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I hate everything and everyone.
Fuck the world, the people.
Fuck the children, women, men.
Fuck politics, war, peace, money.
Fuck bullshit and startups.
Fuck stupids.

Fuck you.

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21 hours ago · 2 min read 0
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Why I will fist taxes

on Mar 05, 2016

You know what ?
My state uses the money of the citizens. How ? By fattening pigs politicians, big and evil multinational corporations that poison the world, and other bullshit.
My state is a patient with morbid obesity. A undead administration slow and disgusting, full of shit.

I will not pay for that. And if I can, I will avoid taxes. World's hard and cruel. Lot of people are oppressed, killed, cut into pieces by psychopaths, used as toys. I'm not one of theses victims, but it's not because of the rest of you, or the kindness of some great men. It's pure luck.

My only gratitude will be for my parents and friends. Not any strangers.

I will help them. I hope you do it for yours too.


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