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on Jan 11, 2016

Don't know when I'll have the time/interest/reason to establish something on zeronet. Hopefully one day.

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web development

on Sep 11, 2015

I sometimes wish that I enjoyed developing for the web, there's so many really fancy frameworks and cool displays you can put together. It's just so finicky to develop, it's design more so than coding. And I don't mind designing desktop applications, it's just laying everything out feels so much of a cluster.

And often basic is usually better.

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conflicts resolved?

on Sep 07, 2015

updates potentially resolved too.

edit: success.

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on Sep 07, 2015

I made a lot of changes on my Linux environment while I wasn't home last night. Today trying to view my changes (that I had signed and published) weren't showing, posting this as a test if it's not working the other way either.

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on Sep 06, 2015

registered a .bit address, currently waiting for blocks to roll over so I can update this page to be a blog sub-domain. Can I actually use this 'domain' and point to my self hosted apache server? I'm not sure. That would be really cool though.

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step one.

on Sep 05, 2015

Somewhat functional. Very abstract -- how do you change the avatar?

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on May 31, 2015

Your zeronet blog has been successfully created!

:: that's fantastic, thank you!

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