ZeroNet Links (Last update 8/2019)

ZeroNet's Hello, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, IRC channel

DIRECTORIES: ZeroWiki zite list, Sites.zeronetwork.bit, Search And Index Zites (old version)

SEARCH: epi (3984), Horizon, Zirch.bit (4048, fulltext index only), Zoogle, DreamSearch, RVRE.bit (1769), Lingdu.bit (1681), ZeroSearch.bit (Kaffiene, 1185), ZSearch, Index of Zites (static)

DISCUSSION: ZaroTalk, MillChan, 08chan, Computer/Internet forum, KxoQA (questions & answers site), Programming, Hacking, DIY, Linux 1, Linux 2, Politics. Science, SciFi, Anime, ZeroVoat (Reddit), ZeroMe (Twitter) (or its clones), Thunderwave (chat), DemoOne (chat by BlurHY)

E-MAIL: Mail.ZeroVerse.bit, Mail.ZeroNetwork.bit

FILESHARING: ZeroUp, BinChan's 0-Share NullFolder, ZeroTorrent, UA реліз, TronUs, ZeroFun (images, video)

MEDIA STREAMING: KxoVid (videos), big.kopykate (videos), ShareTube (videos), IFS (video, audio, document, images), MillChan (discussion board, allows videos, images), ZeroLSTN.bit (audio streaming, SoundCloud like)

TEXT SHARING (Pastebin): 0PasteBin, NullPaste (old)

SOURCE CODE/BUGs: GitCenter, Github Zeronet page

CREATE SITE: Guide ( outdated mirror), Create blog, Create forum

Promote site/get peers: 1.., 2.., 3.., 4.., 5.. (backup)

Example CMS you can clone and use: BLOG: ZeroBlog, Poster (Git), FORUM: ZeroTalk, WIKI: ZeroWiki

DEVELOPMENT: Official docs ( outdated mirror), Zite development resources (ZeroWiki), ZeroNet documentation for developers (Wiki), Dbschema builder, GitCenter (Github like), Questions 1, Questions 2, DevTalk. Some developers appear on Thunderwave chat mentioned above.

Video streaming over WebTorrent: How to stream video over web torrent on the ZeroNet

PROXIES (clearnet to 0net): here

Is 0net anonymous? No, unless you enable Tor for all the connections. Do it via ZeroHello site. Explanation: ( explanation) original source, Discussion.

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