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A scholar of Islamist extremism makes a prediction: Europe’s problem will get worse

In recent years, Europe has been rocked by a series of catastrophic terrorist attacks either organized or inspired by Islamist groups. The attacks have left the continent fearful and divided, fundamentally changing the political discourse about Islam and immigration. This week's incidents — the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and a deadly truck rampage at a Christmas market in Berlin — seem likely to compound the problem.
on Dec 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic Council: Switzerland must ‘take Islamophobia seriously’

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland has issued a statement condemning Monday's shooting in a Zurich mosque and urging politicians and the media to "finally take Islamophobia seriously".
on Dec 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Man Who Saved 200 Syrian Refugees

Jim Estill put up $1.5 million to bring 58 families to Canada. He found them homes, gave them jobs and even bought one man a dollar store. How the mild-mannered CEO of an appliance company became the Oskar Schindler of Guelph.
on Dec 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Rohingya crisis: Myanmar bans workers going to Malaysia

Myanmar has banned workers from going to Muslim-majority Malaysia as relations sour between the neighbours over a bloody military crackdown on the Buddhist country's Rohingya minority.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Pizza worker who sent money to fund Syria fight spared further jail

A Melbourne pizza shop worker who sent about $16,000 overseas so a contact could fight in Syria has walked from court with a community corrections order, after a judge found more jail would be "counter-productive".
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Twelve fashion bloggers and social media models are jailed in Iran for 'spreading prostitution and a Western-style culture of nudity'

Iran has jailed 12 models for up to six years for 'spreading prostitution and a Western-style culture of nudity' online, it has emerged. The eight women and four men were also banned from working in the the fashion industry and barred from going abroad after being sentenced in the Iranian city of Shiraz.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Attack on Sikhs in Germany leads to trial

Essen's juvenile court was due Wednesday to begin hearing the case against the trio accused by prosecutors of using base motives to target Sikhs as "non-believers" in the context of Islamist ideology.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

100 Women 2016: Bake Off's Nadiya Hussain - Muslim, Bangladeshi, British and proud

Celebrity baker and Great British Bake-Off Champion Nadiya Hussain has talked to Shaimaa Khalil for the BBC's 100 Women season about coping with fame, her identity as a British Muslim and writing about defiant women. Mrs Hussain's success on the BBC baking competition was watched by a record audience of over 13 million people last November. Since then, she has become the star of her own television series, written numerous books and baked a birthday cake for The Queen.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for ban on ‘full veil’ coverings as she launches bid for fourth term

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who last year opened the door to nearly 1 million mostly Muslim migrants, called Tuesday for a widespread ban on “full veil” Islamic coverings. Speaking to a cheering conference of her centre-right Christian Democratic Union, Merkel – who is launching a bid for a fourth term in elections next year – used her strongest language yet to back a proposal by conservative elements in her party.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

How a Lebanese immigrant helped pave the way for the study of Islam and Muslim culture in the US

By 2020, every high school student in California’s public and charter schools will be able to take at least one ethnic studies class. It’s thanks to a bill that California state Rep. Luis Alejo and the California Latino Legislative Caucus. In doing so, they joined the ranks of educators, students, activists and elected officials who have pushed for courses that better reflect America’s changing demographics.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Saudi Arabia sentences 15 people to death for spying for Iran

A Saudi court on Tuesday sentenced 15 people to death for spying for the kingdom's arch-adversary Iran, Saudi-owned media reported, a ruling that could heighten antagonism between the regional powers.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Obama: U.S. must embrace Muslims to defeat terrorism

In a clear warning shot at President-elect Donald Trump, President Obama said Tuesday the U.S. can only protect the homeland against terrorism by embracing Muslims and encouraging a society “that can criticize a president without retribution.” Speaking to special operations troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, Mr. Obama delivered his final speech on the war on terrorism as a thinly veiled reminder for Mr. Trump about “what we’re fighting for.”
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘This is for you’: Man makes noose from rope and shows it to two Muslim women in Edmonton

The Edmonton police hate crimes unit has a suspect in custody after a man allegedly approached two young women wearing hijabs, fashioned a noose in a rope he took from his pocket and said it was meant for them. “This is for you,” he allegedly told them. Investigators say the man then sang O Canada in front of the women, who were waiting at the university light-rail transit station the evening of Nov. 8.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Facing uncertainty, Maryland Muslims to focus on education

In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Ahmad Azzaari couldn’t walk to his mailbox without feeling unsafe. The imam, a Muslim prayer leader, lives on a busy road in Lanham, Maryland. To collect his mail, he must trek along the shoulder, a usually mundane trip, Azzaari said. However, when he does so dressed in imam attire - a loose tunic worn with a cap - cars have started swerving into his path to intimidate him, Azzaari said.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Brother of ‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’ charged with her murder in high-profile honour killing

A PAKISTANI man has been charged with the murder of his sister – dubbed ‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’. She was a famous social media star who was found dead on July 15, leading to one of the country’s most high profile honour killing cases.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'There's a suicide bomber with anger issues on line five': ISIS launches phone-in show for hapless militants with personal problems... including whether women should be allowed to watch executions

An ISIS radio station appears to have launched a phone-in show where terrorists and sympathisers can discuss personal problems. Al-Bayan, which broadcasts in territories controlled by the militant organisation, is said to regularly feature a programme which translates as ‘Fatwas Over the Airwaves’ where clerics answer questions put to them over aspects of Islamic law and what is permissible. So far several questions have been asked about women’s roles, including whether they are allowed to watch videos of executions.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Support, sarcasm after Merkel calls for banning burqas

Populist politicians have reacted with skepticism to Angela Merkel's endorsement of a ban on face-covering garments worn by some Muslim women. The Christian Democrats once again made her their candidate for chancellor.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim cleric in US court says he wasn’t convicted in Israel

The leader of one of New Jersey’s largest mosques took the stand in court Tuesday to defend himself against charges he lied on his green card application. Imam Mohammad Qatanani, the leader of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, didn’t disclose being convicted in Israel for being a member of Hamas, federal officials have said. Qatanani denies that he was ever a member of Hamas, which is classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government. He says that he was only detained - like many others at the time - and was never told that he was convicted of anything. He also said he was subjected to physical and mental abuse while in detention.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Artist spends three years writing out entire Quran on transparent silk pages

Turkish-born Azerbaijani artist Tünzale Memmedzade has won international acclaim for her latest piece, a hand-etched Quran made out of silk that took hundreds of hours over three years to create.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Inside the remote regions of Afghanistan where vicious Taliban thugs have NEVER been able to impose their brutal rule

LOCATED deep within rural Afghanistan lies the Afghan Pamir – a region of precarious peace where the bloody Taliban have never been able to impose their rule. These stunning pictures reveal the region and its inhabitants in all their glory as they work land comprising beautiful rolling valleys and mountains.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

What is inspiring homegrown terror in the U.S.? It’s not just the Islamic State.

The details of Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s attack last Monday at the Ohio State University campus in Columbus remain scarce, but in social media posts attributed to him, there is praise for both the Islamic State and slain al-Qaeda preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, who the United States said directed attacks on Americans.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Other Than ISIS: Half of U.S. Terror Suspects Support ISIS Rival Groups, New Report Details

Almost half of the suspects charged with terrorism offenses in the U.S. since the Syrian civil war began five years ago have not associated themselves with ISIS but with the group's bitter rivals such as al-Qaeda or embraced the broader jihadist ideology, a new study by George Washington University's Program on Extremism has found.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS appoints jihadi ‘AGONY UNCLE’ for radio call-in show so anxious head-choppers can seek help for ‘stress’

ISIS chiefs have appointed their very own radio Agony Uncle for worried Jihadists to contact for answers to their problems of the heart. The Al-Bayan radio station – which broadcasts to captured ISIS territories in Syria and Iraq is a propaganda tool reporting battlefield successes.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS supporter found guilty of giving £3,000 from overpaid housing benefits to Brussels bombing suspect ‘Man in the hat’ during secret park rendezvous

A MAN who gave £3,000 benefits cash to the Brussels bombing suspect dubbed the “Man in the Hat” is facing jail. Zakaria Boufassil, 26, of Birmingham, handed over the money to Mohamed Abrini in the months before the Paris and Brussels atrocities, where more than than 160 people were murdered.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Tired of being bullied, this “MuslimGirl” found a way for Muslim women to talk back

Amani al-Khatahtbeh is a self-described “Jersey girl through and through”: She spent her childhood summers on the Shore, listening to Hot 97 and reading gossip columns about Britney Spears. But after 9/11, al-Khatahtbeh’s childhood became “distinctly shaped” by bullying and Islamophobia.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Loving country you live in part of Muslim faith, says Ahmadi leader

True Islam means loyalty to the country in which one lives, abiding by its laws and serving its people and communities, the spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim movement has said.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

American Muslim leaders to Trump: ‘Reconsider and reject’ your bigoted Cabinet nominees

American Muslim leaders on Monday sent an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump, calling on him to “reconsider and reject” some of the individuals he recently named to his administration who have “a well documented history of outright bigotry directed at Muslims or advocating that Muslims should not have the same rights as their fellow Americans.”
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Shaare Zedek: Where Israeli and Arab doctors are working together to save lives

'Positions are given to whoever are best qualified for the job available, regardless of ethnicity, sex or religion. We want to offer our patients the best care possible, and they come first'.
on Dec 07, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Libyan forces taking last few buildings from Islamic State in Sirte

Libyan forces said on Tuesday they were securing the last few buildings where Islamic State militants had been making a final stand in their former North African stronghold of Sirte. Officials said that women and children were in two of the buildings in the city's Ghiza Bahriya district and that a small number of militants were still in the area.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State shifts defenses to east Mosul

Islamic State has brought its forward defenses from western Mosul towards the east as it fights against Iraqi forces in the battle to liberate the city, a coalition commanding general said. Iraqi special forces are slowly edging through districts in eastern Mosul, Islamic State's last stronghold in Iraq, where they face suicide attacks, snipers and mortars from militants dug in among the civilian population.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Mosul’s desperate children prepare for sub-zero temperatures this Christmas with only flimsy tents for shelter

MORE than half a MILLION kids in Mosul face freezing conditions with only a tent for shelter this winter – but you can help. Thousands have fled the rule of ISIS in the Iraqi city as liberating forces slowly beat back the vile extremists.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

White House: 9/11 law permits US attacks on extremists

The White House shed new light Monday on the legal foundations for President Barack Obama’s expansive use of US military power to target extremists overseas, in a report that also offered the first confirmation that the US now deems the al-Shabab group in Somalia to be inherently linked to al-Qaeda.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

In Gaza, 2 wounded as Hamas clashes with hardliners

A police officer and a youth were hospitalized on Tuesday after Hamas forces clashed with hard-line Islamists in the Gaza Strip, a medical source and witnesses said.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Muslim Brotherhood: Time for renewal

With Trump, ongoing difficulties in the UK and younger members calling for a more confrontational approach, can the Muslim Brotherhood survive?
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

FAIR’s big play: Onetime fringe group hopes to drive Donald Trump’s immigration policy

Last week a group called the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released a proposal titled “Immigration Priorities for the 2017 Presidential Transition.” At first blush, the document — which is aimed at influencing the immigration policy of Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress — looks like a bland policy proposal document, full of facts and figures and formatted to look sensible and legalistic.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Refugee tot dons a festive jumper after he and mum flee ISIS in Mosul … but children there need your help

Little Firas is a picture of happiness in his cosy snowman pullover as the family enjoys its newfound safety.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A Donald Trump Anti-ISIS Campaign That Spares Assad Would Only Empower Hezbollah

The Lebanese group now stands to indirectly benefit from the results of the U.S. election.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ransomed: The Freeing of 226 Christians From Islamic State

The millions in ransom money came in dollar by dollar, euro by euro from around the world. The donations, raised from church offerings, a Christmas concert, and the diaspora of Assyrian Christians on Facebook, landed in a bank account in Iraq. Its ultimate destination: the Islamic State group.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Man shoves Muslim New York City transit worker on stairs, shouting ‘You’re a terrorist’

The New York City Transit employee was on her way to work Monday, wearing her uniform and hijab, when a man pushed her on the stairs, injuring her ankle and knee, police said.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Burma: 21,000 Rohingya Muslims flee to Bangladesh amid 'attempted genocide'

New figures show around 21,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Burma in recent weeks amid accusations of an attempted genocide.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

US man gets 30 years for IS-inspired Capitol bomb plot

A US court dealt a 30-year jail sentence to an American man Monday who had planned to bomb the Capitol in Washington in the name of the Islamic State group.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State driven from stronghold in Libyan coastal city

Libyan forces, with the help of U.S. airstrikes, report they have taken the last neighborhood in the coastal city of Sirte from the Islamic State, ending a months-long battle against the militant group.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Finding Hate Crimes on the Rise, Leaders Condemn Vicious Acts

On Monday morning, a man shoved a New York City Transit worker down a staircase at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, screaming that she was a terrorist. Two days earlier, in Brooklyn, another man threatened an off-duty police officer with his pit bull, telling her and her son to “go back to your country.” Both women were wearing hijabs.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

I despair of the British Muslims who choose to live under a virtual apartheid, writes Dr Taj Hargey

At long last, a senior government official has had the gumption to warn about the devastating effect of mass immigration on local communities, highlighting the segregation, division and tension it causes in society.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Meet a Muslim: Canberrans urged to break down barriers

In a bid to remove stigma from the religion and its followers, Canberrans are being encouraged to "meet a Muslim" and ask anything they've been wondering about Islam. The first event was held in the national capital on Monday night, where a group of Muslim representatives did their best to answer questions from more than a dozen Canberrans.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim backlash at 'divisive' race report: But author slams 'right-on' critics for turning blind eye to truth

Angry Muslim groups hit back last night after a government report said deepening segregation along race and religious lines had fuelled extremism and child sex abuse. The report accused public bodies of ignoring or condoning 'regressive, divisive and harmful' cultural and religious practices for fear of being called racist.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Thousands of Brit women who believe they are wed are not legally married leaving them without rights

Up to 75% of Muslim marriages are not recognised under UK laws and leave women without full legal rights upon 'divorce', a study reveals.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Nearly 300 American Muslims Sign Open Letter to Donald Trump

"We call on you to make mutual respect and acceptance a hallmark of your presidency," the letter reads. Nearly 300 American Muslims, from high-profile leaders to imams across the country, have signed an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump asking him to take concrete steps to assure them the community will be protected under his administration.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State: War-torn Mosul seen through the eyes of local man

At least 80,000 people have now fled the battle for Mosul, offering a much deeper view of life under the Islamic State (IS) group's brutal reign.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS recruiting OAPs in new footage as thousands of the extremist group’s fighters have been killed in battle

ISLAMIC State is drafting in OAPs to defend its crumbling caliphate, new footage reveals. The grisly clips show old men being armed with weapons before they carry out executions and take part in fierce battles. The grey-bearded fighters are seen running around with machine guns before opening fire on targets.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Both Feeling Threatened, American Muslims and Jews Join Hands

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Jolted into action by a wave of hate crimes that followed the election victory of Donald J. Trump, American Muslims and Jews are banding together in a surprising new alliance. They are putting aside for now their divisions over Israel to join forces to resist whatever may come next. New groups are forming and interfaith coalitions that already existed say interest is increasing. Vaseem Firdaus, a Muslim who has lived in the United States for 42 years, spent Friday night at a Shabbat dinner for members of a women’s group called the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, in a home here filled with Jewish art and ritual objects.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘We can’t allow this’: Man accused of threatening to slit throat of Muslim NYPD officer

In 2014, Aml Elsokary was praised for her heroism, after she reportedly rushed into a burning building to help save an elderly woman and a little girl. This month, Elsokary — a Muslim woman and New York City police officer — was targeted by a man who allegedly called her “ISIS” and threatened to slit her throat, New York media outlets reported. Christopher Nelson, 36, was taken into custody on Sunday in connection with the alleged altercation, which occurred over the weekend, authorities say. Nelson has been arrested on charges of aggravated harassment and menacing as a hate crime.
on Dec 06, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Man Charged After Threatening Off-Duty Muslim Cop in New York

Police arrested a man on Sunday for allegedly threatening an off-duty Muslim New York Police Department officer and her son, and telling her, “I will cut your throat.” Christopher Nelson, 36, was charged with menacing as a hate crime and aggravated assault in the second degree.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Google 'must review its search rankings because of rightwing manipulation'

Google must urgently review its search ranking system because of “compelling” evidence that it is being “manipulated and controlled” by rightwing propagandists, leading academics have said, after the Observer reported that hate sites are now dominating searches on Muslims, Jews, Hitler and women.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Twitter won’t assist with a Muslim registry, Facebook & Google remain silent

Twitter is one of nine internet companies to confirm it would not sell its services to assist in President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim registry.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

U.S. author tweets that London is 'all Islamic', gets immediately shut down

As we learned from Donald Trump's replies that time he tweeted about Brexit, British people have a limited tolerance for Americans spreading misinformation about life in the UK. This time around, American author Janie Johnson was in Twitter's firing line.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

If Britain Wants Integration, It Should Stop Blaming Immigrants For All Its Problems

A report on integration by Dame Louise Casey, released in Britain Monday, told us something we already know: Integration is a problem in the U.K. The report says it wants to stimulate a “national conversation” about integration. But most of the talk today is not about integration, but about immigration. What the report doesn’t recognize is that the current consensus that immigration is a problem is one of the biggest obstacles to the integration debate.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim communities remain isolated because men keep marrying women from home countries, report warns

Muslim communities remain isolated even after decades in the UK because men keep marrying foreign wives, a Government adviser has warned. Dame Louise Casey said that there is a "first generation in every generation" phenomenon in Muslim communities which is acting as a "bar" to integration.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'I feel like a foreigner in my own country': Inside the 'British GHETTOS' where 21-year-old says he barely sees a white face and Muslim taxi driver blames Eastern Europeans for 'ruining' his home

A third generation British-born Muslim blames an influx of 'lazy benefit scrounges' from Eastern Europe for ruining his once desirable inner city suburb - while a 21-year-old says he wants more 'British people' as neighbours. Taxi driver Imran Khan, who now lives in a multi-cultural 'melting pot' in Sheffield with littered streets and complaints over noise, said: 'It's turned into ghetto land.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ken Ham Responds to Muslim Reporter Who Asks If He's Going to Hell

Creation Museum and Ark Encounter President Ken Ham recently spoke with a Muslim reporter for an Asian news network who asked Ham whether he is going to Hell because of his Islamic faith, to which Ham responded that all who are not born again are on the wrong path.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Death of an ISIS Ideologue

Neither the Islamic State nor al-Qaeda would be where they are today without Abu Abdullah al-Muhajir, who was recently killed in an American airstrike.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Casey report criticised for focus on UK Muslim communities

Muslim groups have raised concerns about the government’s community cohesion report, arguing that it confuses race, religion and immigration and focuses too heavily on Muslim communities.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

New ISIS spokesman calls for lone wolf fanatics in Europe, US and Russia to attack people 'in their markets, roads and clubs'

Islamic State's new spokesman has begun by calling on lone wolf fanatics in Europe, US and Russia to attack people 'in their markets, roads and clubs'. Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer got the job after the terror group's previous spokesman was killed in a U.S. air strike in Syria on August 30.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Much sound, but few results, at interfaith summit over mosque-muffling bill

Muslim, Jewish, Druze and Christian religious leaders gathered in the Knesset on Monday to urge the government to shelve a bill that would prohibit mosques in Israel from using loudspeakers to summon worshipers to prayers early in the morning.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Somali forces say killed three in attack on Islamic State-linked fighters

Soldiers allied to the Western-backed Somali government killed three fighters loyal to the Islamic State in northern Somalia on Monday as they pressed ahead toward the insurgents' main stronghold, officials said.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State urges supporters to stage new wave of attacks

A newly identified spokesman for Islamic State urged sympathizers around the world to carry out a fresh wave of attacks, singling out Turkish diplomatic, military and financial interests as the Islamists' preferred targets.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State identifies Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer as new spokesman

Islamic State identified a new media spokesman for the group for the first time on Monday in an audio message released online. The recording appeared on Al Furqan, a media organization linked to Islamic State, giving the new spokesman's name as Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Christian Teacher Severely Beaten by Muslim Villagers in Uganda for Leaving Islam

A Ugandan teacher who converted to Christianity was severely beaten by a group of Muslim villagers who were angered when they found out he had left the Islamic faith. "Be informed that you risk your life and that of the entire family if you happen to come back to your house," one of the anonymous texts read. "We curse you and your family. You are an apostate according to Islamic law, and you deserve to die."
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

IS loses Libya bastion in major blow to jihadists

Forces loyal to Libya’s UN-backed government said Monday they had seized full control of Sirte from the Islamic State group, in a major blow to the jihadists who battled for months to retain their bastion.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

West Mosul shelled as Iraq steps up fight against Islamic State

Western-backed Iraqi forces have begun shelling parts of west Mosul, residents said, in preparation for a new front against Islamic State seven weeks into a difficult campaign to drive the militants from the city. Federal police forces, stationed a few miles south of Mosul, on the west bank of the Tigris River that divides the city, have long said they aim to advance towards the airport on the southwestern edge.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Utah lawyers pledge to defend Muslim refugees against Donald Trump for free

A new group of lawyers announced Tuesday that it will provide free legal services to refugees in Utah who are harassed or bullied and fear the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump could put in place a ban on Muslim immigrants or a registry to keep track of Muslims living in the United States.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim-owned restaurant offers elderly and homeless free meals on Christmas Day so ‘no one eats alone

'This is the most selfless gesture I have ever seen and they should be recognised as a pillar of the community,' social media user says. A Muslim-owned restaurant in London is offering a three-course meal to homeless and elderly people on Christmas Day so that “no one eats alone”. Shish Restaurant, in Sidcup, is asking local residents to spread the word of its offer and has put up posters saying “We are here to sit with you” on 25 December. The restaurant urged people to share its plan through social media - where the initiative was widely praised.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Barack Obama could thwart Donald Trump’s Muslim registry plan

If Mr Obama fully dismantles the George W Bush-era registration system, Mr Trump would have to start his plan from scratch.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dutch intel probed right-wing Geert Wilders over Israel ties

Dutch secret services conducted an investigation into suspicions that Geert Wilders, head of the anti-Islam Party for Freedom, was strongly influenced by top Israeli military and political figures, according to reports in the Netherlands. Wilders, the firebrand leader of the Dutch far-right Party for Freedom (PVV), was investigated by the country’s General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) between 2009 and 2010 over his “ties to Israel and their possible influence on his loyalty,” according to De Volkskrant newspaper, which conducted interviews with 37 public officials and former intelligence officers.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State, weakened, but foreign fighters may return to Europe, Australia, US

ISLAMIC State may be on its last legs in Iraq but the terror group remain a huge threat elsewhere with recruits determined to attack the west. That is the grim warning released in a Europol report, which reveals IS will adopt new tactics to attack Western targets as it loses more ground across the Middle East.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Barbaric ISIS jihadis film themselves executing prisoners by shoving a gun barrel in their captives’ mouths then pulling the trigger

A SICK ISIS video shows jihadis killing four captives by sticking rifles into the prisoners’ mouths and pulling the trigger. The chilling propaganda clip reveals the gruesome new execution method which is now being used by the terror group.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Suspected Russian Airstrikes Kill At Least 46 in Northwest Syria

Several suspected Russian airstrikes have killed at least 46 people in several areas of the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, according to reports by U.K.-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The monitoring group estimated that at least three different sites were hit in Idlib and most of the casualties were civilians.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Immigrants should take an ‘integration oath’ and schools should teach kids British values, report finds

IMMIGRANTS should take an “integration oath” and there should be more emphasis on British values in schools, a report has found. The Casey Review, commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron, also said public bodies often ignore or allow intolerant or dangerous religious practices as they do not want to be seen as racist.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Government integration expert says she 'wants to see faces' of Muslim police officers and midwives

