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Mail me at znnausfl. Help is appreciated.

Ultimate goal will be to create or modify software to easily allow distributed and delayed communication between the Earth and the other worlds we will soon colonize.

LEO is not survivable.

Let's start with the Moon.
We should be getting back there first.

Delay times are
Perigee/2.4s Apogee/2.7s average/2.56s (2.25s established as standard)

ZeroNet should be able to handle this and much more if I understand the underlying technology correctly.

What needs to be determined is how to set up local nodes to distribute content - and link those nodes together.
BUT! All connections should NEVER be made through a node, always connect to neighbors as well - the more the better.

My programming skills are minimal. I've always been better at hardware. Eventually an EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) station will be constructed for field testing, and we'll need a few radio guys around the world to help us out.

I can't write a webpage worth a damn either, but I'll try to get something better set up.
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