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Petit-Roid 3 (Petit−ろいど3)

on Feb 19, 2019 · 1 min read

017b.jpg (703x214)

And who can honestly say they would not agree with that statement? Well, the protagonist of our three-volume manga here is not too stoked about the prospects of robo-girls, which is a real shame because only three pages into the story we find out his grandfather dropped off three cute loli-bots at his house.

Oh, and by the way: unless he has sex with them once every three days, their self-destruction protocol will trigger. So, yeah ... there's that.

This is all a good setup for some great sex scenes, but luckily there's also more plot than that: turns out his grandfather isn't the only pervert designing robo-girls, and the other ones are just as horny, possibly more. They're certainly more aggressive while looking to satisfy their desires.

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Hana's Holiday (Hana-san No Kyuujitsu)

on Feb 15, 2019 · 1 min read

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Hana's Holiday (Read at 1+Gallery) is the story of an ordinary office lady who leads a secret life of indecency and carnal pleasures on her days off. This generally consists of showing her body in public and having intercourse with one or multiple strangers, often followed by her running into last nights partner in her professional life. This makes for a very episodic story where every chapter is the adventure of another one of her days off, starting and ending with a quick flyby view of her normal everyday life at the company. Because of this rhythm it's very easy to jump back into the story at any point when re-reading it.

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