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I use this shell account, to telnet my c64 , so that it's part of the internet.
What? I need such gateway drugs ! The other day I saw someone getting a bitcoin addr on TI-89 & that, not all the ype, got me in to blockchains and eventually p2p servingserving this content without a server ....
I d often think why do I need a server for others to access my file tree (no matter how holistic), in a user friendly way
Then, off course, I write here in my attempts to
Write monographs, as I am not qualified to publish research Using the information I have about some phenomenon of my interest, to Identify a system withoin it or prove that it is random or independent Pinpoint 2-3 key ideas of the
Activities which span[ned] in range of n years of my time
n=10 Consuming from computer, as if it is a fridge and Flags of Nations Slumming it
n=5 Writing on Quora. Trouble in learning new and old things
n=2 Teaching Physics in Prep classes : Abomination Bash scripting and random automations Non OS programming Emacs-nox and shell-acoount as my sole client & server for nearly anything I do on OS
n=1 Living at IITB as a UG
n <1 Bashing the pomp in the jobs and markets of other people So what are hooks again Grammar & Pronunciation Calculator routines
Misc. Thoughts Using Music principles to improve writing Cool ideas in other languages , nix and calculus Socialist ideas in programming and math
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