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Getting zeronet running with tor

Additionally to the ControlPort stuff mentioned in the docs you have to do:

echo 'CookieAuthFileGroupReadable 1' >> /etc/tor/torrc
chmod g+xr /var/lib/tor/
usermod -a -G tor zeronet

if you want to use the ‘tor: always’ setting:

echo 'tor = always' >> /etc/zeronet.conf

… worked for me, had anyone have further issues?

^3 ^4 basxto posted on Mar 02, 2016
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user_nameadded ^1 ^2
redfishon Apr 29, 2016 ^1 ^2

Btw, I'm just waiting for Tor 0.2.8 to reach the repos, at which point I will simplify the package to require less manual work (see details here: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/zeronet-git/). But, I hesitate to fully automate the permission modifications in the PKGBUILD, because this doesn't feel right from the security perspective.

alphazoon Mar 06, 2016 ^1 ^2

Thanks for the fix.

basxtoon Mar 04, 2016 ^1 ^2

I got it fixed, I used a timer and modified the zeronet service (systemctl edit zeronet)

here is the files content (NullPaste)

You start the whole thing with systemctl start zeronet.timer

basxtoon Mar 03, 2016 ^1 ^2

we probably need to write an modified service-file which fixes the permissions

alphazoon Mar 02, 2016 ^1 ^2

Thanks for the additional information related to Arch.
It was not straightforward in my case since I was using Vidalia to start Tor so the cookie is located in ~/.tor/control_auth_cookie which requires an additional line in Vidalia torrc (~/.vidalia/torrc):
CookieAuthFile /home/alpha/.tor/control_auth_cookie

Then I switched over to the regular Tor service with the settings from the docs and your additional steps but would still get a Permission Denied related to the cookie file.
I found out that the chmod g+x /var/lib/tor/ gets automatically reverted by Tor upon start (Fixing permission step).

The only way so far to get it working is to start Tor via systemctl then manually change the permission of /var/lib/tor before starting Zeronet. This still doesn't work with the Vidalia front-end.

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