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Last two years was trying to find a good Bitcoin Doubler but it is not easy because most of the available software is not working. I found several different versions and remade them to operate , fully functional software that you can use at any time on Your webpages. I know that lot of people use this software to fraud, but I also believe that not all we are the crooks. I hope that by using this software you do not use it to harm others. Development and repair of this scripts took me a lot of time and i get a small fee for my hard work. In order to avoid the additional costs i do not use payment gateways and external scripts. If You are interested in any of the scrips from this page pls send a message into my BitMessage mail. I will reply soon, with info about my BTC wallet address, and password for uncompressing packages.



Bitcoin_Doubler_version 1.02 - first basic version. Runned and tested few months. Simply panel for monitoring transactions . Price 0.151 BTC

Bitcoin_Doubler_1.04 - last stable version 1 . Price 0.1524

Bitcoin Doubler_Full - all in one version with web installer. Price 0.1567 BTC

Bitcoin_Doubler_Full_Version_1.05_ADM - all in one version with admin panel and web installer . Price 0.1522 BTC

DoubleYourBitcoin 2.24 - prototype without web installer annd affiliate addons. (SFX , EXE file inside) scanned against viruses . Price 0.161 BTC

DoubleYourBitcoin 2.3 - non stable version modified by SanTho. Added C++ . Price 0.19 BTC

DoubleYourBitcoin 2.36 - last stable , web installer , all of addons , registration panel (optional) , admin panel + monitoring script for Android . Price 0.23 BTC


All of the above require basic knowledge of the scripts installation and PHP/HTML . The server should support PHP and MySql ! After installing files on Your server please do not remove my info "Modified by ....". Thanks.

Example configurations: (after click picturess will open in new , blank page)

example2 example3


- Update 7.02.2017 - fixed 3 download links (zip/rar)


(C) Boris 2016
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