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A number of articles have not yet been filled with content. That will come over time. I hope you what's already available is of use to you.


This archive contains mathematics and algorithms and is not intended as an introduction to math nor programming. I'm assuming a reasonable level of skill on the reader. On the other hand, I'm open for questions. You can email me if you have any.

The side-bar on the left is a navigation tool. Click on the buttons and select a sub item to view its content. Options marked with an X are not yet available.

All source files/packages are self-contained. No obscure external libraries required.

Through the archive, you'll find a number of icons. These are buttons that copy the content to the directory of your choice. These links do not connect to the clearnet. Down below is what those links would look like. I made a bunch of icons you can download by clicking the ZIP icon.

All source code downloaded in these articles fall under a MIT license.

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