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The Freedom Crate

A wireless anonymous information/knowledge sharing and communications device that anyone can build.

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What is the Freedom Crate, exactly?

on Oct 02, 2015

What is the FreedomCrate?

The FreedomCrate is an assortment of devices that facilitate easy offline sharing of knowledge (information) as files.

How does it work?

A user simply connects to the SSID being broadcast via wifi and from there he will be redirected to the PirateBox landing page. What's that? The PirateBox is a project started by a guy called David Darts, he and his team created a wireless file sharing platform of which is offline. Anyway, in this page the user can browse and upload files for other to see, he can also have an anonymous chat with others connected to the PirateBox.

Another feature of the FreedomCrate is the IRC server it runs (which stands for Internet relay chat), which allows the users to have a chat also, it is also probably more stable than the chat system on the PirateBox landing page.

It also comes with the MotionPie software installed on the last RaspberryPi which is used to show the location or venue of the Freedom Box via a snapshot on the PirateBox landing page that is fed from the webcam attacked to the RaspberryPi.

In a nutshell the FreedomCrate is a centralized storage mechanism that cannot be censored. It is portable and only requires a power connection to be fully operational.

FreedomCrate Software Stack

There is much more software than mentioned previously in the FreedomCrate. Below we have a compiled a list of all the software that are components that make up the FreedomCrate Stack.

  1. PirateBox (for the RaspberryPi)
    • The PirateBox software turns the RaspberryPi into a router that directs all traffic to a landing page where users can anonymously share files and chat. Forum software is also available as forest and kareha.
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