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Just cloned Zerome - posting on TweetMe

A little more generic for new zeronet users , has merged database TweetMe here:
^1 ^2 0 comments on Aug 21, 2018 ━ started by vaerospace

H20 is not Water ?

Some Math to dispute the "FACT" THAT Water is H20 H20 is not water video on youtube sound fixed
^1 ^2 7 comments last on Aug 20, 2018 ━ started by vaerospace

Are the any videos on site building

I've just read a lot about what zeronet cant do ... but there is so much zeronet can do , I would love to watch some video's on using the api or make them but I find the level of programming is niched and therefore unless you're a python weenie and love coffee script you're going to battle... The reason zeronet is languishing is the lack of development , for instance I cant unmute somebody in zerome even tho the unmute exits in the api... Zeronet did what IPFS could'nt and make content dynamic , RSA keys make currency possible and metamask is obviously a "rush" issue (please get on with it) I am used to reading source and back engineering , begging for help on forums and such , so here I go again , please ...If you're a coder who has a reasonable grasp of the wrapper and UI functions and can help with the basics ie fonts DB and the like please.. I also fail to see why html 5 frames dont work IE embedding real youtuve videolinks and frames ect I do not know if these sites exist on zeronet yet but it's obvious that they need to html 5 "flash " gaming ... ie poker and interactive games amazon style sales a facebook clone / instagram content link imbedding from the http https net private databases and admin dashboards for sites/ owners Before you go red in face and blow your stack , I've been on zeronet for 4 days and Im getting bored and want to develop and help AND I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING and may be far off track here .... please be nice post on reddit :
^1 ^2 3 comments last on Aug 20, 2018 ━ started by vaerospace

Guess the Chink Govt is Pooping itself about Zeronet

The trolls are all over this zeronet thing , I'm crying with laughter Im coming across very obvious shilling and trolling of the kind that would have been cutesy in 2011 but in 2018 it's just plain funny , and my 1600 twitter followers 2000+ youtube followers 700+ minds.com followers and 900+ steemit followers will all soundly agree !!! It seems that the strategy is just to infest zeronet with shill agents and kill it , sorry NOT going to work
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Aug 20, 2018 ━ started by vaerospace

Zeronet Coin and Exchange Currency Scheme For Zeronet ...

Seriously , no exchanges , no native coin scheme , looks like Im gonna be a busy puppy... As everyone on zeronet will be able at access the record data , my gut says that"exchange signing" may be an answer and units are exchanged and signed by old and new owners in the deal ...and the resulting hash is then propagated , old void hashes are deleted after a set period say 2 weeks if there are no challenges to the exchange .. There could be of course many different schema's and I have not pondered on this for long would be keen to hear other proposals for a zeronet currency ... I sort of thinking out loud here , but my take id that ALL CRYPTO'S are used in exchanges kinda like "atomic swaps" and a base exchange mechanism using DOGECOIN or BYTECOIN would instantly monetise the zeronet coin which is essentially and exchange instrument
^1 ^2 0 comments on Aug 18, 2018 ━ started by vaerospace

Vaerospace General Discussion

Need to know about what gives at Vaerospace .. ask away
^1 ^2 10 comments last on Aug 18, 2018 ━ started by vaerospace

The Sun and Moon ARE Highly Populated

How far can you see into the abyss ? Many think the world is in the grips of the Illuminati Satanist bankster ... Nothing could be further from the actuall reality. My research ,many many hours with a telescope and online has pointed to the earth being flat and Time Travel being a reality , imagine if you will a time continuum "parcelled" off into Real Estate with timelords who own these epochs or chunks of the continuum , fanciful you say ? Take a good look at your reality , it's a B horror movie . and getting worse by the second , are our local timelord masters having fun and kinky entertainment at our expense ? I postulate that our domain we call earth was probably a construct (maybe virtual) built to culture and protect and has been captured and enslaved...
^1 ^2 3 comments last on Aug 18, 2018 ━ started by vaerospace


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