An expert tasked to probe integration between different communities in Britain has said she would rather Muslim police officers and midwives did not wear a face veil, adding "I want to see their faces".
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Recapture of Mosul 'possible' before next U.S. administration: Pentagon chief

While the fight to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State is going to be difficult, it is "possible" it could be complete before President-elect Donald Trump takes office, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Monday. Some 100,000 Iraqi government troops, Kurdish security forces and mainly Shi'ite militiamen are participating in the assault on Mosul that began on Oct. 17, with air and ground support from a U.S.-led coalition.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The battle for Mosul stalls: 'we are fighting the devil himself'

After quick early progress, the operation to retake Islamic State’s last urban stronghold in Iraq is getting more difficult.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Fears Britain’s £500 billion donation to Somalia could be misused by terrorists or criminal gangs

BRITAIN is donating more than half a billion pounds to war-ravaged Somalia – despite concluding there is a “certain” risk the funds could be snapped up by terrorists. A leaked document highlights the risks of taxpayers’ cash being “misused by listed terror groups or criminal gangs”.
on Dec 05, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

After the Islamic State

As the caliphate crumbles, rival movements struggle for the soul of Sunni jihadism. Last May, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, the second most powerful leader in the Islamic State, hinted that the caliphate was crumbling. “Whoever thinks that we fight to protect some land or some authority, or that victory is measured thereby, has strayed far from the truth,” he said, in a long audio message that was released to fellow-jihadis.
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'Hero' Muslim cop, her son harassed by bigot in Brooklyn who shouted 'I will cut your throat'

A Muslim off-duty NYPD officer, hailed by the mayor as a hero, and her 16-year-old son became the city’s latest hate crime victims Saturday when a bigot in Brooklyn yelled at them to “go back to your country,” police sources said.
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2 NJ men kept immigrants as slaves in halal slaughterhouse

Mohammad Abdul Wahid, 54, of Queens, New York, and Mohammed Iqbal Kabir, 42, of Bronx, New York, are charged by complaint with one count each of conspiracy to commit human trafficking related offenses, conspiracy to harbor undocumented persons for financial gain; and violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.
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Mahmoud Abbas's Control Bolstered by Fatah Election Results

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas kept a strong grip on his Fatah movement in an election in which his loyalists remained dominant in its top decision-making body, final results showed on Sunday.
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Chaos erupts as Iraq delivers aid to Mosul

Chaos erupted in eastern Mosul on Sunday when hundreds of civilians overwhelmed aid trucks distributing food and water. The Iraqi government has called on Mosul’s residents to stay in their homes during the operation to retake the city from the Islamic State, hoping to avoid large-scale displacement, but as progress on the ground slows, hundreds of thousands are now stuck with dwindling food and water supplies.
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Labour MP suspended over allegations of anti-Semitism slammed for attending event promoting an extremist group

Tory MP Eric Pickles lashed out at Naz Shah for attending a Muslim Engagement and Development event. A LABOUR MP suspended over allegations of anti-Semitism has been criticised for attending an event promoting an extremist group. Naz Shah, who was reinstated in July, supported Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend) to promote their Islamophobia Awareness Month in the Lords.
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Women, children leave Islamic State holdout in Sirte: Libyan forces

Libyan forces said at least 10 women and children left the last cluster of buildings controlled by Islamic State in the group's former stronghold of Sirte on Sunday, adding that they had edged closer to taking full control of the city. Forces led by brigades from Misrata and backed by U.S. air strikes have surrounded Islamic State fighters in a small patch of ground close to Sirte's Mediterranean sea front.
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Canadian veteran fighting ISIL has been arrested in Iraq, his mother says: ‘Nobody knows the reasons’

A Canadian military veteran who has spent the past six months fighting ISIL alongside Kurdish forces has been arrested in northern Iraq, his mother said in an interview Sunday. Michael Kennedy, 32, was on his to Sulaymaniyah, trying to make it home to Newfoundland for Christmas, when he was taken into custody by Iraqi Kurdish authorities, said his mother Kay Kennedy.
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Putting on a brave face! Young Muslim boys take a dip in a river and joke around before taking part in a mass circumcision ceremony in Malaysia

For many young boys the idea of being circumcised would be a daunting prospect. But Muslim youngsters in Malaysia looked completely at ease as they danced around and took a dip in a river prior to an annual mass circumcision event this weekend.
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Swiss court acquits Jewish man who compared Muslims to Nazis

Hate-incitement conviction of David Klein overturned in appeal, in part because musician’s relatives were murdered in the Holocaust.
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Muslim woman called a terrorist on New York Subway by three men chanting 'Donald Trump', say cops

A young woman has talked about an attack being investiated by New York police in which she was abused by three men on the subway who called her a terrorist and repeatedly chanted “Donald Trump”. Yasmin Seweid, 18, told reporters the three white men, who appeared drunk, also tried to remove her hijab, while other passengers did nothing to help.
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Dutch police arrest jihadists who planned synagogue attack

Reports identify main suspect as ‘Abdelhakim,’ a man in his 40s of Moroccan descent connected to Amsterdam’s Arrayan Sunni mosque.
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Islamic State strikes back to slow Iraqi forces in Mosul

Islamic State fighters retreating in the face of a seven-week Iraqi military assault on their Mosul stronghold have hit back in the last two days, exploiting cloudy skies which hampered U.S.-led air support and highlighting the fragile army gains.
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Jakarta protests: Tens of thousands rally calling for tolerance after Ahok blasphemy protests

Tens of thousands of Indonesians have rallied in the centre of the capital Jakarta, calling for tolerance and unity after massive protests by conservative Muslims against the city's minority Christian Governor.
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Death of an ISIS Ideologue

Neither the Islamic State nor al-Qaeda would be where they are today without Abu Abdullah al-Muhajir, who was recently killed in an American airstrike.
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The Smear Campaign Against Keith Ellison Is Repugnant but Reveals Much About Washington

Ever since he announced his candidacy to lead the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, the first American Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress, has been the target of a defamation campaign that is deceitful, repugnant, and yet quite predictable. At first expressed in whispers, but now being yelled from the rooftops by some of the party’s most influential figures, Ellison is being smeared as both an anti-Semite and enemy of Israel — the same smears virtually any critic of the Israeli government reflexively encounters, rendered far worse if the critic is a prominent American Muslim.
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Heart of Asia participants slam Pakistan over terrorism

Afghan President Ghani and Indian PM Modi have lashed out at Pakistan for its "lack of cooperation" in the fight against terrorism. Ghani also snubbed Islamabad's 500-million-dollar aid at the Heart of Asia conference.
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Christians Under the Gun in Egypt

The end of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt meant big changes. But just not for the country's beleaguered Christians. Sadly, news about the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is nothing new. In parts of Iraq and Syria the situation has gotten so bad that the Obama administration declared ISIS' actions to be "genocide."
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Four Gazans killed in ‘flooded’ tunnel to Egypt

Four Palestinians have been found dead in a smuggling tunnel linking the Gaza Strip to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, local officials said Sunday, accusing the Egyptian military of flooding it. The four men aged 22 to 45 “were found dead after the tunnel they were working in was flooded nine days ago by the Egyptian army,” local authorities in the Gazan city of Rafah near Egypt’s border said in a statement.
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This week a report which gathered data on what British Muslims really think was released – and the results were surprising

Muslims, it turns out, are actually more likely to condemn acts of political violence than the UK population as a whole. But they are also more likely to believe conspiracy theories. Today, a report was quietly released by the Policy Exchange that examined exactly what Muslims living in Britain really think about the country and its people. Its title was ‘Unsettled Belonging – A Survey of Britain’s Muslim Communities’, and it confirmed what many British Muslims have been saying for a long time: “We are just like everyone else, with similar concerns, aspirations, hopes and fears.”
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Malaysia slams Myanmar over Rohingya 'genocide'

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Sunday called on the world to prevent an unfolding "genocide" carried out by Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims, as a vicious crackdown triggers an exodus of the persecuted ethnic minority. "Please do something. The UN do something. The world cannot sit and watch genocide taking place," Najib told a crowd of several thousand supporters and Rohingya refugees at a rally in Kuala Lumpur.
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Malaysia's prime minister leads protest against 'genocide' against Muslims in Rohingya

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has led a protest rally against what he called a "genocide" of Muslim Rohingya minority in Burma. Najib says Sunday's rally at a stadium Kuala Lumpur in Muslim-majority Malaysia sends a strong message to Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her government that "enough is enough" as he vowed to fight for the rights of the Rohingya.
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France pays £24m into new fund to protect cultural heritage sites

France has committed $30m (£24m) towards protecting cultural heritage sites during wartime, the first step in the creation of an international fund aimed at preventing destruction like that carried out by Islamic State militants. François Hollande announced the contribution during a conference jointly organised by France and the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi on Saturday. Backers of the Safeguarding Endangered Cultural Heritage conference hope to attract an initial $100m for the fund.
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Hero SAS sniper racks up his 100th ISIS KILL after UK DRONE-BOMBS compound

The soldier, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, blasted the ISIS chief during the battle for Mosul. The terrorist had been identified as a “high valued target”. A single bullet punched through his body armour, killing him instantly.
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Isolated British Muslims are so cut off from the rest of society that they see the UK as 75 per cent Islamic, shock report reveals

Muslims in some parts of the country are so cut off from the rest of society that they believe the majority of Britons share their faith, according to a shock new report. The major review by the Government’s integration tsar Dame Louise Casey has found that thousands of Muslims live in enclaves with their own housing estates, schools and television channels.
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Muslims were ‘forced out of a Christmas market after setting up an Islamic information booth’

MUSLIMS were allegedly forced to uproot an Islamic information booth at a Christmas market because it didn’t fit in with the “festive spirit”. Locals in the town of Rüdesheim on the Rhine in Germany are said to have found the stall “offensive” and urged for it to be moved on.
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Isis jihadist linked to French plot arrested in Morocco

A suspected Islamic State group jihadist who delivered instructions to a cell planning to carry out an attack in France has been arrested in Morocco, authorities said Saturday. The suspect was linked with a French Isis cell that had planned to attack Paris on Thursday but was broken up by French authorities in November, the Moroccan interior ministry said.
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Russia says it killed Islamic State ’emir’ in North Caucasus

Russia’s FSB security service said Sunday it had killed an “emir” of the Islamic State group in a raid in the volatile North Caucasus. The FSB said in a statement that “among the neutralized bandits was the head of the Caucasus region’s branch of the Islamic State Rustam Aselderov, and four of his close associates.”
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Islamic State 'met to choose leader's successor' as caliphate shrinks

The Islamic State summoned commanders and affiliate organisations to Iraq to choose a successor to their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, citing people it didn't identify.
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Carter: US, allies need to stay in Iraq after IS defeat

The American military, along with its international partners, will need to remain in Iraq even after the expected defeat of the Islamic State group, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Saturday.
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Muslim cleric fights US deportation over undisclosed detention by Israel

Authorities say West Bank-born imam Mohammad Qatanani failed to reveal 1993 arrest for Hamas membership.
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Islamist, gay man, teacher: TV housemates bid to show the diversity of British Muslims

It is a familiar premise. Ten strangers holed up in a house, including in this case a part-time model, a comedian, a gay man and a former boxer. But on this occasion there will be no evictions or tearful debriefings with Davina McCall. BBC2’s documentary Muslims Like Us has been described as the “Muslim Big Brother”, and in its own way it is as groundbreaking as the original BB concept which, for a few years, transfixed late-night television audiences.
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Mixed Blessings: Islamic State's trail of destruction

Middle East correspondent Matt Brown explores the town of Bartella, surveying Islamic State's trail of destruction. The town of Bartella, 15 kilometers east of Mosul, bears terrible physical and spiritual scars after the Islamic State (IS) group's fundamentalist rampage.
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Ruins of homes in Kirkuk a sign of divisions to come in Iraq

IRBIL, Iraq — All along the street, houses have been reduced to rubble in the central Iraqi city of Kirkuk. It’s the work of Kurdish security forces retaliating against Sunni Arabs after a recent Islamic State group attack, residents say. Kurdish security forces moved in with bulldozers and excavators and demolished at least 100 homes in the Huzeiran neighborhood of Kirkuk in the week after a deadly suicide bombing in October, according to residents interviewed by The Associated Press and a report by Human Rights Watch.
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Under dusty fog cover, IS strikes Iraqi forces near Mosul

Under the cover of dust and fog, Islamic State group fighters launched a series of counterattacks on Iraqi positions to the south and west of the militant-held city of Mosul late Friday night and into Saturday morning, according to Iraqi military commanders and officials.
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'Drunks screaming Donald Trump’s name try to rip off Muslim student’s hijab on subway as bystanders do nothing'

A Muslim teenager says drunk thugs screamed Donald Trump’s name as they tried to rip the hijab from her head while fellow commuters stood by and did nothing. Terrified 18-year-old student Yasmin Seweid was on her way home from college in New York when three white men started hurling abuse at her, calling her a terrorist and telling her "go back to your country”. They reportedly ripped the straps from her bag and referred to her religious head wear as a “rag”.
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Found at an Islamic State training camp: bunk beds, weapons manuals, steroids

The bunk beds that fill the rooms sleep more than 80 Islamic State recruits. On the walls, posters detail the components of Russian Kalashnikovs and American assault rifles. One sign reminds the trainees that victory comes from long fights and pain — rewards come later: “Remember that we didn’t come for this life, we came for the afterlife.”
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Female suicide bomber uses 3 children as decoy then blows herself up in new low for Islamic State

A female suicide bomber used three children as a decoy to blow herself up in new low for Islamic State. It's now feared that more civilian women - in Libya at least - are being brainwashed, forced or cajoled into killing themselves for IS terrorists as fighting intensifies.
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Azeri security forces say kill man trying to detonate suicide belt

Azerbaijan's security forces on Saturday shot dead an Azeri man who tried to detonate a suicide belt near a shopping mall in the capital Baku, the state security service said. Ex-Soviet Azerbaijan, a secular Muslim country with a population of about 10 million, is a major energy producer in the Caspian Sea region.
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Morocco arrests suspected militant involved in French plot

Moroccan authorities have arrested a suspected militant accused of acting as an intermediary between Islamic State commanders and a cell dismantled by French authorities last month, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday. France said late last month it had foiled a possible attack after detaining seven people, including some who had been in the ranks of Islamic State in Syria.
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Muslim cleric heads back to court to fight off deportation

The leader of one of New Jersey’s largest mosques is heading to court to fight from being deported after federal authorities say he lied on his green card application.
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Mosul residents fear cold and hunger of winter siege

No food or fuel has reached Mosul in nearly a week and the onset of rain and cold weather threatens a tough winter for more than a million people still in Islamic State-held areas of the city, residents said on Saturday.
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Somali forces kill seven in clash with faction loyal to Islamic State

Soldiers allied to the Western-backed Somali government said they killed seven insurgents from a faction loyal to the Islamic State group in a clash in northern Somalia on Saturday. The soldiers from the semi-autonomous region of Puntland are part of a force headed to the port town of Qandala, which has been under the control of the insurgents since November.
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After Isis: the families returning home in Iraq

While the battle for Mosul rages, residents are returning to the ghost town of Jalawla. Can they rebuild their lives after a year of occupation?
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How Muslims Defined American 'Cool'

A conversation with the Purdue University professor Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, whose new book documents the connection between Islam and hip-hop culture in the United States.
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Israeli News Channels’ Telecast Hacked; replaced with Muslims’ call to prayer

Two main news channels in Israel were hacked and the attackers broadcasted a 30-second clip showing images of Muslim holy sites and Quranic scriptures. The timing of this hacking is quite sensitive as the news channels were hacked when the parliament was about to start voting for passing a bill aimed at banning Muslims’ call to prayer. The hack attack believed to be a work of Muslim hackers, occurred on Tuesday night while the voting was to commence on Wednesday.
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US Jewish group slams potential Muslim leader of Democrats over remarks

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a US Jewish advocacy group, voiced objections to Keith Ellison’s bid to the lead the Democratic Party over comments the Muslim congressman made on Israel that surfaced recently.
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Muslim woman attacked by three men who yelled Donald Trump's name in Manhattan

A Muslim woman was attacked on Thursday by three men who attempted to grab her purse and rip off her hijab, authorities announced on Friday.
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Revealed: the new face of Neil Prakash, Australia's most wanted Isis member

The first photographs have emerged of Australian senior Isis member, Neil Prakash, following his capture and imprisonment in Turkey.
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Study finds female american jihadists share many of the same roles as their male counterparts

A first-of-its-kind study examining the roles of American jihadi women found a steep increase in women's participation in terrorist activity in the last five years. Within the wider movement, American women served three main roles: plotters, supporters, and travelers.
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Tunisia breaks up 160 militant cells in first 10 months of 2016

Tunisian security forces dismantled 160 jihadist cells in the first 10 months of this year, about 45 percent more than during the whole of 2015, the interior ministry said on Friday. Tunisia has been the only Arab state to achieve a relatively peaceful democratic transition since the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011 but has struggled to contain Islamist militancy, partly because of a spillover of instability from neighboring Libya.
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A funny thing happened on the way to Scotland . . . Muslim stand-up comedian ends up seated next to Eric Trump

A stand-up comedian got the gift of a lifetime when he boarded his flight from Newark, New Jersey to Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday night and found out his seatmate was Eric Trump. Mohammed 'Mo' Amer posted a photo of himself sitting next to Eric on his Instagram and Facebook accounts Wednesday night, writing: 'Hey guys heading to Scotland to start the U.K. Tour and I am "randomly" chosen to sit next to none other than Eric Trump.' The Arab-American comedian then revealed that he asked Eric about his dad Donald making Muslims like himself carry an identification card, a practice the President-elect said he might pursue in order to track members of that faith and keep a database. 'Good news guys Muslims will not have to check in and get IDs. That's what I was told,' wrote Amer.
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Ten-year-olds tackle ‘The Lie’ of demeaning stereotypes in video

The camera pans the classroom. The first close-up shows a girl in a purple headscarf. She is 10 years old, seated at a desk beside other fourth-graders. The American flag hangs near a bulletin board in the background. The girl rises, describing “the lie” she knows. “Muslims are terrorists,” she says into the camera. “Black boys are bad,” another student says. “Girls are not athletic,” says the next. “Latinos can’t speak English well,” says another.
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Indonesia blasphemy protest swells to crowd of 200,000

At least 200,000 conservative Muslims rallied in the Indonesian capital on Friday in the second major protest in a month against its minority Christian governor who is being prosecuted for alleged blasphemy. President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, who is a political ally of the Jakarta governor, Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama, and angered hard-liners by being out of the city during the first protest, unexpectedly went to the national monument to join Friday prayers with the sprawling crowd.
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'Gotta catch and deport them all': Racist anti-Muslim Pokemon-style stickers have been plastered on London buses, trains and tube stations

Social media users have been encouraging the spread of racist Pokemon-style stickers across the public transport network. The stickers, plastered over buses, trains and tube stations across London, depict a number of Muslims with the slogan 'gotta catch and deport them all'. One features Barack Obama and labels him 'Obamabinlyin', and says he is the 'USA's Muslim in Chief who has protected Islamic causes over those of the rest of the world'.
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Residents alarmed as Iraqi soldiers spray Shi’ite graffiti in Mosul

"We answer your call, O Hussein!" The traditional battle cry of Shi'ite Muslims, expressing loyalty to the 7th century martyred hero of their sect, has been spraypainted across buildings in Mosul by soldiers as they push out the hardline Sunni fighters of Islamic State.
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‘We love death like you love life’: Devoted to jihad, Montreal man yearned to live under ISIL, court hears

MONTREAL – Seated on a sofa across from a man he believed to be a crime boss able to smuggle him out of Canada, Ismael Habib explained last February why he wanted to get to Syria so badly. He said he dreamed of living under sharia law in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and he did not fear dying in the fight to establish Islamic rule. “We love death like you love life,” he explained during the meeting in Montreal.
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How demand for Sharia-compliant products is creating huge opportunities for fintech

For many Muslims, their religious practice means they can't use conventional finance products and must instead use Sharia-compliant alternatives. Demand for these products is increasing across the globe, but legacy providers have failed to keep up. At the same time, advances in technology have made it cheaper and easier to create Sharia-compliant products. That's creating a huge opportunity for fintech.
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Women bombers emerge from Islamic State redoubt to attack Libyan forces

Several women blew themselves up on Friday in suicide attacks that killed four Libyan soldiers who had granted them safe passage to leave buildings under the control of Islamic State militants, a spokesman for government forces said.
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Detroit Terror Suspect Accused of Acquiring Huge Arsenal for Jihad Attack

A Detroit terror suspect previously accused of plotting with a Maryland imam to commit an act of violent jihad on behalf of the Islamic State faces new charges of acquiring an arsenal of weaponry that he allegedly planned to use in an unspecified attack to kill people, according to an indictment handed down Friday in U.S. District Court in Detroit.
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Iran ‘made $100 million’ off German ship builders in past decade

After revelation that Islamic republic holds shares in Israeli submarine constructors ThyssenKrupp, financial records said to show Tehran was paid hefty sums.
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Sick new ISIS video shows Donald Trump being bundled away by guards after ‘assassination bid’

ISIS terror thugs appear to have threatened Donald Trump in a chilling new terror video. The footage has been released by the terror group’s propagandists under the title ‘Incite the Believers to the Fight 2’ and shows last month’s clip of the billionaire president-elect being bundled away by secret service guards after a false alarm.
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Of 8 Tech Companies, Only Twitter Says It Would Refuse to Help Build Muslim Registry for Trump

Every American corporation, from the largest conglomerate to the smallest firm, should ask itself right now: Will we do business with the Trump administration to further its most extreme, draconian goals? Or will we resist? This question is perhaps most important for the country’s tech companies, who are particularly valuable partners for a budding authoritarian. The Intercept contacted nine of the most prominent such firms, from Facebook to Booz Allen, to ask if they would sell their services to help create a national Muslim registry, an idea recently resurfaced by Donald Trump’s transition team. Only Twitter said no.
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Six Bosnian Serbs indicted over Srebrenica killings

A Bosnian war crimes prosecutor indicted six Bosnian Serbs on Friday on charges of killing at least 40 Muslims and Roma early in the Bosnian war of the 1990s and attacking about 1,000 people from the Srebrenica area in eastern Bosnia. More than 20 years after the Bosnian 1992-95 war ended, many suspected war criminals remain at large and victims are still being found in mass graves.
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Woman in Saudi Arabia faces calls for her EXECUTION after being pictured without a hijab

A YOUNG woman in Saudi Arabia is facing calls for her execution after she was pictured without a hijab. Malak Al Shehri sparked fury on social media after she went out in public in the conservative capital Riyadh without a full body cloak – called an abaya – or a veil.
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Parents of Muslim convert ‘Jihadi Jack’ deny sending more than £1,500 to ISIS fighter son

THE parents of ISIS fighter ‘Jihadi Jack’ have denied sending money to their brainwashed son in Syria. Organic farmer John Letts, 56, and Sally Lane, 54, are accused of sending Jack Letts, £1,723 in three separate payments after he joined the depraved death cult in the war torn country.
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Christian Children Are Being Bullied by Muslim Migrants in Germany, Priest Says

A Roman Catholic priest who works closely with migrants in the German town of Leipzig says although Christian migrant children have fled persecution in the Middle East, they are still suffering from systemic bullying at the hands of Muslim migrant children who attack them because of their faith in Jesus Christ.
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ISIS Sex Slave Survivor Told Jihadists Who Raped Her: 'No Religion Accepts What They Did'

An Islamic State sex slave survivor who testified before U.N. officials about the repeated rapes and torture she and other girls endured at the hands of radical jihadists said she told her captors that neither Islam nor any other religion would condone what they were doing.
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From Somalia to U.S.: Ohio State Attacker’s Path to Violence

