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Schizzi Schizo: Google’s Digital Dementia: It’s Forgetting Stuff

on Feb 25, 2019
tag: AggiornamentiSito

As if we didn’t have enough problems, there’s a mounting body of evidence that Google now has an attention span somewhat shorter than ten years. After ten years or so, Google forgets things. Or, perhaps, Google just can’t be bothered to index these older web pages, because there’s no money in it.

A commenter mentioned this after my post wherein I spoke of the pain of the Kink.com transition to their “new” (2016) Kink Unlimited product that broke many hundreds of my old links. It turns out that blogging pioneer and web-bones architect Tim Bray noticed the Google-dementia phenomenon about a year ago, writing that “Google has stopped indexing the older parts of the Web.”

Bray had discovered that his old blog posts weren’t turning up in Google searches even when he chased them with extremely precise search terms. I had noticed the same thing, but I assumed it was the “Google hates porn” filter that was killing me.


-- AggiornamentiSito Mon, 25 Feb 2019 12:16:00 GMT

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