and most of the 3d printed lower receivers I've seen so far.

(But don't let that stop ya, dawg.)

Things which are removed from 4chan within 24 hours can be posted for reference on sites like these.

If it were necessary to publish instructions, distribute directives, suggestions, or to provide links to large libraries via torrents, this would be the kind of forum where that sort of information may thrive regardless of any and all attempts at enforcement.

white_people_hated_by_salon_DYtkhILV4AA_9Tx.jpg (700x744)

Then again, the Constitution is a piece of paper. (Or parchment.) The will of any armed individual outranks any piece of paper. Including the armed individuals who hide behind a piece of paper as though it gives them greater authority than the rest of us.

It doesn't.

evidence.jpg (720x405)

jews_behind_immigration.jpg (600x695)

jews_put_bounty_on_refugees.jpg (600x386)

Jews (who aren't actually Jews and never have been) are hypocrites? How can this be?

jews_hypocrites.jpg (734x900)

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Berkeley PD cover-up! Caught lying to protect Antifa terrorists

on Nov 24, 2017 ·
1 comment

Police and media cover up domestic terrorism.

Ben Shapiro's UC- Berkeley talk on September 14, 2017, led to violent counter-protests.

MSM reports "no violence".

On their Twitter account, the Berkeley PD falsely reported girl was not attacked, reports narrative-collapse.com

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Updates & Innovation

on Oct 16, 2017 · 41 min read

Note: If you're not an off-grid person, pay attention anyway. Because everyone will be living off grid when Israel pretends North Korea set off the EMP nukes.


It's been several days. What's going on, conquering Christian army? You good? You healthy, happy, and serving the Lord? Great!

Then I've got something an apocalyptic revelation for you.

Because this email contains a lot of updates and ideas for you. It's not just about problems, but about great, inspiring solutions and generous problem-solvers.

Solutions for your life, for our movement, and for your readers. If you don't have local paper readers, that's okay. I'll show you how to get some.

Communicating about the solution is much more important than than the solution itself, because most great ideas and inventions never spread. If you can't sell ideas, they get lost and stay lost.

In fact, many of the world's greatest ideas are gone or forgotten. They went away to die in someone's garage or basement or backyard or journal. Why? Because those great ideas never found a great communicator.

For example, Roman concrete is amazing. Unlike modern concrete, it gets stronger over time and lasts for thousands of years. If you look for these things, you can find them. People are always bringing back lost, old technology.

The dart-throwing atlatl has been around for ages. But it's finally being rediscovered by people who know how to showcase it. How to demonstrate it. How to make it look and sound amazing and useful, easy to make and use. Which it is. One of the first accurate, reliable ways to kill animals from a distance in one hit.

I'm sure we all have our favorite ancient weapons. But it's not the invention that counts. It's been around for 40,000 years. But it wasn't made as famous as the slingshot David used to take down Goliath. An atlatl would have done the same job.

But the best communicator wins.

Great communicating, Salatin says (or marketing ideas), means telling stories. I've never been the greatest story-teller, but I'm a curator of solutions whose story must be told.

By re-making our lives to be more independent, powerful, healthy, wealthy, and efficient, we're free to live or to lead. Properly equipped, we can accomplish more in 2 hours per day than a dozen men working all day with the wrong tools.

We can reduce our stress and/or develop the tools and systems and circumstances to build a worldwide community to save our people.

Re-thinking and redesigning our lives through the wisdom of crowds, the products of crowd-sourcing, and the community-created and co-created lifestyles, equipment, and technology our people have developed that's relevant to making you free, taking out the stress, and preparing you for the battle that matters.

The battle for your life.

That's what this email is about. Once you're free of your burdens of a Jew-led life plan, you're free to fight and lead effectively.

It's time to think differently, and to think bigger. As Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers puts it, we have an obligation to be great.

I'll start with housekeeping:

  • This email list is snowballing in growth.
  • I was asked for quick start tips. Here the are.
  • The status on shirts... if you haven't gotten yours yet.
  • Where your physical newsletter is, if you ordered one.

Then we'll get to these innovations, and why you need to know about them:

  • No BS apocalypse-proof off-grid living for about one eighth as much as you probably thought.

  • Apocalypse-resistant hermit home (and getaway)

  • High occupancy urban communes (even if you're not a communist)

  • Cost-effective, efficient air power with no runway, airstrip, or road required. The state of license-free ultralight vertical takeoff and landing for the consumer today.

  • Censorship-free, anonymous technology to intelligently organize for serious achievements.

  • YourWardNews Fall 2017 is trying to bring Jews to Jesus before their time runs out.

  • Collaborative, digital manufacturing, open-source hardware, homes, vehicles, aircraft, and more.

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Picket-Proof Harvey Weinstein

on Oct 14, 2017

Hollywood's fall guy is Harvey Weinstein. Do you hate him? I suggest you don't. In fact, I suggest you feed your enemies if they're hungry, and give them water if they're thirsty.

Weinstein is a man who's hart to protest against. Hard to picket his offices, casting couch or not, because his offices in Beverly Hills and Manhattan (now listed as closed on Google Maps) don't have a sign in front of them. They're not widely recognized.

hyhed3cb.bmp (634x864)

A photo of a picketer would just look like you're protesting a fire hydrant.