The young refugee smiled broadly as he accepted his associate degree from a local community college less than seven months ago, jumping in the air on stage as the announcer said, “Abdul Razak Artan, cum laude.” Mr. Artan, who had been in the United States for just two years, seemed to be a success story in this city’s large network of Somali refugees, excelling in his classes at Columbus State Community College and getting accepted as a transfer student to nearby Ohio State University.
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Hate Toward Muslims Is Growing and It’s Donald Trump’s Fault

A series of letters was recently sent to mosques throughout California threatening genocide against Muslims. At least one of the letters read: “There’s a new sheriff in town — President Donald Trump. He’s going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And, he’s going to start with you Muslims.”
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ISIS deserters escaping Mosul are resorting to ever more outlandish women’s outfits to avoid capture – including full make-up, wigs and padded bras

ISIS rats fleeing from Mosul are resorting to ever more outlandish women’s outfits including full make-up, wigs and even padded bras in a bid to escape capture – with hilarious results. The Jihadists – who pledged to be a fighting a holy war where martyrdom was their sole aim – are now scrambling to escape in their droves.
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Only 4% of British Muslims believe Al Qaeda planned 9/11

Only 4% of British Muslims can correctly identify who was responsible for the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, according to a survey of conducted by centre-right think tank Policy Exchange, a non-profit education think tank.
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The female imam fighting Islamism and Islamaphobia

The Mariam Masjid is not your usual mosque... but then again Sherin Khankan is not your usual imam.
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British ISIS jihadis face being sentenced to DEATH by Iraqi courts after being captured in Mosul

BRITISH Jihadists captured in the besieged city of Mosul face being handed the death sentences by the Iraqi courts. The Iraqi authorities have a list of 40,000 suspected ISIS members of all nationalities.
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Denmark to pull fighter jets out of Syria and Iraq

Denmark said on Friday it would not extend a six-month mission for seven F-16 jets taking part in a US-led coalition focused on attacking Islamic State group targets in Syria and Iraq.
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Australia has approved the indefinite detention of 'high-risk' extremists"

Australia has approved a law that will allow authorities to hold convicted terrorists in prison past their served sentence, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Friday. Turnbull said in a statement that the new legislation was required because of the growing threat of attacks to the country, Associated Press reported. He said that authorities had charged 55 people with terrorist offenses since 2014 when the country’s threat level was increased to ‘high,’ the second highest level, which means that an attack is likely.
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Indonesia police arrest eight for treason before Jakarta Muslim protest

Indonesian police have arrested eight people for alleged treason including Rachmawati Soekarnoputri, the daughter of Indonesia’s founding father, hours before a 200,000-strong protest in Jakarta against its Christian governor on Friday. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, known as Ahok, has incensed conservative Muslims over allegedly blasphemous comments he made about the Qur’an in an election campaign. Protesters have demanded that the governor, who is to face trial for the remarks, is sent to jail.
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Singapore minister sees increased threat of extremist attack

A Singapore minister said on Friday the threat of an extremist attack was higher now than earlier this year as hardline Islamists are increasingly pushing their agenda in neighboring Indonesia. Law and Home Affairs Minister Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam, speaking to the Foreign Correspondents Association in Singapore, did not specify whether the threat had increased just in the city state or in Southeast Asia generally.
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First pictures of gay porn actor with Che Guevara tattoo 'who leaked secrets to Islamist jihadists while working for German intelligence'

Photos of the charlatan spy and former gay porn star who was caught leaking secrets to Islamic Jihadists in Germany have been released. The Spanish-born German citizen, Roque M, was hired by the country's domestic intelligence agency known as the BfV earlier this year. The father-of-four who bears tattoos on his upper body of South American revolutionary hero Che Guevara, was arrested in November and will face espionage charges in the new year that could put him behind bars for a decade.
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Isis recruiters targeting refugees in Europe, say counter-terror experts

Islamic State recruiters are targeting vulnerable refugees in Europe to radicalise them in an effort to further polarise the European Union population, counter-terror experts have warned. Europol, the law enforcement agency of the EU, said it was in the interests of Islamic State to inflame the migration crisis and to turn EU citizens against refugees seeking asylum.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Europol: 'IS' likely to target EU in 'near future'

The so-called "Islamic State" (IS) group is likely to carry out terror attacks in the European Union in the near future, Europol said in a report on Friday. The Sunni extremist group has "both the will and the capability" to strike soft and hard targets in Europe, especially in those countries participating in the anti-IS coalition, the EU police agency said.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hard-Line Muslims March Against the Christian Governor of Indonesia’s Capital Jakarta

Many conservatives believe that non-Muslims should not hold senior leadership positions in Indonesia. At least 200,000 conservative Muslims rallied in the Indonesian capital on Friday in the second major protest in a month against its minority Christian governor who is being prosecuted for alleged blasphemy.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hostage David Haines’ daughter watched ISIS execution video over and over to remember him and turned to booze and drugs to numb the pain

HOSTAGE David Haines’ daughter revealed she watched a video of his barbaric execution over and over in secret to remember his face and voice. Tormented Bethany, 19, of Scone, Perthshire, hid in her room to play the scene of his beheading by ISIS monster Jihadi John.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS fighters risk being lashed by terror chiefs after mobile phone pics emerge showing them kissing and posing with their wives

REVEALING selfies of Isis jihadis posing with brides have been found on their phones – a crime punishable with 80 lashes from their religious leaders. Iraqi forces have released intimate shots of one ISIS jihadi kissing his bride in a bedroom taken from the fighter’s device.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

UK Muslims show worrying belief in conspiracy theories, claims thinktank

Britain’s Muslim communities have “separatist” tendencies and a “deeply worrying” belief in conspiracy theories, according to one of the government’s favourite centre-right thinktanks. The controversial Policy Exchange report however does acknowledge that 93% of British Muslims have a strong attachment to Britain and their attitudes to many issues such as the NHS, unemployment and immigration are broadly in line with the rest of the population.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Yazidi sex slave uses international stage to put spotlight on trafficking

A Yazidi woman imprisoned and raped by Islamic State fighters said she had no idea about the scourge of human trafficking until she found herself enslaved with thousands of other women. Nadia Murad Basee Taha has become the face of Yazidi women captured in northwestern Iraq in the summer of 2014 and used as sex slaves by the Islamic militants.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

France jailed a man for visiting pro-ISIS websites

France's mercurial relationship with technology and the internet is in the news once again. This time it's because a man was going to pro-ISIS websites with regularity. Facing a two year sentence, the suspect said that he was simply curious and wanted to "tell the difference between real Islam and the false Islam,".
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State tells supporters to quit messaging apps for fear of U.S. bombs

Islamic state has told its members to stop using internet-based communication apps like WhatsApp and Telegram on smartphones, suspecting they are being used by the U.S.-led coalition to track and kill its commanders. Until recently, the hardline group used such apps to chat with members and supporters outside its main areas of control in Syria, Iraq and Libya -- including, say French officials, the assailants who staged attacks across Paris a year ago, killing at least 130 people.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Austrian far-right group covers queen’s statue with veil in anti-Islam protest

A statue of the 18th-century queen Maria Theresa in Vienna has been covered with a huge burka. The Muslim veil was placed over the statue, one of the city’s most famous monuments, by a far-right group in protest against "the Islamization of Austria." The Identitarian youth movement chose to cover the statue of Maria Theresa, one of the country's most respected historical figures, in a large public square in central Vienna, not far from the parliament building.
on Dec 02, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Horrifying letter threatening Muslims with genocide sent to more mosques across America

Several more mosques across the US have reported receiving a hate-filled letter from California that warns Muslims to leave the country or face genocide. The identical letters postmarked from the Los Angeles area have now shown up at mosques throughout California and in Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island, Indiana, Colorado and Georgia.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

He ‘just kept hitting me with the bat': Canadian Muslim teen brutally beaten by white men

Noah Rabbani, 15, was just walking the five minutes from his friend’s home in Hamilton, Ontario to his grandmother’s home just after midnight Sunday as he has many times before. It’s a quiet, residential neighborhood, filled with new homes and considered safe.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

University students in Toronto walk out on vote to mark Holocaust Education Week

Members of SJP, Muslim student group leave student union meeting rather than decide on proposal offering annual Holocaust education programs.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Listen to what Muslim women in the Netherlands say about the Dutch burqa ban and you'll realise why it won't stop radicalisation

'If I had to go out without my scarf I’d feel exposed and like I wasn’t being respectful. We’ve got family in France and the mum of the family is scared to go out. She only feels comfortable in her burqa and now she feels like a prisoner in her own home'
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Can Television Be Fair to Muslims?

It has never been easy to put a Muslim character on American screens. Even in this TV renaissance, most characters are on shows that rely on terrorism — or at least, terrorist-adjacent — story lines. Other kinds of Muslim characters are woefully absent across the dial. Could that change now, after a divisive presidential campaign that included vows by Donald J. Trump to stop Islamic immigration? Or will it be more difficult than ever?
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German spy arrested over Islamist bombing plot also a gay porn actor

A German spy arrested after posting in a chat room for Islamist militants was also a gay porn actor, it has emerged. The 51-year-old was a full-time employee of the German equivalent of MI5 when he allegedly started using extremist chat websites. Security sources said he was planning a bomb attack “in the name of Allah” on the intelligence agency’s headquarters in Cologne until he was discovered by an informer.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Philippines raises terror alert after foiled Manila bomb plot

The Philippines has raised its terror alert to its highest level after police said they had discovered a plot by Islamic State-linked militants to attack a park, following a foiled bombing near the U.S. embassy this week.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Mosul civilians running low on water & food as ISIS stages public executions

The UN has sounded the alarm over the dire humanitarian situation and terrorist atrocities being endured by the residents of Mosul, Iraq, who have been cut off from water by fighting and threatened with death by Islamic State militants if they flee.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Norway frees radical Islamist as Italy ends extradition bid

Italy has cancelled a request for the extradition from Norway of controversial Iraqi Kurdish fundamentalist preacher Mullah Krekar, the Norwegian prosecution agency said on Wednesday, ordering his immediate release.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

New evidence shows deep Islamic State role in Bangladesh massacre

Before Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury orchestrated Bangladesh's worst militant attack, he sought and won approval for it from Islamic State. A Canadian of Bangladeshi origin, he was told by his contact in the militant group, Abu Terek Mohammad Tajuddin Kausar, to target foreigners, according to a senior police official who has seen communications between the two men.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Saudi prince calls for driving ban on women to be lifted

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says it is time for Saudi women to get behind the wheel, calling a ban on female drivers in the kingdom an infringement of women's rights. Saudi Arabia is the only country to bar women from driving and requires them to have a male "guardian" who can stop them travelling, marrying, working or having some medical procedures.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Shocking images of the ‘skeleton’ children fighting for life in the battlegrounds of Mosul

A SHOCKING video has revealed tear-jerking images of emaciated children fighting for life in the battlefront city of Mosul. More than 1.5 million people are thought to be trapped as Iraqi army units shoot it out with ISIS militants on the ground.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Slovakia adopts law to effectively block Islam from becoming official state religion

Parliament in Bratislava has approved a bill that effectively prevents Islam from being registered as a state religion in the near future. Sponsored by the Slovak National Party (SNS), which is a member in Prime Minister Robert Fico's coalition, the legislation was passed Wednesday, Reuters reported. The law was approved by a two-thirds majority in parliament, comprising both ruling and opposition parties.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Coronation Street airs first ever Islamic wedding as Zeedan Nazir marries Rana Habeeb

CORONATION Street has aired its first ever Muslim wedding. It was the first time the ITV soap has featured an Islamic wedding ceremony in its 56-year history as Zeedan Nazir tied the knot with nurse Rana Habeeb.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS-affiliated media post shocking graphic on conducting proper knife attacks

A pro-Islamic State media group posted to its Telegram channel a graphic advising followers on the proper knives to use and areas to stab when conducting a knife attack.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Albanian PM warns Islamists may seek to undermine Europe via Balkans

Albania's PM has warned that Islamists - and Moscow - may seek to grow their influence in the Balkans. Rama said Albania would continue to seek EU accession as a way of combating this, but was not hopeful of quick entry.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Sunni tribesmen battling Islamic State demand federalism in Iraq

As mortar bombs landed ever closer, Sunni tribal fighters preparing to attack Islamic State seemed more preoccupied by the failures of Iraq's political class than the militants trying to kill them. The men - and one woman - from the Lions of the Tigris unit gathered on Wednesday in Shayyalah al-Imam, a village near Mosul, with some of their leaders expressing deep distrust of the politicians and saying Iraq's governance must change once Islamic State is defeated.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Arab Israeli arrested for plan to join Islamic State

Jaljulia resident became more religious, acquired guns, told IS he planned to join it in Syria, says Shin Bet.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Insurgents behead Somali village elders over Islamic tax

Islamist militants have beheaded eight Somali village elders and killed at least seven other people during fighting spurred by a dispute over payment of an Islamic tax, a villager and a local official said on Wednesday.
on Dec 01, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Amazon removes 'offensive' Allah 'doormats and dog mats' that feature the word 'God' written in Arabic after complaint from British Muslim politician sparks Twitter fury

Amazon has removed a third-party line of 'door and dog mats' featuring the Arabic word for God - Allah - after a complaint from Muslim users, including a British politician. The mats - sold through Amazon by a number of independent users including 'Dargon One', 'Trendy Mats' and 'Gear One' - had been garnering complaints from Muslims since June.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Thai police arrest three suspected of plotting bombs at tourist sites

Thai police on Wednesday arrested three men suspected of planning bomb attacks at tourist suites in the capital, Bangkok, and nearby provinces, a top officer said. The three hailed from Thailand's Muslim-majority south, where a decades-old insurgency has pitted separatist militants against government forces, said deputy national police chief Srivara Ransibrahmanakul.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

When a Muslim MK beseeched Israel to fund a Moroccan synagogue

In impassioned plea, Zouheir Bahloul says Jewish state has ‘duty’ to support upkeep of holy places abroad; local community ‘surprised’ by request, says it doesn’t ‘fit with the reality’.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Erdogan: Protecting Jerusalem a Muslim obligation

Turkish president urges all Muslims to "embrace the Palestinian cause and protect Jerusalem" as a common duty.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Belgian Federal Police Chief Braces for New ISIS Terror Attacks

As the battle of Mosul rages, authorities are worried about new ISIS terror attacks in Belgium. Will Parliament give them the powers they say they need?
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Women win court battle to enter Muslim shrine in India

For the first time in four years, a group of women has been allowed to enter the inner sanctum of a Muslim shrine in India.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Top German spy turned jihadi ‘converted to Islam so secretly even his WIFE didn’t know… before using classified info to plot terror attack’

The man worked for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV), and reportedly converted to Islam while working to monitor Islamists in Cologne. The 51-year-old German national was arrested for sharing “sensitive information” online – understood to be code for leaking intelligence secrets to other Jihadists.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German intelligence agent held over 'leaks to Islamic extremists'

A man employed by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency to observe the activities of Islamists has been arrested on suspicion of passing on sensitive material to extremists.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Spanish police arrest two Moroccans suspected of Islamist State links

Two Moroccan men suspected of having links to Islamic State have been arrested in Spain and police say one of them played an important role in spreading propaganda for the militant group, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

For Mosul perfume trader, militants meant business

When Islamic State fighters came to Hamza Samih's perfume shop in Mosul they issued two orders - get rid of the perfumes and colorful bras they said were unholy, and set up separate doors for men and women. Then the militants, Samih says, became his best customers.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Terrorist’s death justified, police report concludes, but the taxi driver who picked him up doesn’t agree

Police are expected to release new details Wednesday in the investigation of the shooting death of Aaron Driver. Strathroy-Caradoc police confirmed Tuesday they would likely issue a news release about the investigation Wednesday on behalf of the service, OPP and RCMP but wouldn’t comment on what it would say.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Israel hits Syrian military, Hezbollah weapons convoy

Israel struck a Syrian military target and a Hezbollah weapons convoy early Wednesday, Arabic-language media reported Wednesday morning.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Watch a US-led coalition airstrike wipe out an ISIS training camp near the terror group's capital city

The US-led coalition has provided ongoing air support for the Iraqi offensive against ISIS in Mosul, and as the fight rages for the terror group's last stronghold in that country, the coalition has also launched airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS slaughter whole families who refuse to let snipers set up killing posts in their homes

ISIS fighters battling for survival in Mosul have killed at least a dozen civilians for not allowing snipers and heavy artillery to set up camp in their homes.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS recently called for the type of attack that just happened at Ohio State

The terrorist group ISIS had in recent months called for knife and vehicle attacks of the sort that a student carried out at Ohio State University on Monday.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dutch lawmakers approve ban on Islamic full-face veils in public transport, schools, govt buildings

The lower house of the Dutch parliament has voted in favor of banning face veils and other face covering garments in certain public places such as schools, hospitals or government buildings, citing security concerns. The bill envisages a ban on Islamic veils and robes such as the burqa and niqab but also applies to all face coverings, including ski masks, helmets and balaclavas. It does not cover such situations as wearing burqas on the streets but applies only to specific situations, in which face recognition and proper communication are “essential.”
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Israeli president wades into debate over Islamic call to prayer

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin spoke out on Tuesday against a controversial bill that would prohibit mosques from using loudspeakers to summon believers to prayers early in the morning. The draft law, which sparked outrage around the Arab and wider Muslim world, is set to be submitted for its preliminary reading in parliament on Wednesday.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Growing fears of IS use of weaponised drones

The Mosul battle in Iraq has seen the Islamic State group increasingly resort to weaponised drones, which Western governments fear could lead to a new type of attack at home. France issued an internal note to its security forces last week warning that "this threat is to be taken into account nationwide" and ordering any drone be treated as a "suspicious package". The first record of a deadly IS drone attack was in October when two Iraqi Kurdish fighters were killed and two French special forces soldiers wounded.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Was Brussels terror suspect radicalized in Sweden?

A former Stockholm resident suspected of involvement in the recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels also had links with an extreme Islamist network in the Scandinavian country, SVT’s Uppdrag granskning program reports.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German intelligence worker is arrested on suspicion of being an Islamist 'and plotting to blow up his agency's HQ in Cologne

A German citizen employed by country's domestic intelligence agency has been arrested on suspicion of being an Islamist. The agency said the man had been accused of making Islamist declarations on the internet and revealing internal agency material. According to reports in the German media, the man had also been planning to blow up the agency's central office in Cologne.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German intelligence agent exposed as 'suspect Islamist'

A German working in intelligence has been exposed as "a suspect Islamist", Germany's domestic security agency said on Tuesday, following reports he was planning an attack on the agency's headquarters.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS has claimed the capture of two Turkish soldiers in Syria

The Turkish military said it lost contact on Tuesday with two of its soldiers deployed in northern Syria, although it stopped short of confirming an Islamic State claim that the militant group had kidnapped a pair of Turkish soldiers.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS fighter who surrendered to Kurdish soldiers claims he only joined terror group for cash

AN ISIS fighter who was filmed surrendering to Kurdish soldiers in northern Iraq tearfully claimed he only joined ISIS because he needed money to support his six younger siblings.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jakarta’s Christian Governor Will Face Charges of Blaspheming Islam in Court

Islamic hard-liners are planning further massive protests against the embattled official.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hardline Islamist Protests In Indonesia Are Spreading Fear Among the Minority Chinese

The capital of Muslim-majority Indonesia is on edge ahead of what is expected to be a second massive protest by conservative Muslims against its Christian governor and no group more so than its Chinese minority.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS terrorists planned to kill kindergarten children with poisoned ice cream before detonating a bomb in a school car park, German trial hears

An ISIS plot to feed poisoned ice cream to kindergarten children before detonating a bomb in their nursery car park has been revealed in Germany. The gruesome plan came to light during hearings of two teenage Islamic State fanatics who blew up a Sikh temple in the industrial city of Essen during wedding celebrations. Mohammed O, 17, one of the temple bombers who carried out the assault in April which wounded four people, planned to sell the toxic ices before blowing himself up in the midst of the children.
on Nov 30, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim Community Fears Backlash After Ohio State Attack

At a coffee shop just off campus, students meet up to study or catch up with friends. Monday afternoon, Ohio State University senior Mohamed Farah was catching up on his homework.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Now Angela Merkel says she will send 100,000 migrants back to war-torn countries after finally admitting Germany is struggling to cope

ANGELA MERKEL has today revealed an extraordinary backtrack on her on her controversial open door migrant policy – by vowing to send 100,000 of them packing.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Don’t cancel Christmas on behalf of Muslims like me – I love it

Trying to avoid offending the sensibilities of other religions by watering down Christmas traditions merely fuels the myths of Islamic intolerance.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ransacked homes and little hope for returning Iraqi Christians

A strip of negatives lying in the rubble of a home in northern Iraq contains snapshots of life as it was before Islamic State overran the area two years ago and purged its Christian community.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iraqi Forces Assault 2 Villages South of Mosul

Iraqi forces on Tuesday assaulted villages far south of Mosul in the Nineveh province, attempting to clear rural areas of Islamic State fighters who stayed behind to hinder their advance.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Coming War on ‘Radical Islam’

How Trump’s government could change America’s approach to terrorism.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State killing civilians who don’t cooperate in Mosul

Islamic State militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul have killed civilians who refuse to allow rockets and snipers to be sited in their houses or whom they suspect of leaking information or trying to flee, a U.N. human rights spokeswoman said on Tuesday.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS suspect in Paris-Brussels network says Britain too well-protected to attack

One of the key suspects in the Islamic State militant group’s Paris and Brussels attacks has said that Britain is too difficult to target because of its “developed secret service,” a British court heard on Monday.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Yair Lapid: Coalition wants to ‘insult Muslims’ with muezzin bill

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid has slammed coalition efforts to pass the so-called Muezzin Bill restricting the prayer call from mosques across Israel, saying the move would fuel anti-Israel sentiment while its only purpose is to “insult Muslims.”
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Royal Navy flagship threatened by ISIS drones, explosive speedboats

Britain’s Royal Navy fears its flagship, HMS Ocean, currently deployed in the Gulf, could face attack by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) drones and Iranian speedboats packed with explosives.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Salafist group ‘We Love Muhammad’ hands out bios of prophet in German cities

Salafist radicals have launched a campaign to distribute free biographies of the Prophet Muhammad in several German cities, but a similar group has already been banned by security services nationwide for encouraging Muslims to join Islamic State. The distribution drive began last weekend in large Germany cities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, including Cologne, Munster and Iserlohn.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Austrian trade union under fire for FB poll suggesting Muslims be stripped of Christmas bonus

Free Workers of Upper Austria (FAO), a trade union close to the far-right Freedom Party (FPO), has deleted an online poll asking whether Muslim workers should have their Christmas bonuses docked after the post triggered an online backlash.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iraqi leader predicts IS collapse in Mosul

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says Islamic State group fighters lack the courage to put up long-term resistance in Mosul, despite unleashing hundreds of car bombs that have killed and maimed Iraqi soldiers and civilians as the fight for Iraq’s second-largest city appears set to extend well into next year.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim and Somali leaders denounce Ohio State University attack

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) condemned an attack at Ohio State University on Monday that injured at least 9 people and asked the public to avoid rushing to judgment about the suspect's motives.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

How Isis recruiters found fertile ground in Kerala, India's tourist gem

Numbers of young Muslims joining the radical group is believed to be small, but the wealthy state appears to have provided a disproportionate number.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Residents of the Iraqi City of Mosul Are Fighting Over Food

Residents of the Iraqi city of Mosul fought each other around trucks delivering humanitarian aid as they jostled for scant supplies on Monday, while government troops fighting to retake the city from Islamic State militants inched closer toward the city center.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

With our Smiles at Christmas campaign you can help to give innocent children maimed by the Mosul monsters the chance of a better life

Join the appeal to help the children whose lives have been torn apart by violence in the Middle East as we urge readers to donate money and toys to four very special charities.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The mounting death toll in Mosul forces questions about the battle plan

They came to the clinic in Humvees or beat-up cars, twisted in pain or far beyond saving. An Iraqi special forces soldier, his body gutted by an explosion. Four children with lacerated faces, survivors of a car bomb that had set their house on fire. Another soldier, who had stumbled into a booby trap, pale on his stretcher with a hole in his chest.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS’s second-in-command hid in Syria for months. The day he stepped out, the U.S. was waiting.

