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Play is not there yet

on Jul 01, 2016

Play has some movies . But not enough i guess. It woild be great if users were able to sign in and update play with new movies from all corners of internet.
leave message if you know any sol.
email : redd@zeroid.bit

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P2P revelution is here

on Jun 12, 2016 ·
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The peer to peer technology has not seen this rate of progress after its creation. Though the right word would be "deserved attention " it has begun and that is all that matters . There are numerous existing services that are being incorporated into p2p. IPFS would probably solve streaming problem and could introduced into service zeronet . this development even small in significances restores my hope that one day power of the people return to the people on a silver platter .

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New blog post

on Jun 12, 2016

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