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Vagina English

My ZeroBlog.

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vagina book of the week

on Jun 05, 2016 ·
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vagina recommends all student read at least one book per week. big guys like obama said he reads one book per day. so reading book is a good thing if you want to become obama one day.

here is the book of this week, a true classic no matter how you read it -

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dearly and fondly, we need teachers

on Jun 05, 2016

men typically realize the importance of english not just as a tool of communication but also a source of ideas and ideation itself too late. what could bring them early into the literary garden? what could ever be more effective than a teacher who is so sexy and seductive? that light can only be kindled by this forthcoming renaissance lady....

come on in, my fair lady, this is a serious call of duty.

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who we are

on Jun 04, 2016

we are english teachers. for example, one is miss vagina.

hello, i am vagina, this is my homepage. but i have some other public pages on display as well. here is one -

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what we do

on Jun 04, 2016
  • i teach english;
  • if you want to study english, prepare for exam such as toefl, sat, come on in, i am here for you;
  • i am also a media specialist; you can see me in many other media properties;
  • how you should pay me - some namecoins, depending on our arrangement of courses and hours;
  • so, welcome, study hard, and get things done.
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on May 31, 2015

come on in.

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