For a man given to fiery rhetoric and long-winded sermons, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani became oddly quiet during his last summer as the chief spokesman for the Islamic State. The Syrian who exhorted thousands of young Muslims to don suicide belts appeared increasingly obsessed with his own safety, U.S. officials say. He banished cellphones, shunned large meetings and avoided going outdoors in the daytime. He began sleeping in crowded tenements in a northern Syrian town called al-Bab, betting on the presence of young children to shield him from the drones prowling the skies overhead. But in late August, when a string of military defeats suffered by the Islamic State compelled Adnani to briefly leave his hiding place, the Americans were waiting for him.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State arrests shopkeepers for hiking prices in nearly besieged Mosul

Islamic State has arrested dozens of Mosul shop owners accused of raising food prices in the nearly besieged city, to tamp down discontent as a U.S.-backed offensive closes in on the group's last major stronghold in Iraq, residents said on Monday. The arrests took place on Sunday morning in Bursa, a commercial district in the western part of the city, said a witness who asked not be identified as Islamic State punishes with death those caught communicating with the outside world. About 30 shop owners in the area were arrested and taken away blindfolded to unknown destinations, he said.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Bones of 4th Century Christian Saint Survive ISIS' Destruction of Syrian Church

Christians returning home to the Syrian town of Al Qaryatayn have said that even though the Islamic State terror group destroyed the monastery of fourth century saint Mar Elian, his relics survived, and will be restored.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hungarian Muslim group criticises town's 'xenophobic' decrees

Hungarian Islamic Community attacks ban on mosques, muezzins and clothes such as niqab and burkini by mayor of Ásotthalom.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

This is why ISIS are ‘terrified’ of Israeli soldiers but do not fear ‘poorly trained’ Brits or Americans… as jihadis are blasted by IDF troops for the first time

Israeli forces sweep aside militant assault after ISIS reveals the Jewish state is the only country in the WORLD it fears. ISIS militants’ first clash with their most dreaded enemy ended in the jihadists being wiped out.
on Nov 29, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Religious extremism is spreading to inland China

Religious extremism has begun to spread to inland China from its western Xinjiang region, long considered by the government to be at the forefront of its efforts to battle Islamist separatists, the country's top religious affairs official said. China says it faces a serious threat from Islamist militants in Xinjiang, which borders central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is home to the largely Muslim Uighur minority group.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Auntie Anne’s confirms ‘pretzel dog’ now ‘pretzel sausage’ to satisfy halal cert

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 ― The local chapter of US pretzel chain Auntie Anne's confirmed today that it has changed the name of its “pretzel dog” to “pretzel sausage”, after it was reported that they would be denied halal certification if they refused to do so.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Stay off Hadi’s Bill or Muslims may derail divorce law reforms, PAS warns non-Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 28 ― Non-Muslims must “play fair” by refraining from interfering with PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s private member’s Bill to upgrade the Shariah courts, party secretary-general Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said today.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic Banking: India has potential to become world leader in this system

A recent announcement made by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) proposing the opening of an "Islamic window" in conventional banks for a gradual introduction of Sharia-compliant or interest-free banking in the country, has led to a fierce debate on the ethicality of Islamic Banking.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

UK Split Over Muslim Brotherhood And Saudi Arabia

The spat is all over how Britain should relate to the Muslim Brotherhood. It was sparked by a review, commissioned by the government in April 2014 from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), to examine whether the Muslim Brotherhood put British national security at risk.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Lashed for falling in love with the wrong person: Man and woman are caned 100 times each in brutal punishment for adultery in Indonesia

Kneeling on the ground with her arms raised resigned to her fate, an Indonesian woman was caned 100 times after being accused of having sex with another man even though they are not married. The woman along with the other man faced the brutal punishment for adultery which is against Sharia law.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A New Line of Sportswear Hijabs for Athletic Muslim Girls Is Set to Launch

Playing sports in traditional religious garments can be uncomfortable, as you might imagine. Two entrepreneurs have identified that problem among a growing market — Muslim-girl athletes — and brainstormed a solution they’re hoping will take off.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Israel bombs Isis base in revenge attack after jihadis target IDF soldiers for first time

The Israeli military says its air force has bombed an Isis base in revenge for an attack on IDF soldiers. The overnight air strike targeted an abandoned United Nations building Israel said was used as an "operations centre" in the Golan Heights.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Egyptian TV star reveals he’s Jewish

Egyptian TV actor Karim Kassem revealed that he is Jewish in front of a live studio audience on a talk show last week. The 30-year-old star, whose father is Muslim but whose mother was Jewish, said he discovered his heritage when he was a boy, by accident, when he came home from school and started complaining to his sister about Jews.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hamilton Muslim group donates gift of life at blood clinic

“In the holy Qur’an, it states that anyone who saves one life, it’s like you’ve saved mankind”.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Radical Islamic group raid gay ‘sex party’, force police to arrest men and seize HIV drugs

Hardline group The Islam Defenders Front (FPI) raided a private gathering in an apartment complex in South Jakarta on Saturday and forced 13 arrests, at what they believed to be a ‘gay sex party.’
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

China Asks Muslims To Stand Against Religious Extremism And For Socialism With Chinese Traits

Wang Zuo'an, chief of the State Administration for Religious Affairs in China, asked Muslim citizens to stand against religious extremism. He also said the development of Islam in China should stick to socialism with Chinese characteristics, as per a Xinhua news report. Wang also asked for new mosques to exhibit Chinese features rather than copied foreign architectural styles.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

China to crack down on 'hyping' of halal products to contain 'pan-Islamism'

Communist China continues its anti-Muslim campaign and this time its target is halal food, which the administration believes "spreads pan-Islamist tendencies in the market", the country's state-run media reported. Halal food is food prepared according to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran. Islam lays down how meat that is to be consumed is slaughtered and that's called 'halal' meat. China has a Muslim population of more than 23 million, mostly living in the country's north and northwest. And China will "seriously address the problem of hyping up, twisting and expanding the halal food concept," a senior religious affairs official said on Saturday.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims mark passing anniversary of Prophet Mohammad

Millions of Muslims in Iran and across the world are observing the passing anniversary of Islam’s holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The 28th day of the month of Safar (the second month in the lunar calendar) marks the passing away of Prophet Muhammad as well as the martyrdom of his grandson Imam Hassan (PBUH), the second Shia Imam.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic religious texts must be read in context to understand blasphemy

Indonesian police are investigating Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaya Purnama, also known as Ahok, for blasphemy. They named him a suspect after hundreds of thousands of people rallied against the Chinese-Indonesian and Christian governor earlier this month. Behind the enormous protest was a complex web of religious and political interests. But some of the protesters genuinely felt insulted by Ahok, who is running in next year’s gubernatorial election. The reason for their anger was a speech that Ahok gave in September. Among other things, he warned his listeners about people who invoke verse 51 of the Surah Al-Maidah in the Quran to “deceive” people into not voting for him. The Islamic Defenders Front reported Ahok for alleged blasphemy after a video of this part of his speech went viral.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Man stands up against Islamophobia outside North Texas Islamic Center

A man holding a sign outside of the Islamic Center of Irving is going viral because of his encouraging message. The white-bearded man stood on the sidewalk in front of the center Saturday morning in his cowboy hat, flannel shirt and positive sign that read, "You belong. Stay strong. Be blessed. We are one America."
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Exclusive: Inside the world of suspected Ottawa terrorist Tevis Gonyou-McLean

Up until his arrest by the RCMP on a terrorism peace bond last summer, Tevis Gonyou-McLean felt like he had finally found his purpose in life: to worship and make really good pizza.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State turns to cigarette smuggling to fund itself

Thousands of Mosul residents flee the city every day as the Iraqi army pushes farther into the city from the east. But despite suicide car bombs, airstrikes and the whizzing sound of bullets around them, when they emerge, one of the first things they ask for from the soldiers are cigarettes. For almost 2½ years, the Islamic State (IS) in Mosul projected an image that it was against the consumption of narcotics; in reality, however, it has reaped enormous funds from the trade.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS’ plans for terror attacks in Britain seized by coalition forces in Syria as terror group pushed back

PLANS for terror attacks in Britain were found by forces pushing back ISIS. The UK’s top commander in the Iraq war zone said jihadi documents, computers and mobile phones are now in coalition hands.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Toronto man who has been de-radicalizing Canadian terrorists being deported to the U.S.

Jason Pippin was an idealistic 18-year-old when he went to a conference in Dearborn, Michigan and heard a speech about how the Indian army was treating Muslims in the disputed Kashmir region. Believing it was his religious duty to help, the Muslim convert made his way to a camp in Pakistan run by Lashkar-e-Tayiba (LeT), an armed Islamist group that staged cross-border attacks against Indian forces.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Australian terrorist Neil Prakash may have been tracked by social media posts

Australia's most wanted terrorist, Neil Prakash, tried to flee Islamic State by sneaking into Turkey but may have been undone by his social media posts, Fairfax Media has learned. An international tug-of-war is looming following his arrest in Turkey a few weeks ago, more than six months after the US and Australian governments said Prakash had been killed in a targeted drone strike in Mosul, Iraq.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Two Yazidi mass graves found near Sinjar, Iraq

Two mass graves containing the bodies of Iraqi Yazidis have been discovered near Sinjar in northern Iraq. Almost 30 such graves have been uncovered since anti-"Islamic State" forces retook Sinjar last year.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim women's group puts up billboard that condemns violence

An Islamic women’s group is hoping a new billboard will encourage Edmontonians to meet their Muslim neighbours. “We have been trying to combat misconceptions about Islam. Lots of people are misinformed, and there are some negative stereotypes about Islam which we, as practising Muslims, don’t see,” said Afshan Fatima, with the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Sisters Edmonton. “For us, it is all about serving God through serving humanity.”
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Why is BBC letting Choudary's sidekick spout off on show? Radical will appear on 'Big Brother for Muslims'

The BBC came under fire last night for giving a member of hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s inner circle two hours of air time in a reality show dubbed Big Brother for Muslims. Convicted fraudster and ex-boxing champion Anthony Small has previously expressed support for Islamic State but was cleared last year of plotting to join the terror group. Now known as Abdul Haqq since converting to Islam, he will take part next month in a two-part series called Muslims Like Us in prime time on BBC 2.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS urge 'lone-wolf' attackers to 'open the door to jihad' in new video showing how to make a bomb and DECAPITATE with horrific 'demonstration' on a real victim

ISIS fanatics have urged lone-wolf attackers to 'open the door to jihad' in a new video showing how to make a bomb and decapitate people. In one sickening tutorial an extremist carries out a horrific 'demonstration' on a real victim chained to a concrete crucifix. The instructional video, called 'Explanation of How to Slaughter Disbelievers', also features a balaclava-wearing terrorist in a kitchen explaining how to make bombs.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

We won’t let Palestine inmates be preys of Israel: Islamic Jihad

Gaza-based Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad has warned Israel that it will not remain indifferent to the mistreatment and abuse of the Palestinians languishing in the regime’s prisons.
on Nov 28, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Moroccan state TV shows women how to conceal evidence of domestic violence with make-up

A Moroccan state television channel has broadcast a tutorial showing women how to conceal the evidence of domestic violence with make-up, sparking fury within the country.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Tougher tactics would have ended Syrian war, claims the country's top intelligence general

Speaking for the first time as the bombardment of Aleppo continues, General Jamil Hassan – a man facing sanctions from both the US and EU – says he's ‘astounded the US and UN make all this effort for this very small district’.
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Members of banned Islamic group indicted for stoking Temple Mount violence

The Nazareth District Court on Sunday indicted four senior members of a recently outlawed Islamic activist group for provoking tensions at the Temple Mount holy site in Jerusalem, Israel’s Shin Bet security agency said Sunday.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iraqi forces grind on in east Mosul as political rift opens over Shi'ite militias

Iraq's sectarian political leaders have plunged back into a dispute over the status of Shi'ite armed groups, undermining efforts to reunite the country as its troops press on with the assault of Mosul, Islamic State's biggest stronghold.
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Christmas celebrations shouldn't be suppressed for fear of offending, bosses told

Employers should stop ruining Christmas for workers through fear of offending people of other faiths, according to Britain's main equalities watchdog. David Isaac, who has been Equalities and Human Right Commission (EHRC) since May, said bosses should not feel guilty about sending Christmas cards or holding office Christmas parties.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Kuwait's Islamist-dominated opposition wins near-majority in snap elections

The Gulf country's Islamist-dominated opposition has won nearly half of the seats in the country's parliament. The victory raises fears among some of renewed political wrangling.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Israeli air strike kills four Islamic State-linked gunmen on Golan

The militants fired at the Israeli soldiers, who were on the Israeli-controlled territory, from a vehicle driving along the Syrian side of the Golan, said Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Woman who works for Government’s counter-terrorism unit posts backing for extremists online

A WOMAN who works for the Government’s counter-terrorism unit has been posting backing for extremists online. Samiya Butt, a co-ordinator with Prevent, a taxpayer-funded role, changed her profile picture on Facebook to show support for Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend).
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Why do so many Muslim women find it hard to integrate in Britain?

Ahead of a crucial report, we report on the battle faced by Britain’s most excluded demographic.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Philippines says 11 Islamic State sympathisers killed in southern siege

Government troops have killed at least 11 members of a rebel group in the southern Philippines that has pledged allegiance to Islamic State, the military said, sending local communities fleeing as a battle raged on Sunday.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump and a Muslim registry: does he want one – and is it even possible?

The president-elect has signalled support for tracking Muslims in the US – an idea that has a precedent of sorts but which is probably unconstitutional.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Genocide threats prompt call for police protection of mosques

A civil rights group has called for more police protection of mosques after several in California received letters that praised President-elect Donald Trump and threatened Muslim genocide.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Mosques get threatening letters: Trump will ‘do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews’

Letters threatening that President-elect Donald Trump will do to Muslims what Adolf Hitler “did to the Jews” were sent to three California mosques last week, according to the Council on Islamic-American Relations, or CAIR. The handwritten letter, which referred to Muslims as “children of Satan,” were mailed to Islamic centers in San Jose in Northern California and Long Beach and Pomona in Southern California. It called Trump the “new sherriff [sic] in town” who will “cleanse America and make it shine again” by eradicating the country’s Muslim population.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Targeted To Teens, A German Play About ISIS Stokes Fear, Teaching Opportunities

The audience squirms as the actors put on skull caps and fake beards and shout about how great it is to be a German Muslim. They call for jihad, initially as a way to self-reflect and later, as a battle cry.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Extreme Islam: What makes a young British woman turn to Salafism?

They’re heavily veiled, believe in polygamy and have to follow thousands of rules. Yet increasing numbers of young and educated British women are converting to Salafism. Academic researcher Anabel Inge managed to gain unprecedented access to them – though at first they mistook her for a spy.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

What the hijab means to me

Women from around the world share their thoughts and feelings about wearing - or not wearing - the hijab.
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Plight of Houthi Rebels Is Clear in Visit to Yemen’s Capital

Before the war, the Officers Club in downtown Sana was a prime recreation destination, known for its pool and garden cafe. Now, like much of Sana, the Yemeni capital, its bombed-out remnants are controlled by gun-wielding rebels from the group known as the Houthis. Dressed in ragtag uniforms and brimming with Islamist fervor, they pointed out holes from airstrikes and the rubble that had once been the Police Academy.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Indonesian police arrest two more suspected terrorists said to have planned attacks on embassies and government buildings

Police said the two men were linked to another suspected Islamist militant arrested last week, said to be a member of an Indonesian group that supports the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Tortures Then Crucifies Christian Man, Tells Him: 'If You Love Jesus, You Will Die Like Jesus'

A survivor of the Islamic State (ISIS) rampage in Iraq has provided a fresh account of a Christian man's horrific crucifixion by the Islamist extremists. The survivor identified only as Esam told the persecution watchdog World Watch Monitor that ISIS militants brutally crucified his brother-in-law "like Jesus" and forced his wife and children to watch. "My wife's brother was crucified by Daesh," Esam said, using another name for ISIS. "He was crucified and tortured in front of his wife and children, who were forced to watch. They told him that if he loved Jesus that much, he would die like Jesus." Esam said the militants tortured his brother-in-law for five hours—6 p.m. up to 11 p.m. They then crucified him, cut his stomach open and shot him, he added.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

1st Fully Covered Muslim Contestant Competes In Miss Minnesota USA

For the first time, a fully-covered Muslim contestant is participating in the Miss Minnesota USA competition. Nineteen-year-old Halima Aden from St. Cloud is competing in the pageant happening Saturday and Sunday in Burnsville.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘Atheist Muslims’ could be the key to defeating Islamic terror

I was raised in three Muslim majority countries — Libya, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan — and arrived in North America in my mid-20s. Two years after I settled in Canada, September 11 happened. Nineteen hijackers acting in the name of my parents’ religion — 15 from a country I grew up in — flew fuel-laden airliners into the World Trade Center, killing thousands.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iraq’s parliament adopts law legalizing Shiite militias

Rekindling sectarian rivalries at a sensitive time, Iraq’s parliament on Saturday voted to fully legalize state-sanctioned Shiite militias long accused of abuses against minority Sunnis, adopting a legislation that promoted them to a government force empowered to “deter” security and terror threats facing the country, like the Islamic State group.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

How One Woman Left Islam to Campaign for Atheism

When Aliyah Saleem decided to go against everything she had been brought up to believe in, it was one of the hardest decisions she had to make. Aliyah decided to shed off her Islamic beliefs and embraced Atheism.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Mosul Christians: IS are 'grandsons of Satan'

"They are the grandsons of Satan." Basma al-Saoor was in shock after seeing the damage that IS fighters had done to a historic building in the Christian village of Karamles, not far from Mosul.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Egypt parliamentary delegation to visit London Sunday to warn against 'political Islam'

The delegation will submit to British MPs a report 'which rings alarm bells about the rising danger of political Islam in Europe'.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iran makes Afghan refugees martyrs of the Syrian Civil War

Over 1,000 fighters from Iran have fallen in Syria. Many of them were refugees from Afghanistan. They were persuaded to go to war for high wages and residence permits for their families.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump calls for mass deportations. This Indian state is already weeding out undocumented Muslims.

HATIMURIA, India — Eight years ago, a dozen families showed up at this quiet farming village, saying floodwaters had washed away their homes. They spoke with a different accent, and the villagers wondered if they might be illegal Muslim immigrants who had crossed the porous border from neighboring Bangladesh. Illegal immigration has been a contentious issue in this northeastern state of Assam for over three decades. Yet “we pitied them and gave them refuge,” said Lavanya Bisaya, the 56-year-old mother of the village headman. But as the newcomers’ numbers swelled to 200 families, tensions began to mount, until finally villagers were protesting and chanting, “Liberate our land, remove outsiders!” echoing a debate raging across Assam.
on Nov 27, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Christians: Show Love for Muslim Neighbors in Light of Trump's Election

The day after the election a close friend and colleague of mine who came to the U.S. as a war-refugee from Iraq, called me asked this simple question: "Jason, can I still go to Watermark Church to meet you for coffee today?" I had no idea why he would ask me this as he and I meet there regularly due to its location, community coffee shop and co-working space. My friend then followed the question with "you know, can I still go there since the election and I am Muslim?"
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Should the West be worried about Muslims?

Concerns and bigotry against Muslims didn’t start today. The stage was set on September 11, 2001, after the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York were bombed by terrorists. Islam, just like any other religion, is diverse. Some divisions of Islam are more conservative and each of the divisions believe that their branch of Islam is more superior and should be the real way the religion is practised (this is not exclusive to Islam as many other religions also subscribe to this idea).
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Swiss probe top Muslim leader over jihadi propaganda

Swiss federal prosecutors on Saturday expanded a criminal probe into jihadist propaganda to take in the leader of the country's largest Islamic organisation. The office of Switzerland's attorney general confirmed in an email to AFP that Nicolas Blancho, of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS), was under investigation.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Attackers paint swastikas inside Stockholm mosque

Unidentified attackers burst into a Stockholm mosque, just after morning prayers on Saturday, spray-painting swastikas and hate speech on the walls and throwing firecrackers, police said. All of the worshippers had left the mosque in Bredäng in southern Stockholm at the time of the attack except one, and he was shaken but unharmed, mosque officials told Swedish news agency TT. The attackers sprayed the words "kill Muslims" on the walls next to swastikas.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jo Cox's murder was followed by 50,000 tweets celebrating her death

More than 50,000 abusive and offensive tweets were sent celebrating Labour MP Jo Cox’s murder and lauding her killer, Thomas Mair, as a “hero” or “patriot” in the month following her death, prompting calls for the government to do more to tackle hate speech online. According to researchers on the social media site, the tweets were sent from at least 25,000 individuals and have been interpreted by hate crime campaigners as a sign of an emboldened extreme rightwing support base.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ethan Allen CEO, a Muslim, partners with Jewish business leaders to fight bigotry

The CEO of the Danbury-based Ethan Allen furniture company, a Muslim, is partnering with Jewish business leaders to fight bigotry in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim shopper wearing a hijab harassed by woman at grocery

Barney Lopez could hear the woman from across the Smith’s grocery store aisles. “You’re a terrorist. Get out of here,” the woman, wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, screamed at a female shopper wearing a hijab, a head covering worn by some Muslim women.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump is ‘going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews’: California mosque threatened

Police in San Jose, California are investigating a letter threatening a local mosque and telling members of the religious center to “pack their bags and get out of Dodge,” now that “new sheriff” Donald Trump is in town. The letter arrived at the mosque on Wednesday and was addressed to “The Children of Satan,” saying, “You Muslims are vile and evil people …. and your day of reckoning has arrived,” reports ABC7.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

UK government faces calls to shelter Yazidi refugees persecuted by Isis

Britain’s home secretary is being urged by MPs to allow refugees from the Yazidi community, a minority Iraqi group persecuted by Islamic State, to enter the UK under the same rules that allow entrance to vulnerable Syrian refugees.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Indonesia police arrest Islamist militant planning attack on Myanmar embassy

Indonesian police have arrested a man suspected of planning a bomb attack on Myanmar's embassy in Jakarta. The material used could have made bombs much bigger than the ones used in the Bali bombings in 2002.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'Extremist' who discourages singing and music is the patron of a Muslim school where girls cover everything but their eyes

An extremist has a guiding role at a Muslim school where teenage girls have to cover all but their eyes, the Mail has discovered. Hadhrat Shaykh Maulana Adam Sahib – who appears to condone 'striking' students – is the founder and 'honorary patron' of the full-time girls' school. Pupils at the private Islamic school, which caters for over-16s, are taught to cover themselves fully in public. Their strict uniform is the niqab – a long black gown that covers their entire body except for slits for their eyes.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim woman afraid to reach out for medical help, because of faith

A woman is looking for a kidney donor but has been afraid to publicize her search because of her faith. Now she is opening up about her condition.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘Patriot’ found guilty of possessing explosives and terror manual ‘to defend us from the Muslims’ freed on bail

A “PATRIOT” who compared himself to Bear Grylls is facing jail after hoarding an arsenal of crossbows, knives and gunpowder to stop a Lee Rigby-style terror attack. Self-proclaimed survivalist Roger Smith stockpiled the weapons at his home because of “all the ISIS s***”.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dutch publisher’s contract with Hezbollah fan causes author walkout

A Dutch publishing house that was founded by anti-Nazi fighters lost some of its best-known authors following its contract with a Hezbollah supporter who has accused Israel of genocide.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

I was a Turkish child bride. We need to be protected from rapists, not married to them

In Turkey, backbenchers of the ruling AK party have proposed that child rapists be allowed out of jail on the condition that they marry their victims, a scheme that will supposedly allow girls under the age of 16 to be “reunified” with the men who abused them as a family unit. When I first heard the news, I started sobbing and couldn’t stop. I kept thinking about all the girls who would go through what I had gone through. I couldn’t imagine this becoming legal.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A Candidate Rises on Vows to Control Islam and Immigration. This Time in France.

