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打开一个网站,显示找不到节点,打不开,怎么办? 请看这里

当所有Trackers都显示失效时(被墙),显示|找不到节点|(code),打不开网站,怎么办呢?是不是觉得ZeroNet已挂? #No! 现在教大家一个办法,只要有人做种的网站,大部分能轻松打开,请看: 1,把ZeroNet更新到最新版(rev 3540以上) 2,在ZeroHello页拉出小地球(因为ZeroHello节点数是最多的),点一下|节点数`那一行右边的那个`COPY TO CLIPBOARD` 3,新建一个文本,ctrl+V粘贴 4,修改ZeroHello的地址`1HeLLo4uzjaLetFx6NH3PMwFP3qbRbTf3D|(code)为你要打开的地址 5,ctrl+A全选复制修改的网址,粘贴到浏览器,回车。 #你会发现一下子就打开刚才显示无节点的网站了。 另外:ZeroNet默认只复制20个节点信息,如果想让效果更好,改一下代码里的一个数字: 用Notepad++(任何文本编辑器)打开|ZeroNet-win-dist\core\plugins\Sidebar\|(code), 把第120行|getConnectablePeers(20, allowprivate=False)|(code)的数字20改大(如:100),再保存,重启ZeroNet。改的越大,复制到的节点数越多,打开网站的概率也越大。 再把这里的Trackers: 加入http:// 的框框,保存,就完美了。 ——来自| ZeroMe帖子 | (link)

Published a year ago by Version on ZeroNet
Is embedding videos in a ZeroNet site really as simple as using a video tag or linking to a video in a relative path?

I tested out an embed of Big Buck Bunny. The video was in the same directory as index.html. For me, it worked, but I was wondering if this would work for everyone if I published such a site. Do ZeroNet sites handle big files as transparently as creating a clearnet site?

Published a year ago by Styromaniac on ZeroNet
It is not at all clear that one should click on "Top Available Topics" to see more interesting forums

I didn't discover it until the tenth visit to this site. The main page should be the page "Top Available Topics" if no topics except Sandbox are currently shown

Published a year ago by Trenta3 on ZeroExchange Meta


Published a year ago by Tangdou on ZeroNet
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