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^1 ^2 added ━ started by user_name

What are you currently watching?

^9 ^10 35 comment last on Aug 09, 2019 ━ started by nephrite

Anyone watching "Yawara!"?

It's a '89 shoujo about this girl who practices judo but wants to have a normal girl life, i can't really describe it, but it's pretty fun and the animation is really cute.
^1 ^2 1 comment last on Jun 27, 2019 ━ started by senshispriggan

Fairy Tail is back! What do you think about that? :D

Did you enjoy the first episode?
^2 ^3 2 comment last on Oct 21, 2018 ━ started by lordnet

What's about PlayAnime?

Did the funder of PlayAnime dropped the project? Is he having legal issues? (I do not think so but why not... it may happen) or did he drop the project for other reasons?
^1 ^2 0 comments on Oct 21, 2018 ━ started by ashurlibrary

People say steam might censor anime. Thought?

Try not to be biased.....
^2 ^3 2 comment last on Oct 21, 2018 ━ started by greyti

0Net n00b here -- I'm looking for Citrus on 0net

Anyone got a link or better Anime place than I've found so far (all of which doesn't include Citrus)?
^2 ^3 2 comment last on Jul 15, 2018 ━ started by 0blivisc0r

Wangan midnight

Wangan Midnight is a 2007 Japanese anime television series. Is about cars, car tuning. [torrent](
^1 ^2 0 comments on Jan 21, 2018 ━ started by ssdifnskdjfnsdjk

Welcome to 0/Anime

This is a new subzero for discussing anime.
^4 ^5 27 comment last on Jul 20, 2017 ━ started by nephrite

Attack on Titan S3 Teaser

I'm sure most have seen it already, but it essentially confirms that s3 is gonna be two cour again as it's teasing events from 40 manga chapters ahead
^3 ^4 2 comment last on Jun 24, 2017 ━ started by chansmith

The King's Avatar, the best not anime anime of the season

For those who haven't checked it out yet, The King's Avatar is a new chinese cartoon based off a popular chinese novel about Pro Gaming. It's being made by the owners of the developer of League of Legends, though it is not based off the game. It's worth checking out because of the impressive animation and the fact that it is the first serious show about Pro Gaming. Hope we can get more in the future.
^2 ^3 1 comment last on Apr 15, 2017 ━ started by jayofthezero


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