CHASSIEU, France — A patriotic sea of supporters, waving red, white and blue flags, greeted the newly ascendant presidential hopeful François Fillon this week at a soulless conference center in this suburb of Lyon. Mr. Fillon described radical Islam as a “totalitarianism like the Nazis” to the cheers of an enthusiastic crowd, adding that France would need Russia’s help to fight it.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Suspected car bomb strikes near market in Somali capital

A suspected car bomb killed at least three people when it exploded at a police checkpoint next to a market in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Saturday, police and witnesses said.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Khairy rouses youth to help correct misconceptions about Islam

KUALA LUMPUR: Simply asserting that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ is not enough to correct general phobic misconceptions about it. Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said it is important for Muslims - the youth, in particular – to demonstrate and prove that Islam is a force for good.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Proposal to amend legislation could paint bad image of Islam, says SIS

PETALING JAYA: The proposal to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 can potentially result in more injustices in the long run and paint a bad image of Islam as a punitive religion, said Sisters in Islam (SIS).
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Shariah laws already affect non-Muslims, SIS says

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 — Politicians' argument that Shariah laws do not affect non-Muslims is disproved by existing interfaith custody battles, the Sisters in Islam group said today when urging the rejection of a Bill to enhance Shariah punishments.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Germany records drop in "Islamic State" recruits traveling to Iraq and Syria

A new study by Germany's security services has shown the number of people traveling from the country to join the IS is declining. But officials are still worried about some Muslim communities with Islamist leanings.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Australia asks Turkey to extradite top IS terror suspect

Australia is seeking the extradition of its most wanted Islamic State terror suspect who was thought to be dead but has been caught alive by Turkey, the government said Saturday.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islam's Celestial Women: Muslim Men Die for Them, Muslim Women Envy Them

Last month, when the battle for Mosul began, Islamic State "caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly promised four extra Houris (supernatural, celestial women designed for sexual purposes) – atop the other 72 promised by the prophet Muhammad – to all jihadis who die (are "martyred") fighting the infidel forces, according to Arabic media accounts.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islam is simple, Muslims make it hard

The Quran emphasises moderation and balance in all matters related to faith, religious practices and social responsibilities.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

France claims Islamic State links to ‘imminent’ terror plot uncovered

French authorities claimed Friday the Islamic State had a direct hand in helping five suspected militants plot “imminent attacks” against possible targets including Paris police hubs and Euro Disney. French police had earlier said they believed they had foiled attacks planned for Dec. 1 against the Paris headquarters of police and intelligence officers and the Disney theme park, which is especially popular during the holiday season.
on Nov 26, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim group provides safe places, activities for area boys

Thirteen-year-old Hasan Abaza was at Vertical Adventures on a recent Sunday afternoon, strapped into a harness and climbing a rock wall with about 20 other boys. Though a rock-climbing gym might not seem like a typical "safe space," the group known as Project Deen has made it and other local places just that for local Muslim boys in the fourth through eighth grades.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Western media silent as millions of Muslim pilgrims gather in mourning, denouncing all forms of terror

Given the mainstream media's constant sensationalized reporting on terror and Muslims in the Western world, the utter lack of coverage of Arbaeen's march on Sunday and Monday revealed the double standard that exists in reporting on peaceful Muslims.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German school runs scheme to stop spread of extremism among teenagers

With the social make-up of communities across Europe changing, schools have become breeding grounds for extremism. A German school is taking part in a program to develop preventative techniques to combat radical ideas.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Burqas, mosques, ‘gay propaganda’ all banned in Hungarian village

The far-right mayor of a southern Hungarian village has banned the open expression of Islam, including the building of mosques and wearing of veils and headscarves, as well as the promotion of same-sex marriages. In a post on Facebook, Laszlo Toroczkai, mayor of Asotthalom, a village near the Serbian border, outlined the proposals adopted by his council after a session on Wednesday.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

VIDEO: Israeli soldiers 'laugh' as Palestinian man is crushed

Footage has emerged on social media of Israeli soldiers reportedly laughing as a Palestinian man is crushed at a gate.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Far-right or Islamist, call terrorism by its name

What constitutes terrorism? The answer is using the threat of, or actual violence, as a means towards a political end. The last decades' notoriousness of terrorist attacks driven by Islamist extremist ideologies, coupled with the lack of constancy in defining terrorism, has not only prompted the rise of widespread societal anti-Muslim animosity, but also restricted public understanding of the term. More importantly, it has served to neglect the emergence of an equally dangerous extremist ideology and similar terrorist attacks: far-right inspired attacks.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'I did it for money': Why Islamic State cell leader attacked Kirkuk

Kirkuk, Iraq - Addi Abbas Sabhan hands are tied as he is dragged through a corridor by two Peshmerga guards, who push him into a cell and jerk his head to face the wall. There is nothing to suggest this 24-year-old is dangerous: his demeanour is subdued, his face clean-shaven and boyish. But Sabhan is a confessed recruiter for Islamic State, who helped plan and execute a devastating suicidal attack on the city of Kirkuk last month which left 80 people dead and a population terrified. His motivations were simple, but counter to the group's pride in its fanaticism and religious fervour: Sabhan wanted money.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

No Matter Who the President Is, Islam Is an American Faith Tradition

When they stoke fear of Muslims, Trump and his aides disparage a deeply-rooted religious community that has nurtured, cherished and built this country.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

One by One, ISIS Social Media Experts Are Killed as Result of F.B.I. Program

In the summer of 2015, armed American drones over eastern Syria stalked Junaid Hussain, an influential hacker and recruiter for the Islamic State. For weeks, Mr. Hussain was careful to keep his young stepson by his side, and the drones held their fire. But late one night, Mr. Hussain left an internet cafe alone, and minutes later a Hellfire missile killed him as he walked between two buildings in Raqqa, Syria, the Islamic State’s de facto capital.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Fight for Mosul Includes Efforts to Bridge the Divide Between Sunni and Shi‘ite

Unless tensions are eased, militant violence is unlikely to end.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims suffered highest rate of Islamophobic assaults and acts of intimidation since 9/11 last year

A shocking resurgence in anti-Islamic hate crimes last year saw assaults against Muslims increasing to the highest levels seen since 2001, a report has revealed. The number of anti-Muslim intimidation crimes, in which people are threatened with bodily harm, also reached its highest level since the 9/11 attacks occurred.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dutch lawmakers debate partial ban of burqas and niqabs

Only a few hundred Muslim women in the Netherlands wear niqabs or full-face burqas.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iran demands 'resolute' action by Baghdad after pilgrim buses attack

Rouhani vows Iran will fight until 'final victory' after IS-claimed blast near Karbala kills 70, most of them Iranians participating in Shia pilgrimage.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Direct action plans for terror attacks

Senior Victorian police are undergoing international "hostage rescue" training as part of an Australia wide shift in counter-terrorism tactics with experts now acknowledging that attempts to negotiate peaceful outcomes in IS-inspired sieges are likely to fail.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Spiritual leaders deny Muslims funding IS

The Sheikhul Islam Office (SIO), the government's Office of the Chularatchamontri, has denied money has been spent supporting Islamic State (IS) activities in Syria after some Thai Muslims in the deep South were accused of funding the extremists.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims in Athens prepare for the city's first mosque

Muslims in Greece hope that despite protests by the far-right, the government will stick to its plan to build a mosque.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Brutal French ISIS terrorist known as the ‘blood judge’ for sick executions gunned down in Mosul

A BRUTAL ISIS executioner dubbed the ‘Blood Judge’ for his ferocious sentences has been gunned down in the battle for Mosul. The terrorist, a French national, was killed by Iraqi forces battling to retake the jihadis’ last remaining stronghold in Iraq.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hampton Park Koran exhibition to help locals understand Islam

A MUSLIM group in the southeast is trying to help people in the community get a better understanding about Islam by holding a Koran exhibition at Hampton Park Library tomorrow. This is the second exhibition of its kind held by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, which previously held a successful installation in Narre Warren.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Pakistan's Sindh province outlaws forced conversions

A province in Pakistan has passed a new law, with provision for life sentence, against forced religious conversions following criticism over protection of minorities in the country. The new bill, passed by legislators in Sindh on Thursday, mandates a 21-day period for adults to consider their decision to convert and forbid minors from choosing another religion of their free will.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Neil Prakash: The confused Buddhist who became a top IS jihadist

Sometime in the middle of 2012, a friend of Neil Prakash asked the young Australian if he was religious. "I'm a Buddhist," said Prakash, "but I believe there is a god, a deity".
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Australian IS recruiter Neil Prakash 'still alive'

An Australian militant thought dead is still alive and under arrest in the Middle East, according to reports. The Australian government in May said Neil Prakash, a senior recruiter for the so-called Islamic State group, had been killed in a US air strike.
on Nov 25, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim preacher ‘who advocated dying while fighting jihad’ given platform at London university

Green has previously written that conflict between Islam and Western societies is “ordered in the Koran”. He has also claimed: “Dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise and Allah’s good pleasure.”
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

This Albanian town just made Donald Trump an honorary citizen

A poverty-stricken Albanian town that adorns its streets with signs named after George W. Bush and Silvio Berlusconi has chosen to honor the international community’s newest political heavyweight, Donald Trump.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

America once turned its back on Anne Frank, just as Donald Trump rejects Muslim refugees today

Anne’s father Otto sought visas to the United States and the door was slammed in their face. I do wonder what the Trump administration would have done.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Myanmar wants ethnic cleansing of Rohingya - UN official

Myanmar is seeking the ethnic cleansing of the Muslim Rohingya minority from its territory, a senior UN official has told the BBC.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

There are far-right wannabe terrorists in the UK – but we're only focusing on Islamic extremists

In 2014 a police spokesman said: 'We are not seeing an increase in right-wing extremist attacks or activity.' Two years later, Jo Cox was murdered by a far-right extremist in her own constituency.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ban Muslims? These Christians in Georgia say that would be a big mistake.

Lots of people are worried that Donald Trump was serious when he said he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States. And that’s especially true for some of the Christians who are helping Muslim refugees resettle in America.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

As Israel burns, many on Arabic social media cheer

As brush fires raged throughout central and northern Israel on Thursday, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate from their homes, an Arabic Twitter hashtag largely rejoicing in the flames soared to become the third most popular worldwide. The Arabic hashtag “Israel is burning,” which was utilized primarily to express joy over the wildfires that threatened property and life across the Jewish state, was used in over 128,000 tweets as of Thursday afternoon.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Two women in Saudi Arabia each sentenced to 20 lashes and 10 days jail for using ‘bad language’ during a private argument over WhatsApp

A PAIR of Saudi women have been sentenced to 10 days in prison and 20 lashes for the ‘crime’ of using bad language in text messages. The victims were accused of “impermissible expressions” in their WhatsApp conversation, the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper reported.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Nanny who killed girl, four, and carried her head through a Russian town shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ WON’T face criminal charges because she has a ‘psychiatric disorder’

A Russian nanny who beheaded a four year old girl and paraded her severed head in the streets while shouting 'Allahu Akbar' has been sentenced to compulsory psychiatric hospital. Burka-clad babysitter Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 39, strode around the city waving the child's bloody head in the air, and threatening to blow herself up along with bystanders.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

China: Xinjiang residents told to turn in passports

Order targets region with 10 million-strong Muslim Uighur minority, who frequently complain of religious discrimination.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

North Carolina school probes allegation of teacher grabbing Muslim kindergartner by neck

The boy’s mother had a meeting about his treatment with the principal and guidance counselor, and the principal placed him in another teacher’s classroom in October, according to the letter. Sayed says the boy continued to encounter the teacher he had complained about. On Nov. 16, the teacher in the complaint approached the boy in his new classroom, “grabbed him by the neck and began choking him,” Sayed writes, noting that the boy was “crying and extremely shaken” afterward. The letter says that the boy’s new teacher had to separate him from the teacher who grabbed him.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Millions of Muslims take part in mass pilgrimage of Arbaeen – in spite of Isis

The marchers made their way to the city of Karbala, 62 miles south west of Baghdad, on Sunday and Monday for the holy day of Arbaeen, which marks the end of a 40-day mourning period following Ashura, the religious ritual that commemorates the death of the Prophet Mohammad's grandson Imam Hussein in 680 AD.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The vagaries of Pakistan's cybercrime law

The new Pakistani law has granted the government overwhelming powers to control and block information on the Internet, examine and retain users' data, and punish with fines or jail terms anything that offends "the glory of Islam" or "friendly relations between states".
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Expands Into the Sahel, Africa’s Migration Hub

Standing in front of tens of fighters clad in headscarves and sunglasses and carrying AK-47s in an unknown location, Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi reads in Arabic from a scrap of paper in a video posted online in late October. After more than a minute of Sahrawi talking, the video cuts to a shot of multiple gloved hands held in the middle of a circle in a gesture of solidarity. The speaker recites a pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the purported leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), who is described in Arabic as “Commander of the Faithful” and the “Caliph of the Muslims.” The others respond in an affirmative chorus, offering Baghdadi their service and loyalty.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Christian Convert From Islam Is Released After Nearly 7 Years in Jail

A jailed Christian convert has been released six years into his 10-year sentence by Uzbek authorities.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Radical cleric calls on Pakistani muslims to ‘eliminate the state of the Jews in one or two nuclear strikes’

A RADICAL muslim cleric has called on Pakistanis to raid their country’s nuclear stockpile and “eliminate the state of the Jews in one or two strikes.” The anti-Israel comments by Sheikh Abd Al-Salam Abu Al-Izz were made in a video posted online and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

9/11 mastermind: Al Qaeda favors 'immigration' to defeat USA

The jailed architect of 9/11 revealed that al Qaeda's plan to kill the United States was not through military attacks but immigration and "outbreeding nonmuslims" who would use the legal system to install Sharia law, according to a blockbuster new book. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also predicted that intelligence officials using so-called "enhanced interrogation" techniques such as the waterboarding he experienced would eventually come under attack from weak-kneed U.S. politicians and media.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Zionists backed Trump to retain ‘global power,’ says DC imam

Zionists brought Donald Trump to the White House, and did so in order to “maintain their global power,” a Muslim hate cleric charged in a speech at a Washington, DC, mosque. “They [the Zionists] will bring a fool to power any time they can to do their bidding,” said Arkansas-born Imam Abdul Alim Musa in a sermon last week at the Al Islam Mosque.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German police betrayed by justice system – union chief on ‘Sharia patrol’ ruling

The head of a major German police union has lashed out at the country's “failed” justice system, following a number of controversial court rulings. The most recent case involved a ‘Sharia police’ group operating in a suburban town, which was deemed legal. “The full force of the law these days often means we determine the identities of offenders, but the judges just let them go free,” Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union (DPolG), told the Passauer Neue Presse (PNP) newspaper on Wednesday. The official spoke about the recent incident involving the German court system, when a group of Islamists was cleared of charges for forming a ‘Sharia police force,’ a volunteer initiative to patrol the streets and uphold peace in the western German town of Wuppertal in 2014.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iranian filmmaker jailed for a year over graffiti documentary

Iranian authorities have sentenced filmmaker Keywan Karimi to one year in prison and 223 lashes after finding him guilty of "insulting sanctities." The charges stem from his documentary on political graffiti in Iran.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islam expert: Erdogan continues to support Hamas

Islam expert Dr. Ephraim Herrera says Tayyip Erdogan continues to support Hamas terrorist group, and that Muezzin Law consistent with Islam.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

As European authorities target Salafism, the word needs parsing

WHAT exactly is Salafism? In continental Europe, the word is now used as a catchall for extreme and violent interpretations of Islam. This week for example, authorities in the German state of Hesse raided five premises including a mosque; it was the latest move in a crackdown on ultra-militant forms of Islam all over Germany which began last week. “Extremist propaganda is the foundation for Islamic radicalisation and ultimately for violence,” said the interior minister of Hesse, Peter Beuth, by way of explaining the latest raids. “The Salafist ideology is a force not to be underestimated,” he added.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Juppe Unlikely to Win French Election Due to 'Naivety' on Islam, Immigration

France’s The Republicans party presidential candidate Alain Juppe is too light-minded about the issues of Islam and immigration, critical for the country, to be able to beat leader of the far-right National Front Marine Le Pen in the second round of the elections, the party's former candidate Jean-Frederic Poisson told Sputnik on Thursday.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Truck Bomb Attack That Killed at Least 60 in Iraq

A truck bomb left 60 people dead and 25 wounded in an attack on religious pilgrims south of the Baghdad, Iraq on Thursday, according to Iraqi police.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The slow-burning hatred that led Thomas Mair to murder Jo Cox

Just hours before the murder, Ukip unveiled its infamous “breaking point” anti-immigration poster. Mair came to regard Cox as one of “the collaborators”, a traitor to his race. The passionate defender of immigration and the remain campaign was a legitimate target in his eyes.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Peter Dutton's remarks on Lebanese Muslims risk 'creating terrorists of future'

Immigration minister Peter Dutton's linking of terrorism with past levels of Lebanese Muslim migration will do "immense damage" to the government's attempts to engage Islamic communities in the battle against violent extremism, a leading expert has warned.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Inside the bubble: the air-conditioned alternate reality of Jakarta's megamalls

Indeed, most people cite traffic as their main reason for spending an inordinate amount of time in the mall. But another apparent draw, in a country that is 90% Muslim, is the more liberal dress code. “There is a different culture here. I saw one woman in hot pants and heels,” says Rita Damayanti, 29, a headscarf-wearing university lecturer from central Java who was visiting GI for the first time. “The combination is perfect … but they must be getting tired walking around the mall in those stilettos!”
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Bethel Park man arrested for assaulting man he believed to be Muslim

A Bethel Park man has been arrested on charges that he hurled slurs at a man he believed to be a Muslim and then assaulted him.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Caged terrorist plotter charged with new offence over handwritten papers found in cell

A JAILED bomb plotter has been charged with a fresh terror offence after handwritten papers were found in his cell at high security Belmarsh Prison. Mohammed Rehman, 26, was caged for at least 27 years last December.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

We need to talk about Donald Trump's plans for Muslims

Appearing on that most revered of presidential forums (also called YouTube), Donald Trump released a video this week describing his plans to “make America great again for everyone, and I mean everyone”. I’ve learned not to believe Trump’s magnanimous act, but others really want to.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Toronto reporter becomes Canada’s first hijab-wearing news anchor

Ginella Massa says greater diversity in Canadian media is needed to better reflect country’s multicultural society.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jordan’s king: Muslims must unite with Jews, Christians to beat IS

King Abdullah II of Jordan said Muslims must unite with Christians and Jews in order to defeat the Islamic State group, which he called a global threat.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

After Trump's Election, Uncertainty For Syrian Refugees In The U.S.

Osama, a Syrian refugee who resettled five months ago in Princeton, N.J., did not sleep on election night after listening to the results.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

North Carolina teacher allegedly bullied, assaulted 5-year-old Muslim student because of his religion

An elementary school teacher in North Carolina repeatedly assaulted a 5-year-old Muslim student, while encouraging the boy's classmates to bully him, a leading civil rights group claims. Alma Simpson, a kindergarten teacher at David Cox Road Elementary School in Charlotte, started harassing the young student at the beginning of the school year and on multiple occasions called him a "bad Muslim boy" before his classmates, according to a letter from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Somalia: Elders negotiate with al-Shabab over soldiers

Former government troops hoping to return to civilian life in towns under al-Shabab control are laying down their arms.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘Absurd & evidence-free’: Iran rejects Israel claim of arms to Hezbollah on commercial flights

Tehran rejects as “absurd and hypocritical” Israeli accusations that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards supplied Hezbollah with arms and ammunition via civilian flights to Lebanon. Not a “shred of evidence” has been produced for any of Israel’s claims, Iran said.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Holland considers becoming the latest European country to ban the niqab or burqa following France and Belgium

Holland has become the latest European country to consider banning the burqa following on from Belgium and France. If it comes into force, Muslim women would be outlawed from wearing the veils in places such as schools, hospitals and on public transport.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Woolworths Axes Christmas Decorations: ‘We’re a Muslim Business Now’

A row has broken out after customers were told by Woolworths staff that Christmas decorations will no longer be stocked as it’s now a Muslim store.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Egypt to try nearly 300 Isis suspects over plot to assassinate President Sisi and Saudi prince

All 292 suspects, including 151 already in custody, were referred to a military court for alleged membership of the "Sinai State," the local affiliate of Isis.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Piecing back together an Iraqi archaeological gem blown sky-high by Isis

The shattered ruins of Nimrud say different things to different people. To Sheikh Abdullah Saleh, a custodian of the ancient site until he was chased away by Islamic State extremists two years ago, they represent nothing but destruction and loss. To Iraqi archaeologist Layla Salih the hulking piles of rock are a big jigsaw puzzle, from which one of the world’s most significant ancient sites might be slowly rebuilt.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dubai: the country where women can be persecuted if they report their own rape

In a welcome, if bizarre, turnaround, Dubai prosecutors have reportedly dropped charges against a British woman who was arrested earlier this month after reporting she had been raped in a hotel room by two British men. Authorities confiscated the woman's passport accusing her of extramarital sex, a crime punishable by imprisonment and flogging. The case, which has led some rights groups to advise women not to report rape in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has attracted significant media attention.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump’s team puts ‘radical Islam’ front and center in terror fight

President Obama has long been criticized by national security hawks and a Republican presidential field led by Donald Trump for refusing to say the words “radical Islam” to describe threats posed by terrorist groups such as the Islamic State. That reluctance won’t be a problem for the president-elect’s national security team, which is flush with nominees who can be expected to employ the term regularly.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Caribbean to 'Caliphate': On the trail of the Trinidadians fighting for the Islamic State

Trinidad and Tobago is among the countries that have contributed the most fighters to IS per capita. MEE travelled there to find out why, and how the government is preparing for their possible return.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A New Film About Young French Women Drawn to Jihadism

In “Heaven Will Wait,” a new film by the French director Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, a teen-ager named Sonia is placed under house arrest after being caught plotting to plant a bomb with a group of other girls. Sonia sulks around her parents’ Paris apartment like any adolescent who has been grounded, but her predicament is a matter of national security.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ex-journalist is lonely lifeline for Yazidis sold into sex slavery

Nareen Shammo quit her TV job to rescue her kinswomen from torture, rape and death at the hands of Islamic State.
on Nov 24, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim cleric stood down over anti-Semitic comments

A Muslim cleric who gave what has been labelled hate speech in an online video has been permanently stood down. New Zealand's Federation of Islamic Associations said the action against Manukau's Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib is effective immediately.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump campaigner says she is not racist after writing 'I do not want any type of Muslims’ on Facebook

An elected GOP official and Donald Trump campaign volunteer is facing growing calls to resign after posting a racist rant against Muslims on Facebook.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim migrants burn own housing over lack of CHOCOLATE

Muslim migrants – angry that they weren’t being given “enough Nutella, Gummibears and chocolate” – burned a conference center to the ground in Dusseldorf, Germany, during Ramadan, according to German Red Cross employees.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Chicago Muslims give thanks, 5,000 turkeys

Volunteers also hung a banner advertising the Sabeel Food Pantry, a Muslim-run pantry on the city's Northwest Side. The mission of Sabeel — an Arabic word meaning "way" — is to give the poor a way to survive, a central obligation of the Muslim faith, volunteers say.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Labor MP Anne Aly and family receive death threats after Peter Dutton comments

Mr Dutton singled out the Lebanese-Muslin community earlier this week, saying most people charged with terror-related offences came from the background.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Why I'm teaching women how to resist hijab grabbers (including a 5 step guide)

