Talnicrom's plugins.

Your installed plugins: - AnnounceLocal -- AnnounceShare -- AnnounceZero -- Bigfile -- ContentFilter -- Cors -- CryptMessage -- FilePack -- MergerSite -- Newsfeed -- OptionalManager -- PeerDb -- Sidebar -- Stats -- TranslateSite -- Trayicon -- UiConfig -- Zeroname -

Robot Pack

Download the robot pack. (v 0.3) It requires SimpleAPI and coffeescript.

LocalStorage demo

LocalStorage is not installed. Install the plugin to see the demo.

How to install plugins

Installing plugins is very easy. First, click the links above to download the plugin archives. Then, extract them into the 'plugins' directory in your 'ZeroNet' folder. If you want to 'turn off' a plugin later, just rename its directory with the prefix 'disabled-'. So if you installed DefaultUser, you would rename ZeroNet/plugins/DefaultUser to ZeroNet/plugins/disabled-DefaultUser.

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