I expect that's by design.

There's no use saying this is history repeating itself, if you don't know your history. And unless you're a revisionist researcher, you're not given the whole story. Because history, when taught without strategic edits, is anti-semitic.

Nobody seems to know anything about history, and the man on the street couldn't tell you much about the war for Independence, the Civil War, or World War I, but they sure as hell know about the "suffering" of the Jews in WW2, and that Hitler was the most evil man in all of history.

The people typically caught in hate crime hoaxes usually turn out to be Jews or their communist, leftist, radicalized extremist terrorist proteges.

Being a hate crime, you'd expect them to be punished more harshly. But when a Jew does it, the attitude seems to be, "Oh. You DON'T hate the Jews? Then it's not a problem." Keep that in mind.

Because they've still committed a hate crime. Their intended victims are white. Specifically, pro-whites. You can advocate for the rights and ethical treatment of cockroaches in this country. But the moment you advocate for whites, you're a presumed to be a hateful monster. And these widely-reported hoaxes, always tied to Trump's racism emboldening the haters,

As if the existence of the swastika arouses hatred for Jews. If it were that simple, swastikas would appear around the country overnight, and people would rise up as a result. It doesn't work that way. You wouldn't dare show the badly-drawn swastika on the news, lest it inspire more senseless hatred.

We're led to believe the mere image of Hitler is enough to throw us into a genocidal fury. But the opposite is true. It's used because it's effect is to shame us into silence.

This tactic could never work on the shameless haters. It only works on the meek, who shall inherit the earth.

As far as I can tell, no whites ever pretend to be Jews. There's no point. Without control of the media, you can't hope to benefit. But the Jews have frequently committing hoax hate crimes. And get caught doing so.

Since these are actual hate crimes, you'd expect them to be punished appropriately. I've seen no evidence that they are. As if to say, "Oh, you don't hate the Jews? Then it's not really a hate crime." But #1: It is actually a hate crime. And #2: The victims are a racial group they hate: Whites.

So here are some fat, well-fed Jews arriving at the camps. Jewish media would have you believe these people were oppressed in those ghettos. But somehow, they had access to food.

t0nax5w5.bmp (235x300)l9333b0g.bmp (500x364)

And suits. In fact, it looks like the Jews were still eating better than the Germans. Just as this cartoon depicts. Why do I show you these pictures and cartoons?

hksfhdz9.bmp (368x242)

If this weren't a true representation of people's fears, feelings, and knowledge, the cartoon would have no effect. They wouldn't recognize it as a truth, but as a lie.

You might think this cartoon is an exaggeration of some kind. That the gentiles have still somehow unfairly (or hatefully) portrayed the Jews.

We're not starving in the US, yet. But the Jews are fat, rich, nepotistic billionaires in control of most of the media, broadcasting, social media, academia, school curriculum and banking.

More people in the camps, well-fed.

8zb6h8d7.bmp (570x336)

Starving your enemies hurts you in the long run. Feeding them when they're hungry and giving them water when they're thirsty heaps coals upon their head.

So if you want God to reward you, love your enemies. Even Harvey Weinstein.

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You're not a racist, are you?

on Oct 13, 2017

Probably. Why? Is it wrong to be a racist? Because from what I hear, all racists are white, and all whites are racist. Therefore, racist simply means white. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If someone calls you a racist, they're saying you were born evil. Which means they're a hater. Part of a hate group that wants you dead based on nothing but the color of your skin.

If you ask them whether race is real, they'll say we're all the same. Unless you're a white person. (A "racist.")

Is it wrong to be a racist? Only if you're white. When they discriminate, suppress, intimidate, oppress, and pass laws and policies to exclude you from access to meetings, scholarships, jobs, promotions, and government, and don't allow you the same freedom of association, then as a white person, you are an oppressed member of a world minority. Only 8% of the world population and shrinking.

Diversity isn't for everyone. It's only for white companies, neighborhoods, and countries. Nobody says the problem with Uganda or Kenya is it's not diverse enough. That it should be ruled by outsiders. That a family living there for 10 or 20 generations must be excluded from meetings, scholarships, jobs, promotions, and government.

If you or anyone were to suggest such a thing, you'd be racially discriminating against them. You'd be a racist.

If racism is only wrong when whites do it, then the problem isn't with racism. The problem is that people hate whites. Their hatred of whites is the problem.

To be clear: By the left's own logic, there's nothing wrong with being racist. And by their own logic, there's nothing wrong with hatred. And oppression. And suppression. And tribalism.

By their own principle of tribalism, anything we do or have done is perfectly justified if it serves our selfish interests.

The difference is, the race of principle has not acted in its own interests, but seeks to serve the interests of all people. None but whites have been forced to do this.

If you knew the long history of the crimes against the noble white race, and its unique importance, then you wouldn't tolerate the double standards against them.

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Proof that White Supremacists Control Hollywood

on Oct 13, 2017

Where do people get the idea that Jews run the media? Rich, secular male Jews of European descent only only own 70% of the movie production in Hollywood.