Within days of Trump’s election, we developed a self-defence technique to turn the fear of growing hate crimes into action.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dubai authorities decline to prosecute rape victim

Prosecutors in Dubai have dropped a case against a British woman facing criminal charges for engaging in extramarital sex after reporting a rape to police. Any sex outside of marriage is a crime in the Muslim city-state.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump: Bill launched to block Muslim registry under President-elect

A US politician has introduced plans to protect Muslims from having to register their religion in a national database under Donald Trump’s presidency.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

How to interview extremists – and avoid normalising racism

You could indirectly trace the current anxiety in journalism to that Gordon Brown moment on the 2010 campaign trail when he was overheard referring to a voter – Gillian Duffy, who had raised concerns about immigration – as a “bigoted woman”.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Five Pakistani Muslims who burned a Christian couple to death in a kiln after falsely accusing them of setting fire to a Koran are sentenced to death

Five people have been sentenced to death in Pakistan today for killing a Christian couple who were lynched and burned in a kiln by a Muslim mob after being falsely accused of blasphemy.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'Charlie Hebdo' to launch German edition

The French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo," which was targeted in a jihadist massacre in Paris in January 2015, will launch a German edition in December, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Mosul: Supply line secured, severing ISIL from Syria

ISIL's last supply line from Mosul to Syria has been severed by Iraqi-led forces, leaving the armed group's stronghold completely isolated.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iran rejects Israel claim of arms to Hezbollah on commercial flights

Iran on Wednesday rejected as baseless and unsubstantiated accusations by Israel that Tehran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were using commercial airline flights to ship weapons to the Lebanese Shi'ite Muslim group Hezbollah.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim group sent out post-election polling robocalls asking religious affiliation, prompting fears of Muslim surveillance

Robocalls administered by a Muslim group asking Muslim-Americans about their religious affiliation caused alarm among recipients fearful of a surveillance program under a Trump administration.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Captured wife of Mokhtar Belmokhtar confirms militant leader 'alive'

A Tunisian woman described as Belmokhtar’s wife confirms he is alive and currently in the south of Libya.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father who brandished the Constitution at the Democratic convention, will publish a memoir

Khizr Khan, the Pakistani American lawyer and Gold Star father whose fiery speech at the Democratic National Convention was a significant moment in the presidential campaign, will write a memoir about his life story and the death of his son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, in the Iraq war.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim charity in UK collects more than 1,000 warm pieces of clothing to keep homeless warm this winter

More than 1,000 warm winter coats, hats, scarves and jumpers have been collected for Brits on the streets this Christmas - thanks to the efforts of a Muslim charity.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Breitbart news site blocked by ad exchange

A leading ad exchange has blacklisted Breitbart News, which until recently was run by one of US President-elect Donald Trump's closest advisers. AppNexus said it would no longer allow Breitbart to sell ad space via its platform, after determining that the site had broken its code on hate speech and incitement to violence.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Geert Wilders brands Dutch hate speech trial 'a charade'

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders has told a court that his trial for alleged hate speech is a "charade, a disgrace for the Netherlands, a mockery for our society".
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Palestinian cleric urges Muslims to rise up, nuke Israel

A Palestinian cleric urged the “nation of Islam” to bring down Muslim rulers and use Pakistani nuclear weapons to “eliminate the state of the Jews in one or two strikes.”
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

True Islam Wants Separation of Mosque and State, Not Sharia Law for All

There is a prevailing false perception amongst the Muslims surveyed that Sharia needs to be imposed upon all citizens regardless of their faith in the form of an Islamic government.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jakarta’s Governor Was Questioned for Hours by Police as Part of a Blasphemy Probe

Some 200,000 hard-line Muslims took to the streets to demand Ahok be prosecuted.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Lawmakers revive bid to muffle Muslim call to prayer

A controversial bill to ban the use of loudspeakers to amplify the Muslim call to prayer is to go forward after it was amended so as not to affect the Jewish Shabbat siren, the speaker of the Knesset’s office said Wednesday.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iraqi Christians want to document IS crimes

"The best houses were occupied by their leaders," says Father Ammar of the Syrian Catholic Church, who works closely together with the Bishop of Mosul. He flicks through his phone until he finds a picture, and reads out several names, all starting with Abu: "They wrote their names on the wall of our Church of The Immaculate. And one of their leaders lived in the house of the church.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

One in three Germans feel they are 'strangers in their own country' due to 'Muslim infiltration', study claims

Four out of ten Germans fear their country is being subverted by Islam, according to a new study into attitudes towards immigration and religion.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Norwegian court allows extradition of Islamist militant suspect to Italy

Norway's Supreme Court on Wednesday approved the extradition to Italy of an Islamist suspected of plotting attacks, leaving the final decision to the government on whether to hand him over.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Turkey and E.U. Near Breaking Point in Membership Talks

The European Parliament is likely to vote on Thursday to suspend negotiations to bring Turkey into the European Union, infuriating Ankara and possibly hastening the end of a long and troubled process.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Why are Afghan Shiites being targeted?

Afghanistan has seen a surge in terror attacks targeting the country's minority Shiite community. Observers say the attacks are aimed at undercutting the government's credibility and exacerbating the sectarian tensions.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump's national security adviser pick regularly pushed Sharia law conspiracy theories in speeches

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump's pick to be national security adviser, has on several occasions peddled conspiracy theories about Islamic Sharia law coming to the United States.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump CIA Pick Mike Pompeo Depicted War on Terror as Islamic Battle Against Christianity

“This threat to America,” Pompeo told a church group in Wichita in 2014, is from a minority of Muslims “who deeply believe that Islam is the way and the light and the only answer.”
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

We're Muslims who served our nation. Donald Trump must reject a registry

As Muslim Americans who fought for our nation in uniform, we find ourselves at a particular intersection of an emerging debate. We firmly believe that everything must be done to protect our nation from domestic and foreign terror threats. But, we also find ourselves gravely concerned about measures to do so that put us, and our loved ones, in the crosshairs of efforts that rest on very shaky constitutional grounds.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Teenage ‘scissor’ terrorist jailed for 13 years

Palestinian girl, now 17, stabbed elderly Arab man, thinking he was a Jew, in 2015 Jerusalem attack; younger cousin was shot dead at scene.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Chicago-area library books about Islam defaced

Suburban Chicago authorities are investigating after public library books about Islam, including the Quran, were defaced with “graffiti and racist language and imagery.”
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Historians are comparing America to 1930s Germany

Some historians have compared the response to the 2008 financial crisis with that of the Great Depression of the 1930s, that sparked great resistance against the political elite. Then, many working class folks blamed foreign born Jewish immigrants for the decline of the economy. Many also framed Communism as a dangerous threat to Democracy much like they blame the idea of “radical” Islam.
on Nov 23, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Report: Islamic State has used chemical weapons 52 times in Iraq and Syria since 2014

The report, put out by IHS Markit, a information analytics company, and IHS Conflict Monitor, a subsidiary of IHS that uses open-source information to gather data from war zones, also warned of the extremist group’s increasing likelihood of using chemical weapons as it retreats from the city of Mosul.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS threatens massacres at Christmas markets and events, warn terror cops

SHOPPERS are being warned that ISIS could strike this Christmas in a series of horror attacks after arrests in France. The US State Department has revealed it has “credible information” that Islamic State and other Islamist terror groups are plotting massacres across Europe in the coming weeks.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Brooklyn Man Arrested, Accused of Supporting Islamic State

A Brooklyn man who tried to join the Islamic State and later told an informer that the group wanted to stage an attack in Times Square similar to the one that killed 86 people in Nice, France, last summer was arrested in New York on Monday, the authorities said.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Turkish MPs to vote on controversial underage sex bill

Men who had sex with underage girls could have their convictions overturned if they marry their victims, under a bill due before Turkey's parliament on Tuesday.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Lebanese Muslim spokesperson blasts politician for inciting 'bigotry'

A note to politicians: Stop blaming an entire race, creed, religion or any other social group for the actions of the radicalised. Australia's Lebanese Muslim Association President, Samier Dandan, said as much Tuesday when he responded to claims by Australia's own Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump's 'extreme' Muslim registry plans revealed by potential cabinet minister

Details have emerged of what a plan for a Muslim registry under Donald Trump might look like, after they were revealed - apparently accidentally - by one of his potential cabinet members.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A victory against Islamic State is all but assured. But will the militants be back?

As difficult as it will be to drive Islamic State from its last major stronghold in Iraq, there is little doubt that the militants in Mosul will be defeated. The question is whether they will be back one day.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Anti-Muslim hate crimes set to reach post-9/11 levels following Donald Trump election win

'We've seen how words from public figures like Donald Trump translate into violence' says world extremism expert.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim immigration: new research throws doubt on the poll that shocked the nation

Remember the poll that shocked the nation - and the world? Half of all Australians want to ban Muslim immigration. Multiculturalism shattered to pieces. Politicians were taken aback, Muslim Australians were distraught and even the pollsters were so stunned they repeated the survey twice just to be sure.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islam and politics: Indonesia's identity crisis

The blasphemy charges against Jakarta's governor will put Indonesia's democracy and national identity to the test.
on Nov 22, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islam and Terrorism

The United States has been at war for 15 years. There is still a debate over whom the United States is waging war against. Some say we are fighting terrorism. Others say we are fighting Islamic terrorism. The debate is between those who regard the wave of terrorism undertaken by al-Qaida and the Islamic State as linked significantly to Islam and those who want to distinguish between Islam and these groups in order not to tar an entire religion with the actions of a few.
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Saudi Crown Prince: Islam Qualifies the Muslim Individual to be Active, Useful in his Society

Madinah – Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier and Interior Minister and General Supervisor of Naif bin Abdulaziz International Prize of Prophetic Sunnah and Contemporary Islamic Studies has confirmed that the Islamic approach qualifies the Muslim individual and pays attention to his upgrading to be good and useful in his society and an active player in the renaissance of the nation.
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What does it mean to be Muslim? There are 1.7 billion answers

Muslim Americans, more often than not, find themselves having to address a wide range of questions and misconceptions about their faith.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Inciting Muslims to Betray Their Christian Neighbors, Destroying Trust, Bishop Says

Bishop Francis Y. Kalabat of the Eparchy of St. Thomas the Apostle said that the Islamic State terror group pressured some Muslims in the Middle East to turn on their Christian neighbors, fueling the genocide against believers and destroying previously friendly relations.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Somalia: Two ‘ISIS Fighters’ Sentenced to Death in Puntland

A military court in a semiautonomous region of Somalia reportedly sentenced two men to death Sunday for alleged membership of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS).
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Harrowing first images emerge of Mosul mass grave where ISIS slaughtered 300 Iraqi cops

THESE shocking images lay bare the true savagery of ISIS tyranny in its so called “Iraqi Caliphate”. Photographs show corpses – with bound legs and clear signs of execution – dumped at a site near Hammam al-Alil is on the Tigris River about 19 miles south of Mosul.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

“Allah, Kill the Despicable Christians”: Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2016

Islamic hate for Christians was on constant display throughout the month of August. Shortly after an 80-year-old Catholic priest in France was slaughtered by Muslims who stormed his church during mass, the 16-year-old Muslim son of an Islamic cleric living in Belgium made and posted a video on social media. In the video he appears walking along the main street of the Belgian city of Verviers during recent Ramadan while making prayers to Allah, including: “Allah, kill the despicable Christians. Allah, kill each and every last one of them…”
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Bill to end unilateral child conversions good for Islam, says Nazri

KUALA LUMPUR: Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has welcomed the proposed amendments to the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act that ends unilateral conversion of a minors to Islam, saying that it is good for the religion.
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Hamas Chief Khaled Meshaal: Israel Is ‘Playing With Fire’ by Silencing Mosques

The leader-in-exile of Palestinian militant group Hamas has warned Israel that it is “playing with fire” over a draft bill that would silence mosque loudspeakers from uttering the traditional call to prayer. Khaled Mashaal lives in Qatar, running Hamas’s political bureau outside of the Gaza Strip, the coastal enclave it has controlled since 2007.
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'Islamic State' gold remains hard to trace

The so-called "Islamic State" has heralded the creation of its own coin currency cast in precious metals. DW spoke with a threat finance scholar to examine its role as a tool for money laundering and propaganda.
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France is paying the price for normalizing Islamophobia

Nicolas Sarkozy's defeat in the French Republican primary Sunday night could mean a reshuffling of priorities on the center right of French politics.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'I'm Muslim, Not a Terrorist, Would You Hug Me?' Inside a YouTuber's Message of Love That Went Viral

Last November, in the wake of the attacks in Paris that left 130 dead and reignited further anti-Muslim sentiment around Europe, Danish YouTuber Arian Kashef was galvanized to take action. He posted a video on YouTube entitled “Blind Muslim Trust Experiment.” In it, Kashef is seen standing at locations with heavy footfall around the city of Aarhus. He is blindfolded, his arms outstretched, and next to him is a sign that read: “I’m Muslim and people call me terrorist. Do you trust me? If yes, hug me.”
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Iran's Guards using Trump victory to claw back power

Donald Trump's victory and the war on Islamic State have given Iran's hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps what it sees as a unique opportunity to claw back economic and political power it had lost.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German court acquits seven members of Wuppertal's 'Shariah police'

A court in the western German city of Wuppertal has said that seven Islamists who formed a "shariah police" last year did not break any law. The men sparked outrage with their vigilante patrols in the city two years ago.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Chilling ISIS school textbooks revealed that teach ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ to use deadly weapons and shoot down allied jets

ISIS’s vile version of Hitler Youth are being brainwashed into killers and being trained to down warplanes. Islamic State’s warped efforts to poison children into becoming jihadists have been exposed by school textbooks left behind in the rubble in the now destroyed ancient city of Nimrud in Iraq.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Christian heritage found ransacked as monastery retaken from Islamic State

The history pages of Iraq's Christian community lie in charred fragments on the floor of a fourth-century monastery near Mosul which Islamic State militants ransacked during a two-year occupation that ended over the weekend. The jihadists at the Mar Behnam monastery burned a collection of books about Christian theology, scraped off inscriptions written in Syriac - the language used by Jesus - and demolished sculptures of the Virgin Mary and the monastery's patron saint.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘Trump is president … they’ll deport you soon’: Man filmed unloading on Muslim Uber driver

A man was recorded on video lashing out at another motorist while at a stop light in a New York neighborhood. The man, who was driving a white sport-utility vehicle, can be heard calling another driver an “Arab, a “terrorist” and a “loser.”
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Police swoop to foil major terror attack in France, with seven suspects arrested

POLICE in France have foiled a major terror attack over the weekend, it has emerged.
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'This is a crime against Islam and humanity': Suicide bomber kills at least 27 people at a Mosque in Afghanistan's capital

A suicide bomber has killed at least 27 people and injured dozens more at a crowded mosque in Afghanistan's capital. The attacker entered the Shi'ite Baqir ul Olum mosque in Kabul during a ceremony before detonating an explosive vest.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

British jihadi fighting for crumbling ISIS says he will never be taken alive and vows to die fighting in the desert

Former supermarket security guard Omar Hussain says he travelled to Syria for the 'love of jihad'. Ex-Morrisons security guard Omar Hussain – who is on the frontline in Syria – says he will die in the desert rather than be taken prisoner.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Cash strapped ISIS ‘removing organs from own injured troops to flog on international black market’

DESPERATE ISIS are resorting to slicing up their own troops for their vital organs after losing its profit making oil wells, according to Arab media. The crazed jihadi outfit are running low on cash after losing their oil fields. So now they are now feasting their eyes on a natural resource – their wounded troops’ body parts.
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Violence mars local elections in Mali

Islamist jihadists allegedly killed five soldiers transporting ballot boxes and one candidate was kidnapped as Malians headed to the polls Sunday to elect local councilors in the country's first elections since 2013.
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An extremist in the family

For more than a year Nicola Benyahia has hidden the truth about her son’s secret life and death.
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Put to death at the executioner's block… at the age of 100: ISIS behead elderly cleric for 'practising witchcraft'

ISIS brutes have beheaded a 100-year-old cleric - after accusing him of practising witchcraft. The frail prisoner, named as Sufi cleric Sheikh Sulaiman Abu Haraz, was dragged to an executioner's block in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Shocking images show a masked jihadist dressed in black using a long sword to carry out the beheading in front of a crowd of extremists.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Teen indicted over anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim vandalism in Ottawa

Two synagogues, a rabbi’s home, a mosque and a church with a black pastor targeted with racist graffiti in recent weeks.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim Nationalist Keith Ellison bad news for women, children, gays, golden retrievers

As a progressive, Prius driving, NPR listening, Birkenstock wearing, fair trade coffee buying intellectual, I am constantly concerned about the most vulnerable people in our society. That's why I'm terribly concerned about the nomination of Muslim Nationalist Keith Ellison for chairman of the Democratic Party.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump’s chief of staff: He’ll ‘suspend’ immigration from some Muslim countries

Reince Priebus doubles down on president-elect’s policy promise, but says he doesn’t agree it’s ‘rational’ to fear all Muslims.
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Sikh youth mistaken for Muslim, abused at US store

BOSTON: A 22-year-old Sikh, studying at the prestigious Harvard Law School, was allegedly abused and harassed at a store near the campus by a man who mistook him for a Muslim.
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Muslim dad outraged after NHS GP gave his children a flu treatment containing PORK

A MUSLIM father is outraged after his daughter and niece were given flu vaccinations containing synthesised pork products without his knowledge.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Is Islam incompatible with U.S. Constitution?

Bill Federer gives detailed analysis of Muslim assimilation with American law.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Nearly 300 detained in Egypt over Sissi assassination plot, Sinai attacks

Egypt will try 292 jihadist suspects linked to the Islamic State over plots to assassinate President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi and the Saudi crown prince and attacks in the Sinai Peninsula, a prosecution official said Sunday.
on Nov 21, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Students visit Apex Mosque to challenge misconceptions about Islam

On Friday, UNC students traveled to Apex Mosque to get experience with Muslim culture outside the classroom. The trip included a guided tour of the facility and services provided at the Apex Mosque, an exhibition of Arabic art and calligraphy, a showing of the video “Muslims in America” and a speech and prayer. The tour was organized and led by Khalid Shahu, an Arabic lecturer within the Department of Asian Studies at UNC.
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Something Shocking Is Happening to Burma’s Rohingya People. Take a Look at This Timeline

A curtain fell on western Burma on Oct. 9, the moment after police said Islamic militants attacked three security outposts along the border with Bangladesh, killing nine officers. Since that announcement six weeks ago, more than 100 people have been killed, hundreds have been detained by the military, more than 150,000 aid-reliant people have been left without food and medical care, dozens of women claim to have been sexually assaulted, more than 1,200 buildings appear to have been razed and at least 30,000 people have fled for their lives.
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NBC News under fire for misleading tweets about Trump chief of staff's answer on Muslim registry

NBC News came under fire Sunday morning for a pair of tweets that removed context from an answer Reince Priebus, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for White House chief of staff, offered on the idea of a Muslim registry.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dutton and Fraser: The real causes of radical Islam here

According to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, the rise of Islamic radicalisation (and criminal gang activity) in Australia can partly be attributed to Malcolm Fraser's compassionate immigration policies in the 1970s.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Paranoid ISIS Leader Sleeps With Suicide Vest, as Iraqi Army Advances in Mosul

As Iraqi assault troops begin to enter key parts of Mosul city for the first time in two years, Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly keeps his suicide vest on even while sleeping lest he be caught alive.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Priebus: Some aspects of Islamic faith are 'problematic'

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said some aspects of the Islamic faith are "problematic" while defending former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's controversial comments about Muslims.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

In Mali, waning fortunes of Fulani herders play into Islamist hands

Throw in radical Islam, abusive security forces, a feeling of political exclusion and a flood of guns from lawless deserts to the north, and conditions are ripe for a rebellion that could destabilize not just Mali but much of West Africa.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Church in northern Iraq reopened after two years under IS control

The bells have rung out after two years of silence in the Mar Korkeis church in the town of Bashiqa, some 15 km (10 miles) north of Mosul, Islamic State's last major city stronghold in Iraq.
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After IS kidnap and oppression, Iraqi girls eager to get lives back

The first thing Iraqi teenager Afrah did when she escaped Islamic State captivity near Mosul was to remove her face veil and throw it defiantly to the ground.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Nigerian clashes cast doubt on claim that Boko Haram is on its knees

Boko Haram has launched a series of attacks that have inflicted substantial casualties on Nigerian government forces and contradict claims by senior officials that the extremist Islamist group is on the brink of defeat.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Spike in hate puts Bay Area Muslim college students on guard

Hana Ghanim, a UC Berkeley student, doesn’t feel safe at school anymore. Ghanim and other Muslim students at universities across the Bay Area are taking precautions after a number of hate crimes occurred on their campuses since the Nov. 8 presidential election of Donald Trump, who said during his campaign that he would ban people of her faith from entering the country.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State’s militant training of children revealed in French book

The Islamic State (IS) group may be teetering on the brink of collapse but the militants are creating an entire new generation of would-be terrorists, according to a book written by a French Catholic priest describing the daily lives of three boys.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Minnesota terror sentences expected to set national pattern

One man convicted of plotting to fight for the Islamic State group in Syria got 35 years in prison. Another got off easy with only time served plus probation.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump’s hateful rhetoric led this American woman to embrace Islam

An American woman Lisa A. Shanklin who has recently accept Islam as her religion due to the hate speech of Donald Trump against Muslims one year ago.
on Nov 20, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hamas-linked imam, Israel chief rabbi unite in call for peace

At Spain interfaith summit, Jewish, Muslim and Christian clergy denounce violence, vow to promote ‘life of mutual respect’.
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What Muslim refugees in Berlin taught me about being a mensch

Working with IsraAID in the German capital for a summer, an American college student learns from those fleeing Mideast carnage how to be a Jew, a Zionist and a human being.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘You’re Not Answering the Question’: MSNBC Host Grills Muslim Trump Voter Over Hate Crimes

In an at times heated and tense conversation this afternoon on MSNBC, host Ayman Mohyeldin continually grilled writer Asra Nomani over her support of President-elect Donald Trump and the hate crimes against Muslims that spiked in 2015.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Arab MK slams bill to muffle Muslim call to prayer

Ahmad Tibi warns legislation to outlaw muezzin loudspeakers, at least in the early morning hours, angers Israel’s Arabs and Muslim world leaders.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Nephew of Israel’s first Muslim police commissioner shot dead

The dead man is the nephew of Jamal Hakrush, who earlier this year was promoted to the second-highest rank in the Israel Police, that of deputy commissioner, the first-ever Arab Muslim in Israel to reach the lofty rank.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Major challenges ahead for German police

At the autumn conference of Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office the main topic was Global migration and its consequences. Holger Münch talks to DW about jihadists, right-wing terror and new police digital equipment.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Kurdish militias & locals replace cross destroyed by ISIS atop Christian church near

Local residents and Kurdish militia fighters have restored a cross to the top of Saint George’s church in the Iraqi town of Bashiqa. The cross was destroyed by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) jihadists after they captured the town two years ago. The restoration was made possible after Bashiqa and its twin village Bahzani were recaptured by Peshmerga fighters earlier this month.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iraqi special forces soldiers pose for a horrifying PHOTO next to the hanging body of an ISIS fighter in Mosul

The soldiers were pictured standing straight-faced next to the face-down body of the dead jihadist as the battle for control of the city, Islamic State's last stronghold in Iraq, intensified.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

1,000s rally for tolerance in Indonesia amid blasphemy probe of Christian governor

Thousands of Indonesians have taken to the streets of Jakarta to protest racial and religious intolerance. The peaceful rally came in response to a government investigation into a Chinese-Christian governor who is alleged to have insulted Islam.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

DARK WEB CALIPHATE: ISIS could obliterate the West in just MONTHS, warns cyber expert

A LEADING global cyber security expert has said that Western governments and companies have left themselves open to being obliterated by ISIS as the sick Islamic death cult advances its methods of warfare.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Norwegian ISIS fighter got $600 a month in benefits

