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Buy a Botnet

Buy a Botnet

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About our Botnet

on Mar 03, 2016

We are selling the code botnet (OpenSource C#). The first, you can open with "Microsoft Visual 2010 Express" and compile your bot. After compiled, you have an exe file. Send the exe file to any computer, you can send via email, website,...

When Bot running, you can Control via IRC Server. If you have million computers infected your bot, you can get all information on bot's computer and then attack any system. Example: you can attack DDoS with SYN Flood, HTTP Flood, UDP Flood,...

Support: kamino@zeroid.id

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Bot's Features

on Mar 03, 2016
  • Auto start with Windows
  • Once installed imposible to delete the exe
  • Process run hidden
  • Hidden and undeletable folder
  • Login to the bot with password
  • Bot spreading: uTorrent / BitTorrent / Azureus (Vuze) seeder
  • DDOS attack: SYN Flood / HTTP Flood / UDP Flood
  • Stealer: FileZilla Stealer (to get ftp accounts)
  • Update: update bot, kill bot, download and execute other file.
  • Works with XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Server 2003, Server 2008,…
  • Bypass UAC

Support: kamino@zeroid.id

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How to buy ?

on Mar 03, 2016 ·

.:: BTC ::.
Now you can pay in bitcoin, send me (kamino@zeroid.bit) your zeroid.bit or email and your BTC address.

Price: 0.7 btc
BTC Seller: 1GguN7ML6y8V1ck8E4EXzbCxHLx2TTst8P

.:: ETH ::.
Send exactly 10 ETH to the address '0xea187ad56e22f89ba8ee15b2516edb937af93c31' and add your uesername (zeroid.bit or email) in 'data' field to receive a link for download the botnet.

You can provide your email via the 'data' field as part of your transaction:

eth.sendTransaction({from: eth.accounts[0], value: web3.toWei(10, 'ether'), to: '0xea187ad56e22f89ba8ee15b2516edb937af93c31', gas: 500000, data: web3.fromAscii('username@zeroid.bit')})

Support: kamino@zeroid.id

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