The other 30%? White supremacy.


View on YouTube

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Double Standards Don't Exist

on Oct 13, 2017

There's no such thing as a left-wing conspiracy.

Pictured: A leader of a terrorist organization, the owner of a company that censors right wing Twitter accounts (and sits on the board of a company that makes degenerate children's cartoon movies), a rich, anti-American traitor who's bringing down the NFL.

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The Secular Threat to Europe

on Oct 12, 2017

The most secular countries in Europe have something in common.

They all share a common fate. The more atheistic, the more affected by immigration problems. Why?

There's nobody standing up corruption. (Who can withstand the temptation to sell out your principles for the promise of cash, safety, security, popularity?)

What erases corruption is courage. But what source of courage exists in a world of feminized women? No source but one.

"Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil."

The hopelessly naive will believe what you tell them. This can be a liability. Or, having accepted it's true, it can instead become an awesome strength.

If I want your society vulnerable to the Jews, I'll try to steal their source of courage by ridiculing their gods. Particularly Jesus. If I want them to know for a fact that Jesus has the power to resurrect them, so they need never fear death if they believe, then I'll give them the emotionally compelling evidence that God can do this, raised Jesus and hundreds of others.

Then their naive mind turns them to courageous soldiers of God. Because, for all we know, God really exists. But Jews, controlling all our information, corrupting even our history and science, must have lied about our mysterious, miracle-filled past.

The West was once called Christendom. There's a religion you probably know almost nothing about which spreads more quickly and powerfully than Islam. Even when preachers try to corrupt it.


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New blog post

on Oct 11, 2017

The clever, tricky devils have plotted to get you to say, "I'm not one of the people who wants to put Jews in the oven." What you may not realize is Christ did.

jew_in_oven.jpg (618x618)

See for yourself:
"The Son of Man will send out His angels, and they will weed out of His kingdom every cause of sin and all who practice lawlessness. And they will throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing ofteeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father." - Matt 13:41

Jesus also explains "the weeds are the sons of the evil one". And in John 8:44 says of the so called "Jews" (who aren't) are the children of the devil. In the parable of the weeds, he's referring to these imposters masquerading as Jews. Today, we still call them Jews because they still call themselves Jews.

"You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it."

Those Jews who long ago accepted Christ have been calling themselves Christians for thousands of years, doing the deeds of Abraham, and are thus real Jews. Or saints, as the Bible calls them. In the future, we will be called Sons of the Living God. Non-white Christians are grafted in. More is expected of them. You see what God does to his favorites, the white race. So if you're not white, you can imagine what he'll do to you.

In any event, those who reject Christ (since they're either with Christ or against Him) serve the devil. Because only by serving the narrow truth can you avoid the web of thousands of lies leading you astray. The gate is narrow, that leads to salvation.

In the Gospel, it's made clear that God is not the author of confusion. True. If you get your scripture from anyone but God directly, through the scripture, you'll be led astray. There's no teacher but the Messiah. None. Believe none but Christ. Then, through his words, you can understand the whole Bible just fine. And the will of God.

Which, IMO, is the same thing as understanding the "will" of nature. Or the consequences of actions. If you got your information from the world's finest historian, the lessons would be identical. The problem is we get normie history and knowledge about the Bible from the devil who hates the Bible.

Since Jews run most the media, broadcasting, and publishing, and therefore the every institution right up to the presidency and world government, and because they're able to vilify, sue, attack, and defame just about anyone brave enough to criticize them, and because we don't fight back the way they do, there are very few people who are able to expose their crimes, their role in a Communist holocaust, and in starting WW2 to silence their critics and stop the Germans who'd set themselves free of Jewish control.

In the end, to defeat Jewish control, a great number of honest, hard-working people need to be willing to sacrifice all their property, their lives to save their enemies who will persecute them the whole way through.

Having learned our lessons from Germany's recent rise, (only a century ago) we'll know better than to be so merciful next time. In fact, the ancient mercy of God, and His enduring patience, will have finally reached its end. The laws of war from the Old Testament will spring to life. And every person who has cursed his true children, Israel, the white race, will find themselves under God's curse.

The list of people who've condemned themselves grows by the day. The fence-sitters, in fear of the power of evil, are quickly hopping off, and landing on the wrong side.

There was a time for mercy. There's a time for everything under heaven. A time to live. A time to die.

"A time to kill,
And a time to heal;
A time to break down,
And a time to build up;"

Jesus is coming. And He is full of joy that His fire is now kindled.

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Everyone's Race Matters but Ours

on Oct 11, 2017

Why The Alt-Right Will Win

way_of_the_world.jpg (634x353)

The Way of the World's new video: predicts the inevitable victory of the Alt-Right. He explains his reasons. One of which is the left can't explain theirs. Based in bitterness, not thought.

Well, this is the surface view of things, but most people still aren't ready for the Babylonian religion of pederasty to be exposed as the antithesis of life, truth, and reason. Too bad they run the world.


Anti-nationalism, is, by definition, treasonous. What's the penalty for that, I wonder?

treason.jpg (600x170)

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