An ethnic Norwegian fighter for the terror group ISIS claimed over $600 a month in benefits while living and working in its Raqqa stronghold.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Star Witness in “Sleeper Cell” Case Blazed a Trail of Lies From Pakistan to California

Last fall, I wrote a letter to a medium-security prison in Arizona, requesting an interview with an inmate named Hamid Hayat. He was serving a 24-year sentence after being convicted of receiving terrorist training in Pakistan. Although Hayat’s case made international headlines when he was arrested as part of an alleged al Qaeda “sleeper cell” in Lodi, a rural California town, he had never talked with a reporter before.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Infamous Post-9/11 “Sleeper Cell” Case in California Continues to Unravel

The first time she lost him, he was a newborn. Soon after she gave birth in her native Pakistan, her in-laws took her son, Naseem, during a contentious divorce from her husband. Her own parents then sent her to the United States, to begin a new life.The second time she lost Naseem, he was a young man who had moved to the United States and reunited with her. But she began to suspect that Naseem could not be trusted, and after a few months, he left her home in the Midwest and drifted to the West Coast.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump’s security picks deepen Muslim worries about an anti-Islamic White House

News of President-elect Donald Trump’s national security picks set off fresh tremors across the Islamic world on Friday as Middle Eastern allies and Muslim American groups prepared to face advisers and potential Cabinet members noted for harshly anti-Muslim rhetoric.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islam is a “malignant cancer”: The hateful rhetoric of Trump’s new national security adviser

US president-elect Donald Trump famously said in a CNN interview last March that “Islam hates us.” In this light, his pick for national secuirty adviser is pitch perfect. Retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn served as Trump’s national security adviser during the campaign and agreed Friday (Nov. 18) to continue on. Flynn, a registered Democrat, served as head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency before he was ousted in 2014.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hospitals hit, schools shut, dozens killed as Syria regime pounds Aleppo

The ferocious bombardment saw rockets, mortar shells and barrel bombs pound residential neighborhoods, shaking buildings and terrifying residents, an AFP correspondent in east Aleppo said.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

French anti-terror judges charge French teen jihadist

The 17-year-old boy was allegedly in touch with French-born jihadist Rachid Kassim, who is believed to have inspired an attack this year in which a senior French policeman and his partner were knifed to death and another in which an elderly priest's throat was cut.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Children dice with death as they play with a huge unexploded Russian bomb on the streets of Aleppo

A TINY baby sits on top of a huge unexploded Russian bomb as Syrian children turn Aleppo’s battlefront into a giant playground. The youngsters seem oblivious to the dangers surrounding them as the besieged city came under heavy fire for a fifth day running.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Pope denounces "epidemic of animosity" against immigrants, Muslims

Pope Francis said on Saturday an "epidemic of animosity" against people of other races or religions was hurting the weakest in society, as he struck a note of caution against the rise of populist nationalism.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Mecca's Other Pilgrimage

It was well past midnight. Lit with fluorescent tubes in the colors of the Saudi flag, the petrol station had the energy of a middle-aged man toiling through a graveyard shift. Men stood beside a few cars out front. More were parked in the back for the night, forming a sort of question mark on the station’s perimeter. A man approached me with a question about my destination: “Mecca? Mecca, Mecca, Mecca.”
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Brits urged not to report Dubai crimes after 'gang-raped' woman arrested for extra-marital sex

A charity is advising UK nationals not to report rapes to the Dubai police after a sex attack victim was arrested when she went to the authorities for help.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

France, secularism and double standards on Islam

"How come every single time we speak about Muslims it is either under the lens of terrorism, security measures, threat to identity, threat to French culture?" says Louati, who is also a former spokesman for the Collective Against Islamophobia in France.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump ‘to ramp up the CIA’s deadly drone programme’ so he can ‘bomb the s**t out of ISIS’

Experts on the use of drones in the war on terror believe Mr Trump could use them to fulfil previous pledges to “bomb the s**t out of ISIS” and “wipe Somali pirates off the face of the Earth”.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Iraqi troops face stiff resistance from IS in eastern Mosul

Iraqi troops faced stiff resistance Saturday from Islamic State militants as they pushed deeper into eastern Mosul, backed by aerial support from the US-led international coalition, a senior military commander said.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State kills 12 Sunni tribal fighters, police south of Mosul

Islamic State killed seven Sunni tribal fighters who support the Iraqi government and five policemen on Saturday in a town south of Mosul, the insurgents' last major city stronghold in Iraq, local security sources said.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Spain arrests two on suspicion of Islamist militant activity

Spanish police arrested two Moroccan citizens on Saturday in Madrid and Barcelona on suspicion of recruiting young people as Islamist militants via the internet, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Myanmar denies Bangladeshi accounts of Muslims trying to flee over border

Myanmar's state media on Saturday denied Bangladesh border guards' accounts of Rohingya Muslims fleeing conflict at home by trying to cross into the northern neighbor.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim Americans Speak of Escalating Worries

Muslim Americans, already alarmed by the election of Donald J. Trump, said Friday that Mr. Trump’s choices for crucial posts heightened their fears of discrimination, violence, deportation and even detention. Many said they worried that a more hostile America could prompt more Muslims to join forces with terrorists.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

How Trump Will Fight ISIS Worries Top House Armed Services Democrat

HASC's Rep. Adam Smith, in a C-SPAN-hosted interview, challenged Trump's incoming team to produce a national security strategy that doesn’t alienate the U.S. military's Muslim partners fighting terrorism.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

In era of Trump, Muslim women turning to self-defense classes

It was a busy week for Kalimah Azeez, a Muslim activist in Memphis who’s urging her community to take extra precautions amid a national spike in bias-related attacks since Donald Trump won the presidential election. Azeez met with Memphis police officials to plan a self-defense course at a local mosque where martial arts trainers will teach “escape and evade tactics.”
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Canberra's Ahmadiyya Muslim community host multi-faith peace symposium

A Canberra Muslim minority community has hosted its first inter-faith summit in the capital, calling for peace and understanding between cultures.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS leader reveals how he feels about beheading prisoners, the future if Mosul falls and missing his CAT

An Islamic State leader has given a startling frank interview about his life as one of the world's most wanted jihadis. Rachid Kassim, 29, has been linked to a string of terror attacks in Europe including the murder of a policeman and his partner near Paris and a Catholic priest near Normandy.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS likely produced mustard gas used in Syria, Iraq attacks

The sulfur mustard gas that was used in terrorist attacks in Syria and Iraq might have been manufactured by Islamic State on its own, said Ahmet Uzumcu, head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Anti-Muslim Buddhist monk in Myanmar sees vindication in Trump win

Shunned by Myanmar’s new government and its Buddhist hierarchy, a nationalist monk blamed for whipping up at times bloody anti-Muslim fervor said he feels vindicated by US voters who elected Donald Trump to be president.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dutch expert: Islamic State has 60-80 operatives in Europe

Intelligence experts estimate that the Islamic State extremist group has between 60 and 80 operatives planted in Europe to carry out attacks, the Dutch counterterrorism coordinator said Friday.
on Nov 19, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Justin Welby: It's time to stop saying Isil has ‘nothing to do with Islam’

Claims that the atrocities of the Islamic State have “nothing to do with Islam” are harming efforts to confront and combat extremism, the Archbishop of Canterbury has insisted.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Americans Will Accept Islam Once The Left Stops Giving It Special Privileges

People are increasingly worried that as America’s Muslim population grows, so will the Left’s restrictions on what can and can’t be said about Islam.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Sri Lanka says 32 ‘elite’ Muslims have joined Islamic State in Syria

Thirty-two Sri Lankan Muslims from "well-educated and elite" families have joined Islamic State in Syria, the justice minister told parliament on Friday, promising that the government would clamp down on extremists.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim family ‘living in fear’ after 6 racist attacks ‘ignored’ by police

A Muslim man in London claims police are failing to take seriously a series of Islamophobic attacks against his family, including having used sanitary items thrown at their house and animal faeces left on their doorstep.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ottawa mosque, church vandalized with slurs and swastikas following three similar attacks this week

Ottawa has had another two new graffiti attacks on places of worship — this time at Parkdale United Church and the Ottawa Mosque on Northwestern Avenue.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Closing down Sharia courts in the UK could hurt Muslim women, campaigners say

In a time of rising Islamophobic sentiment, Muslim women find themselves at the center of a heated debate in the U.K. concerning Sharia councils as the House of Commons home affairs committee hears evidence this month in its lengthy inquiry into Sharia council practices in the country. The inquiry is expected to publish findings in early 2017.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

French baby named for killer of 4 Jews at Toulouse school

Prosecutors in the city of Nice in southern France were ordered to find legal ways to change the name of a baby whose parents named their son for the killer of four Jews at a school in Toulouse in 2012.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Brit hacker dubbed ‘Mr Terror’ infiltrated US military records and recruited student for chilling ISIS beheading plot

A LEADING Brit hacker was at the heart of the first ISIS terror plot directed against mainland America, newly-released US court documents reveal. Computer expert Junaid Hussain recruited American Munir Abdulkader over the web to behead a US soldier after finding his home address on hacked military records.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim man harassed in Starbucks shares harrowing experience on Facebook

Racism ran rampant at a Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan earlier this week. On Tuesday, 22-year-old photojournalist, Mohammed Elshamy and his friend were meeting for coffee when they were allegedly verbally harassed by a white woman in the shop because of their race.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A hiker wore a bandanna for sun protection. Then she found a vile anti-Muslim note on her car.

The woman, Nicki Pancholy, told the San Francisco Chronicle that she does cover her head with a bandanna — but she is not Muslim. The newspaper reported that the Pancholy, 41, has lupus; KNTV-TV reported that she was trying to protect herself from the sun.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump National Security Adviser Mike Flynn Has Called Islam 'a Cancer'

The man whom President-elect Donald Trump picked as his national security adviser has said he doesn’t believe that all cultures are “morally equivalent” and once described Islam as "a cancer," comments that have many in the Muslim community worried about what his new job might mean for them.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jonathan Greenblatt: 'This proud Jew would register as a Muslim' in database

The head of the Anti-Defamation League has vowed to sign up to a Muslim registry if it is established by Donald Trump.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

After outcry, Georgia lawmaker abandons bill that would have banned Muslims from wearing veils

A Republican state lawmaker in Georgia has abandoned a bill that would have effectively banned Muslim women from wearing burqas, niqabs or other veils that cover their faces in public.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

On website, thousands of Americans pledge to side with Muslims amid talk of registry

Thousands of Americans have pledged online to stand in solidarity with Muslims in the United States amid suggestions from President-elect Donald Trump's camp that he is mulling a national registry for immigrants from Muslim countries.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Evidence found of Australian man helping Islamic State in Mosul

IRAQI troops have discovered what they believe is the first piece of evidence that at least one Australian is helping Islamic State in its stronghold of Mosul.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Isis 'could use women and children returning from Iraq and Syria to carry out suicide attacks in Britain'

Islamic State could use women and children returning from Iraq and Syria to launch suicide bombings and ‘lone wolf’ attacks in Britain, the Home Secretary will be warned today.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Spokesman claims Donald Trump never called for Muslim registry despite video evidence

A spokesman for the Trump transition team has claimed that Donald Trump “never advocated” for a registry tracking individuals based on their religion, despite video evidence showing Trump doing exactly that.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS brutally execute prisoners with machine gun from point-blank range as jihadis become paranoid over insider spies

Sick ISIS killers brutally executed prisoners using a machine gun to the head as they become increasingly paranoid about insider spies. The ruthless group released yet another horror clip of two men in orange jump suits being driven into the desert and gunned down from point-blank range.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Station broadcasts emotional calls from Iraqis trapped by Islamic State in Mosul

The listeners who call in to Radio al-Ghad are typical of talk radio audiences around the world. It's complain, complain. Except the callers to "Radio Tomorrow" are in the Islamic State-controlled city of Mosul, and they don't want to yak about traffic or sports.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Isis in Afghanistan: 'Their peak is over, but they are not finished'

As Isis soldiers in Iraq face the brunt of Nato and Iraqi action, a small yet resilient stronghold remains in eastern Afghanistan.
on Nov 18, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hummus joint unites Ramallah's Christian and Muslim communities

On Wednesday, the six tables of Bandali Hummus – a small grotto-like restaurant – are filled with customers. They eat a simple meal of hummus, ful (cooked fava beans), falafel, and chopped vegetables, while a portrait of the owner’s father, draped in a brown rosary bead, hangs in the corner. Bandali, which has built a strong following among both Muslim and Christian Palestinians, is located in the Old Christian Quarter of Ramallah popularly known as Ramallah Tahta.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamophobia growing as anti-extremism policy fails, says MP

A vacuum at the heart of the government’s counter-extremism policy is leading British Muslims to despair in the face of spiralling Islamophobia, a former Labour Cabinet and Home Office minister has warned.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar crackdown to Bangladesh

Some of the Rohingya were shot as they tried to cross the Naaf River that separates Myanmar and Bangladesh, while others arriving by boat were pushed away by Bangladeshi border guards.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Is The Lady listening? Aung San Suu Kyi accused of ignoring Myanmar's Muslims

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed in multiple villages amid an ongoing crackdown by the Burmese military following violence last month, according to Human Rights Watch.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘We will multiply our numbers’ Muslim migrants aim to outbreed Christians, translator says

A TRANSLATOR living in Germany has revealed that Muslim migrants believe the country "should be Islamised", according to a new report.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Why Are Muslim Youth Losing Their Faith to Extremist Groups?

Many ISIS’ members are not raised with any sort of extremist religious views, but are college educated. This makes the trend even more disturbing.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

80 Lashes for Drinking Communion Wine

The Christians were subject to and sentenced by a sharia court, as their conversions from Islam to Christianity are not recognized by Iran.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Israel trip reforms man once loyal to radical Islam

Kasim Hafeez’s story reflects the mesmerizing influence of indoctrination and the simple power of truth. Hafeez, who embraced radical Islam as a teen and young adult, was immersed in anti-Western, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel ideas on a daily basis. After research, reflection and a trip to Israel, the British-born citizen of Pakistani heritage changed his attitude. He now is outreach coordinator of Christians United for Israel.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS-linked terrorists planned attacks on Israeli players, fans at World Cup qualifier with Albania

Counter-terrorism police in Kosovo arrested 19 people associated with Islamic State who are believed to have been preparing synchronized attacks in the Balkans region, including an assault during a football match between Israel and Albania.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Melbourne featured in new Islamic State video

Melbourne Airport, a Qantas passenger jet and St Paul's Cathedral have been included in a new Islamic State propaganda video.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State killed 300 former policemen south of Mosul, HRW says

Islamic State militants probably killed more than 300 Iraqi former police three weeks ago and buried them in a mass grave near the town of Hammam al-Alil south of Mosul, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday.
on Nov 17, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump’s proposed “Muslim registry,” explained

Donald Trump rode into office on a promise to step up scrutiny of immigrants who might come to the US to commit terrorist acts — especially Muslims. Now, thanks to transition team member and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, we’re getting a sense of what that might look like.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump needs Muslim friends to beat ISIS

Can a Trump-led United States crush ISIS while maintaining the divisive, anti-Muslim rhetoric of his campaign? The signs are far from positive, as the President-elect surrounds himself with anti-Muslim figures such as Steve Bannon, Frank Gaffney, Kris Kobach and Walid Phares. Plans for a register of Muslim immigrants in the US must be ditched along with talk of a ban.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump Doesn't Understand Jihad

The president-elect's failure to grasp the complex factors that fuel extremism could doom his relationship to the Muslim world.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

As a Muslim, how do I tell my child the new president doesn’t like us?

Did she win?” My bleary-eyed nine-year-old had fallen asleep on our couch the previous night, as the polls closed in Florida. When she sat across the breakfast table from me, I had to break the news that, while her own state of Virginia might have (narrowly) opted for Hillary Clinton, most of the other swing states – Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan – went with Donald Trump. “So we won’t have a female president?” she asked, looking disconsolate.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Developer behind ‘Muslim housing project’ in Montreal says anyone with shared values welcome

Nabil Warda says he just wants to make it easier for Muslims who believe that paying interest is a sin to buy a house. So last month he had an email sent to members of a suburban Montreal mosque to gauge interest in a housing project with a halal financing arrangement that would skirt the need to pay interest on a conventional mortgage.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'Muslim Suburb' Proposal Has Quebec Politicians In An Uproar

A proposal to build a Montreal-area housing development aimed at Muslim homebuyers is taking heavy criticism from all three of Quebec’s major political parties.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim teacher 'who was racially discriminated against when a school sacked her for objecting to a 9/11 video' turns down a £11,000 payout and vows to go to a full tribunal

The Oxford graduate was reportedly dismissed after pointing out a video of the 2001 New York terror attacks was being shown to 11 and 12-year-olds, even though the video said it was not suitable for anyone under 18.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Domestic violence: Understanding laws key to helping families in Melbourne's Muslim community

Twenty Muslim women have been given a crash legal course on family violence, family law, the courts and dealing with police in the hope they will help their Melbourne communities better understand their rights.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Immigration hardliner says Trump team is preparing plans for a wall, mulling Muslim registry

Trump, who scored an upset victory last week over Democrat Hillary Clinton, made building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border a central issue of his campaign and has pledged to step up immigration enforcement against the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants. He has also said he supports “extreme vetting” of Muslims entering the United States as a national security measure.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Australia to confront increasing threat of terror attacks from Asia

Islamic State's switch in strategy to executing trans-national attacks outside of the Middle East has wreaked havoc in the western world with a record number of countries suffering their highest levels of terrorism in 2015.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS brainwashed 400,000 kids in Mosul to fight, carry out suicide attacks

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists were brainwashing thousands of children for the past two years in the occupied city of Mosul, their stronghold in Iraq, according to a report by Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

German MP slammed for criticism of raids on Salafists

The German government's commissioner for integration is under fire for allegedly criticizing security forces. Aydan Özoguz called for "a sense of proportion" in taking action against Islamists in Germany.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jakarta's Christian governor to face blasphemy trial over Islam insult claim

The Christian governor of Jakarta, the capital of the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, has been named a suspect in a case of alleged blasphemy, Indonesian police announced on Wednesday.
on Nov 16, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS is only a symptom– underneath lies a much deeper threat

Amid all current debate about the best way to defeat ISIS, one easily forgets that this Jihadist adversary is merely the most visible expression of a much wider and much deeper pathology. Failing to understand this vital hierarchy of importance will be very costly, no matter what one’s own subjective position on counter-terrorism strategy and tactics may be. After all, an inevitable consequence of any such failure would be to strike vainly against symptoms, and not meaningfully against actual “disease.”
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Why These Minnesota Muslim Women Are Dedicated To Wearing Their Hijabs

They proudly wear their headscarves in spite of sexism and Islamophobia.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Why Sci-Fi Gives Me Hope for the Future as a Muslim

As a Muslim woman, I've been struggling to hold my head high since the election. I've felt helpless, suddenly aware that I've been thrown into one of the worst positions to confront the racists who believe they have been given permission to spread hateful rhetoric. I am a writer, I tell myself—a Muslim woman writer; what the hell can I do to show people I'm just as human, just as worthy of love and respect as they are?
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Swedish celebrity chef Anders Vendel condemns media coverage after being 'beaten for looking like Donald Trump'

A Swedish chef who claims he was beaten by three men for “looking like Donald Trump” has condemned “scary” international media coverage of the attack.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ahmatjan Osman:Why You Can’t Be Muslim in China

The Uighur minority has long sought independence from China but all requests have been denied and Uighurs are routinely arrested and killed.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump considering appointing anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Clare Lopez as deputy security adviser

Donald Trump is reportedly considering appointing as his deputy security advisor the vice-president of a think-tank that has said Muslims are infiltrating the American government.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'True religion:' How Salafists lure supporters

German authorities have stepped up pressure on the "True Religion" Salafist group. Abou Nagie, a Cologne-based, Palestinian-born Salafist preacher, activist and businessman, is one of the group's leading figures.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The German preacher who heads global Islamist network

On Tuesday morning German police raided 200 addresses connected to a now-banned Islamist movement. Ibrahim Abou-Nagie, the movement's founder, has taken it around the world.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Is bombing the s*** out of ISIS a strategy?

Trump pledged in September that on his first day in office he would issue his generals with a simple instruction: "They will have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS."
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

History in ruins: New pictures reveal how ISIS savages have reduced the ancient site of Nimrud to rubble

It was once a capital city and a landmark in Iraqi history, but now Nimrud lies in ruins after relics were destroyed by ISIS.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Morocco Denies Permission to BBC to Conduct Program on Islam & Politics

British Broadcaster (BBC) was forced to switch location for filming a debate on Islam and Politics after it was scheduled in Morocco, AFP news agency reported.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jordan slams bill to ban loud Muslim call to prayer

Jordan’s highest religious authority on Tuesday slammed as “false and insignificant” Sunday’s approval by Israeli ministers of a bill to ban the Muslim call to prayer via loudspeakers.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The man who serves up little smiles in Iraq's refugee camp

A popsicle and a smile might not be a substitute for a psychologist, but it makes the conditions more bearable for IDP children.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Can the Muslim American family survive Trump?

The worries of a Muslim American mom about her children growing up in Trump's America.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS ‘Biter’ Squad Vanishes When Called For Suicide Bomb Duty

The feared all-female unit ISIS used to mete out stiff punishments to women caught breaking the group’s draconian modesty codes has disappeared and one of its members executed after the group refused to report for duty as suicide bombers, according to a local media outlet.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims have lived for more than 100 years in this Iowa city. Now they're wondering how they'll survive under Trump

On a church-lined street in this eastern Iowa city, not far from the cornfields that define the region, Syrian, Indian and Somalian families trickled into a white building topped with a blue minaret. They were full of questions and praying for answers.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

5 ISIS-linked terrorism suspects planning attacks in Moscow & southern Russia detained by FSB

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained five members of a group associated with Islamic State, who are believed to have been preparing to carry out terrorist attacks in Moscow and the southern Russian Republic of Ingushetia.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘I thought, this is it’: One man’s escape from an Islamic State massacre

Blindfolded and bound, his knees pressing into the dirt, Imad resigned himself to what seemed inevitable: He was going to die. Islamic State gunmen had driven him and about 90 other former Iraqi police and army officers to a remote industrial area on the edge of Hamam al-Alil, 10 miles south of Mosul, after rounding them up from their villages last month.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Saudis Ban Int'l Schools from Marking Non-Islamic Holidays

Saudi Arabia has banned international schools in the kingdom from designating non-Islamic holidays for school vacations. Schools have specifically been warned about marking Christmas and New Year’s.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Germany bans Islamist organization after raids

German authorities have banned an Islamist organization that they say is responsible for inspiring 140 youths to join the Syria conflict.
on Nov 15, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Yazidi parents running from ISIS name newborn “Trump”

As the votes were being counted throughout the United States Tuesday night, a Yazidi woman in Iraq was in labor, finally giving birth to a baby boy an hour before Donald Trump was declared the winner. An hour later, mom and dad named their beautiful child “Trump.”
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Free From Fear of ISIS, Iraqi Kids Return to Classroom

For girls like Malak, the alternative under ISIS rule was no education at all. But for boys, the education offered by ISIS amounted to little more than ideological indoctrination and basic martial training.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

CAQ dimisses proposal for Muslim neighbourhood in Brossard

QUEBEC — A tax accountant’s proposal to build between 50 and 80 houses for Muslim families on 100 hectares of land near Brossard isn’t going over well with the Coalition Avenir Québec.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Women of Riyadh feel more at ease without niqab

The land-locked Saudi capital Riyadh has long been culturally conservative in comparison to other areas in the kingdom requiring its women to cover their faces with what it is known as niqab. But women there no longer feel fully obliged to move around its streets covering their faces - except their eyes - with a veil known as the niqab, now considered by many as non-mandatory requirement in Islam anyways.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jewish-Muslim alliance formed against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia

The day after president-elect Donald Trump appointed a man accused of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia as his chief strategist, two of the nation’s largest Jewish and Muslim advocacy groups formed an unprecedented partnership to fight bigotry.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dear America, Your Breakup is Affecting Your Kids.

I am wondering if you are going to talk to the kid who told his best friend that he can no longer be friends with him because his parents told him he hates Mexicans and Muslims.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Nigeria: Deaths as Kano police clash with Shia Muslims

At least nine people have been killed and several wounded during clashes between Nigerian police and Shia Muslims at a religious procession in the northern state of Kano, according to witnesses and authorities.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

BBC to 'air Muslim Friday prayers as its coverage is too BIASED toward Christianity'

THE BBC will reportedly increase its coverage of more religions and could broadcast Muslim Friday prayers after critics moaned coverage is biased towards Christianity.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim woman reportedly raped by husband after seeking divorce through Sharia court

A young British-Pakistani woman reportedly was raped by her husband and left fearing for her and her children’s lives after a Sharia court forced to her reveal her address and to try and get back with him.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘They Will Have to Die Now’

With the Kurdish pesh merga on the road to Mosul.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

TV chef says Muslim men beat him up because he looks like Donald Trump

A top Swedish TV chef has told how he was beaten senseless by a gang of ‘Muslim men’ – for looking like Donald Trump.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS commander declares Donald Trump 'a complete maniac whose utter hate towards Muslims will make our job much easier'

A top ISIS commander has branded Donald Trump 'a complete maniac' whose hatred towards Muslims will aid their cause.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

How the Moms of Extremists Are Uniting Against ISIS

Right now, in a conference room in Tunisia, an organization called FATE is trying to work out how to prevent the radicalization of young Muslims. FATE—Families Against Terrorism and Extremism—is not a military operation, nor an arm of the intelligence service, but a collection of small activist groups, made up mostly of the mothers, sisters, fathers, and brothers of young people who have been radicalized by ISIS.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Trump effect and the normalization of hate in Quebec

There was a time when Daniel Gallant would get up in the morning looking for his first fight.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

In Iraq, Syrian Kurds long to return home to fight Islamic State

Days after helping to capture the Iraqi town of Bashiqa northeast of Mosul, Syrian Kurdish fighters walk proudly past the corpses of Islamic State combatants still lying in the ruins.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Dutch concerned IS collapse could see terror threat rise at home

More jihadist fighters could return home to The Netherlands increasing the risk of terror attacks if the Islamic State group is defeated in battle, the Dutch counterterrorism agency warned Monday.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Israeli cousins jailed for supporting IS, planning attack

The Nazareth District Court on Monday sentenced two Israeli Arab cousins from northern Israel to multiple-year jail terms for supporting the Islamic State jihadist group and planning to carry out attacks in Israel.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Shaves at barber's, corpses in streets as Islamic State retreats in Mosul

The only shop to open so far after the army fought its way into the Intisar district of eastern Mosul is Ali Bashar's barbershop. Inside, men were lining up to shave off the long beards they had been forced to wear under Islamic State.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Men 'used Syria aid convoys to transport items for terrorists'

Four men used aid convoys bound for Syria to transport items that would be used to commit terrorism offences, a court heard.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'Islamic State' reportedly training terrorists to enter Europe as asylum seekers

Germany's spy agency has warned that the "Islamic State" (IS) is infiltrating refugee groups to get into Europe. Officials and analysts are now looking into methods by which potential terrorists can be spotted early.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

BBC cancels Morocco debate on Islam and politics

The BBC has been forced to move a debate on Islam and politics from Morocco to another country because of problems over filming permissions, the broadcaster has said.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

If France wants to tackle terrorism, it needs to accept that extremist ideology is the root cause

Before we can effectively tackle the threat, there has to be a universal acceptance that the ideology that they purport is based on a perversion of Islam, not the form of Islam known and practiced by millions of Muslims worldwide.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Terrorists Trained To Beat Refugee Vetting Process, Report Warns

The Islamic State trains its fighters to pass refugee vetting procedures and come across as ordinary asylum seekers, according to a new report from German’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND).
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Seeking halal contraception in Kenya's Muslim northeast

Swaddled in colourful hijabs the women exchange puzzled looks and suppress embarrassed giggles. "You're sure it's halal?" asks one, peering at a collection of birth control pills, condoms and IUDs.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

In post-Arab Spring Egypt, Muslim attacks on Christians are rising

A ‘disturbing wave of radicalism’ has deepened sectarian tensions, pitting neighbor against neighbour.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Easing blockade on Gaza, Egypt may be signaling thaw with Hamas

Cairo considers establishing a free trade zone between the Strip and Sinai, while the Islamist terror group has begun arresting dozens of Salafists.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jihadists say Trump victory a rallying call for new recruits

From Afghanistan to Algeria, jihadists plan to use Donald Trump's shock U.S. presidential victory as a propaganda tool to bring new fighters to their battlefields.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Stephen Bannon's appointment met with criticism

The Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned Bannon's appointment in a statement, calling him an "anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist and White nationalist alt-right extremist." The council pointed to the alt-right news website he used to run as proof of his views on Muslims and other minorities.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Palestinian Authority says it will go to UN over Amona, mosque muffling bills

The Palestinian Authority said Sunday it would strike back at Israel via the UN Security Council to protest two pieces of legislation that would recognize illegal building in the West Bank and ban loudspeakers for Muslim calls to prayer.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Duterte says if Islamic State comes to Philippines, forget human rights

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Monday that Islamic State militants driven out of Syria and Iraq could set up in his country, and if that happened he would forego human rights obligations to keep his people safe.
on Nov 14, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Female Muslim immigrant who said she voted for Trump because she was tired of 'Obama dancing around radical Islam' has been told she will be 'sent to gates of hell' for her choice

A Muslim woman who immigrated to America from India as a child has spoken out about why she decided to vote for Donald Trump - and has received threats and hate in the process.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Catholic Priest Working To Bring Attention To Mass Murder Of Yazidis

The Islamic State took hold of the northwestern territory of Iraq in 2014 after killing an estimated 5,000 Yazidi men, according to the United Nations. Thousands of Yazidi women and children were then taken captive. The women were raped and many were sold as sex slaves or servants while the young boys were forced to convert to Islam and become soldiers for the Islamic State.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Bill to muzzle mosque prayer calls passes initial hurdle

A bill to bar mosques from using loudspeaker systems for the Muslim call to prayer won coalition support Sunday, hours after the controversial measure was backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Egypt detains 200 alleged Islamists over calls to protest

Members of banned Muslim Brotherhood arrested for urging crowds to demonstrate over price rises.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'Come out, we won't kill you': The tense moment when ISIS fighter surrenders as Kurdish and Iraqi forces slip a noose around Mosul

Dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment a Kurdish peshmerga unit surrounded a group of ISIS fighters in a building on the outskirts of Mosul.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Netanyahu Agrees With Me: The Call To Prayer is Welcome, Just Not at 4AM

Does the call to prayer HAVE to be blared at my dorm at full volume at 5am? Ugh how obnoxious, if you want to pray set an alarm ffs. I’m still jetlagged and struggled to fall asleep, and have to wake up for class at 7. This is literally the least considerate thing I’ve ever seen.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Mauritanian clerics urge for blogger’s death penalty to be applied

Muslim clerics in Mauritania on Sunday urged the authorities to execute a blogger who was sentenced to death in 2014 for apostasy after writing a blog post on Islam and racial discrimination.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

No place is sacred for 'Islamic State'

The 'IS' attack on a Sufi shrine in Pakistan shows once again the group's indiscriminate choice of targets. The roots of Islamist fundamentalism must be tackled to rid the country of terrorism, says DW's Kishwar Mustafa.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A Danish photographer captures heartbreaking social division in a single frame

Distrust of Muslims has become a toxic refrain in the West, characteristic of Donald Trump’s successful campaign for the US presidency and of far-right political groups across Europe. One poignant photo by a young Danish photographer captures just how isolating that can feel.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Cuomo Vows To Protect Muslims, LGBTQ Communities In Post-Election Letter

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo published an open letter to the residents of New York State regarding the results of the presidential election, promising to “fight against the targeting of Muslims, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and for the rights of all Americans.”
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

University of Michigan student wearing a hijab was threatened to be set on fire, police say

A University of Michigan student was approached by a stranger who threatened to set her on fire with a lighter if she didn’t remove her hijab, police said.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

As many as 5,000 ISIS recruits to return to Europe

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon estimates between 3,000 and 5,000 surviving Europeans among Islamic State’s dwindling ranks, but admits that the continent's intelligence agencies can only watch and wait to see how many of them return.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Steady Growth of Islam in Zimbabwe

Over the years, Islam has gained ground in the southern African country of Zimbabwe; a nation that is regarded as Christian dominated. The spread of the religion has begun to take the notice of more and more Zimbabweans. Alarm and acceptance are being slowly propagated with equal measure among the population.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim in America under President Trump: We will endure this

I woke up on Nov. 9 to an unthinkable new reality, full of doubts about this country. But it's no time to retreat.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

I'm a Muslim immigrant and I'm choosing to stay in Trump's America

I was a student in New York City on September 11, 2001, in my first week of graduate school at Columbia University. I was giving a presentation when a classmate burst in to the room and said "someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center."
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Le Pen: France has choice between fundamental Islam and independence

The French far-right leader Marine Le Pen says her country's next presidential election will be a choice between a "multi-cultural society... where fundamental Islam is progressing" and an "independent nation, with people able to control their own destiny".
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Taking Newborn Babies, Virgin Girls; on Rampage to Annihilate Christians, Says Catholic Priest

A Roman Catholic priest who has been helping Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities facing genocide in Iraq and Syria said Islamic State militants separate families who live in terrorist occupied land by taking newborn babies and virgin girls while killing fathers and forcing young boys to plant bombs on the streets.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

What is sharia law?

Stemming from the Koran and the Sunnah — teachings attributed to the prophet Mohammed — it is a collection of rules, restrictions and sanctions covering personal and family status, criminal and public law.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic State group flourishes and recruits in Pakistan

The Islamic State group is increasing its presence in Pakistan, recruiting Uzbek militants, attracting disgruntled Taliban fighters and partnering with one of Pakistan's most violent sectarian groups, according to police officers, Taliban officials and analysts.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Molotov cocktail attack on Indonesia church hurts kids

The attacker, who was wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the word "jihad", has been captured and an investigation is underway, police said.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

In bizarre ‘birther’ twist, claims Trump is Pakistani

After years leading the false charge that President Barack Obama was born outside of the United States, President-elect Donald Trump is facing his own minor “birtherism” moment, with a Pakistani television network claiming the New Yorker was born in Pakistan. “Believe it or not, presidential candidate Donald Trump was born in Pakistan and not in America,” the Urdu-language Neo News reported last month in a video clip that went viral after Trump’s election victory on November 8.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Eagles of Death Metal 'thrown out' of Bataclan reopening

Eagles frontman Jesse Hughes -- one of the two band members denied entry to the Sting concert -- caused dismay in France earlier this year by suggesting Muslim staff at the Bataclan were involved in the gun and suicide bomb attack there on November 13, 2015.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Ministers to vote on bill to silence Israeli mosques

Claiming public ‘suffers’ from loud calls to prayer, proponents say freedom of religion trumped by quality of life.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

France marks first anniversary of Paris terror attacks

France is holding a series of sombre ceremonies this Sunday to mark a year to the day since gunmen and suicide bombers from the Islamic State group killed 130 people in Paris.
on Nov 13, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Café targeted by 'Muslim privilege' complaint fires back

A California restaurant targeted by Islamic “lawfare,” the practice of using American law to enforce Muslims’ wishes, is asking a court to order Muslim women who complained of religious discrimination to pay its legal expenses as punishment.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim Americans share the pain of having family convicted of supporting terrorism

When Farhiyo Mohamed’s eldest son was convicted on charges of supporting the Islamic State, her world was upended. It wasn’t just that her son was headed to prison; her support system evaporated. Longtime friends in her tightly knit Somali community in Minneapolis stopped visiting, afraid they might be tainted by association.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Leading Islamic charity told by watchdog to distance itself from those who condone 'violent extremism and acts of terrorism'

A leading Islamic charity which penned an open letter criticising The Sunday Telegraph’s reports about its extreme speakers and filed numerous complaints to the press regulator has been warned by the Charities Commission it must distance itself from individuals who condone “violent extremism and acts of terrorism”.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Shame on Sharia: Women beaten, robbed and raped. A chilling expose of how BRITISH females are being sentenced to lives of misery by Muslim courts

Sharia courts currently spreading across Britain and denying Muslim women their legal rights – a proliferation that is being encouraged by the British state in the name of increased security.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

As Greece's government takes on Orthodox Church over mosque construction, minority Muslims stand to benefit

In a country where the Orthodox Church is part of Greek identity, Muslims have long found that new mosques could be built only in certain areas that did not include Athens, the capital. But an influx of mostly Muslim migrants coupled with an unabashedly leftist Greek government is bringing change. Authorities in October signed a nearly $1-million (887,000 euro) deal to build the first state-funded mosque in Athens since the end of Ottoman rule more than 180 years ago.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Sting reopens Bataclan a year after Paris massacre

‘We need to go back to normal life,’ rock star says ahead of sold out show; French PM vows Islamic terrorism will be defeated once and for all.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islam to no longer be the state religion in Bangladesh's constitution, says ruling Awami League

Bangladeshi ruling party Awami League leader Dr Abdur Razzak said that Islam will be withdrawn as the state religion from the constitution of Bangladesh.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Here Is What 10 Young Muslims Are Feeling Right Now

We heard from many young Muslims — some as young as 17 — who wanted to share their thoughts and concerns. With each writer’s permission, we have excerpted some of these stories to try and capture what it feels like to be young and Muslim in America right now.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS-Claimed Blast Kills At Least 43 at Pakistan Shrine

The blast at Shah Noorani shrine occurred while hundreds of people were inside, local district commissioner Hashim Ghalzai told Reuters. Provincial Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti said 43 people were killed and Ghalzai said more than 100 were wounded.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Here Are Some Barely Comforting, Progressive New Emojis

The two big standout emojis with political resonance were the “Person With Headscarf” (hijab) and “Breast-Feeding.” “There are so many Muslim women in this world who wear the headscarf. It might seem trivial... but it’s different when you see yourself on the keyboard around the world.”
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim Uber driver is fined after he refused to pick up a blind passenger and his guide dog - because it was against his RELIGION

A Muslim Uber driver has been fined after he refused to pick up a blind passenger and his guide dog because he claimed it was against his religion.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The problem with traveling while Muslim

Muslim Americans contend that they are targeted by overzealous security staff at US airports, with screening placing a special burden on Muslim women, whose religious beliefs dictate that they cover their heads or even more of their bodies.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Is Gone, But Iraqi Christians Are Wary Of Returning Home

Karamlesh is one of a cluster of Christian villages nestled in the Nineveh plain, in northern Iraq near Mosul. Some of the oldest churches and monasteries in the world are there. A little over two years ago, ISIS poured into those villages and the people fled. Now, as Iraqi forces backed by the U.S.-led coalition press an offensive against ISIS in Mosul, ISIS fighters have been pushed from the villages.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

De Blasio Administration Promises Muslims It Will ‘Fight Back’ Against Donald Trump

Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Nisha Argawal said the city will have to “wait and see” what kinds of policies President-Elect Donald Trump actually tries to implement once he’s sworn in, but vowed the city would continue to support and advocate on behalf of Muslims and immigrants generally.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim teacher, 24, told to hang herself with her headscarf because it 'isn't allowed' in Trump's America

A Muslim teacher was told to hang herself with her headscarf in a frightening note which said it was no longer 'allowed' after Donald Trump's election win.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim student is 'harassed by a white couple who tried to pull the hijab off her head because "it wasn't allowed anymore" two days after the elections'

A 19-year-old Muslim woman claims a white couple called her hijab a 'disgusting piece of cloth' before trying to yank it off her head two days after the elections.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Messages of Encouragement Left in Chalk Outside Nashville Mosque

NASHVILLE, TN — Amidst reports from around the country of racist and otherwise bigoted acts against Muslims and other minority groups in the wake of the election of Donald Trump as president, the sidewalk in front of a Nashville mosque is instead brimming with messages of love, encouragement and unity.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Pakistan: fatal explosion hits Muslim shrine

An explosion at a Muslim shrine in south-west Pakistan has killed or wounded several people, local media reported.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Pakistan religious body to discuss men’s protection from abuse

The decision came after observation that 'some women in Pakistan torture men, and force them out of their houses.'
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Has Tyson Fury converted to Islam? Former heavyweight champion changes name on Twitter and posts picture in traditional Muslim clothing

Tyson Fury is not one to avoid controversy, regularly confusing his fans with fake retirements and random Twitter outbursts. But his latest move may well be the most bold, as the Gypsy King appears to have converted religion from Christianity to Islam.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

FSB detains 10 terror suspects, Moscow, St. Petersburg on their target list

“An operation conducted on November 12 in Moscow and St. Petersburg resulted in the arrests of 10 terrorists. They had a total of four powerful IEDs in their arsenals, which were seized,” the FSB said in a statement. “The suspects confessed to having contacts with leaders of the terrorist group Islamic State based in the Middle East.”
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Christian Leader Expects Thousands of Disillusioned Muslims to Leave Islam and 'Beg' Christ for Healing in Mosul

"So now they see the true face of Islam, they saw the teachings of Islam and they know what it means to be under the Islamic State,"
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

First Muslim elected to Congress eyes run at DNC chairmanship

Now, the first Muslim-American elected to Congress is eyeing the position of chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims respond to violence in Trump's America with kindness

Now, though, the community is rising up to stand together and address the violence and hostility with a sense of unity. Support groups have been gathering, protests organized, and the community is going into action — from calls at the top to grassroots solidarity.
on Nov 12, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Top Downing Street Staffers Hurled Abuse at Candidate Donald Trump With Nazi Comparisons and Pro-Islam Baiting

Downing Street staffers used their Twitter accounts to denigrate Donald Trump and promote Hillary Clinton during the race for the White House, with a key aide using the platform to say he didn’t want anyone “reaching out” to Trump, Breitbart London can reveal.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Europe may go back to pre-WWII period, says Islam expert

In an interview with Daily Sabah, the head of the Islamic Council of Holland, Raşit Bal, says if the rise of the far right is not prevented, the racism that led to the extermination of the Jews may reappear.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Hair-raising haircut underscores our need to talk about Islam

A couple of weeks ago I was having a haircut in a Twin Cities hair salon. The staff was nice enough to accommodate my special need for a private place and a no-man zone during the time I have my haircut while my hijab is off. The salon has a higher, more private platform level in which I can have my haircut.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump’s Win Is A Victory For ISIS

Yesterday, an Uber driver named Maurice dropped me off at Rice University, where I teach a course called “Muslims in American Society.” “Everyone should take that class,” Maurice told me, “It’s more important now than ever.” Maurice said that Muslims are good people, “just like you and I.” We proceeded to talk about the victory of Donald Trump, who regularly exacerbated Islamophobia during his campaign.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Mom hoped son would work for P&G; he chose ISIL instead

CINCINNATI --- His parents wanted him to be a chemist, but all Munir Abdulkader could think about were knives and pipe bombs.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Executing Dozens in Mosul as Iraqi Troops Continue Street Battles in City

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) is executing dozens of people inside the northern Iraqi city of Mosul for reasons ranging from alleged treason to the leaking of information, the United Nations said Friday.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Top Iraqi Shiite cleric slams Trump for anti-Muslim rhetoric

Iraq’s Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr slammed president-elect Donald Trump over his “escalating statements… against Islam and Muslims,” and criticized him for not distinguishing between radical and moderate Muslims.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

British tourists could be subject to 'extreme vetting' before traveling to America, MPs warn

Muslim Labour MP Tulip Siddiq has called on Donald Trump to clarify whether or not British tourists could have to take ideological tests for admission to the United States after he takes office.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Social media lights up over message to show love for Muslim, black, Latino, non-white students

The fallout of a divisive presidential campaign played out on social media this week, after a state senator in Maryland blasted a message from the schools chief in Baltimore County asking that educators embrace groups of minority students.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Gun-Toting British Anti-Muslim Activist Poses On Israeli Tank

Tommy Robinson, who leads Pegida UK, the British branch of the German-founded Pegida movement, posted the photo on Wednesday and wrote: “All those people telling me to be careful in Israel, I think I’ll be ok.”
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Lafayette PD: UL student made up story about attack, stolen hijab

A University of Louisiana Lafayette student who said she was physically attacked and robbed of her wallet and hijab made up the story, according to the Lafayette Police Department.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

COP22: American Muslims vote to ditch fossil fuels

An influential organisation of American Muslims announced at COP22 in Marrakesh that it will end investment in fossil fuels, and urged its partners to follow suit.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The jihadi Khalid Kelly was not a clown, but a warning for Ireland

In the Irish press, he had always been a reprehensible clown: that lunatic who threatened to assassinate Barack Obama on the 2011 presidential visit.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

"Terrorists have no place in Islam"- Cleric

An Islamic cleric, Malam Nurudeen Adeyeni of Ikole Central Mosque, Ekiti State, has admonished Muslim faithful to live in peace with neighbours, saying Islam is a religion of peace.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Street protests open doors to liberalism, Muslims warned ahead of Bersih 5

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 — Federal Islamic authorities cautioned Muslims today against street protests that it said would invite liberalism, just a week before the Bersih 5 rally which will be held on November 19.
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

What happened in France after the Paris terror attacks

It’s one year since jihadists killed 130 people in the worst atrocity in Paris since World War Two. Much has happened since that horrendous night. What has happened to the injured victims?
on Nov 11, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Egypt says foils Muslim Brotherhood plot on eve of planned protests

Egypt said on Thursday police had uncovered a stash of weapons that supporters of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood were plotting to use ahead of planned protests against deteriorating economic conditions.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Serbia extradites pregnant jihadi suspect to Netherlands

Serbian authorities have extradited a pregnant woman to the Netherlands who is suspected of trying to travel to Syria or Iraq to join jihad fighters there.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Shin Bet: 9 Palestinians arrested for plotting terror attacks against Israeli forces

Eight Palestinians from the West Bank and one from East Jerusalem were arrested by Israeli security forces on suspicion of targeting and planning future terror attacks against Israeli forces with explosive devices, Israel’s Shin Bet security agency said in a statement.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Trump campaign staff deletes mention of Muslim ban from website

The proposal was previously detailed on a page titled, “Donald J. Trump statement on Preventing Muslim Immigration.” That page now redirects to a new page where supporters can donate to the campaign. “Thank you America,” says the banner on the page. “We showed America the silent majority is no longer silent.”
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump can absolutely ban Muslims from entering the US, without Congress

After US citizen Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 people in San Bernardino on December 2, 2015, Donald Trump called for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

I’m a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for Trump.

This is my confession — and explanation: I — a 51-year-old, a Muslim, an immigrant woman “of color” — am one of those silent voters for Donald Trump. And I’m not a “bigot,” “racist,” “chauvinist” or “white supremacist,” as Trump voters are being called, nor part of some “whitelash.”
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

York Region principal apologizes for 'inappropriate' Facebook posts on Islam, refugees

Her Facebook posts addressed Islam and refugees, including one that suggested that burkas should be banned in Europe since bikinis were banned in Muslim countries.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

‘The Art of the Qur’an,’ a Rare Peek at Islam’s Holy Text

“The Art of the Qur’an: Treasures From the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts,” at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery here, is the first major United States display of handwritten copies of Islam’s holy text. It’s a glorious show, utterly, and like nothing I’ve ever seen, with more than 60 burnished and gilded books and folios, some as small as smartphones, others the size of carpets.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Underwear rules give snapshot of life under ISIS

Not satisfied with banning tight jeans, T-shirts, shaving and forcing families under their control to wear baggy clothing more typical centuries ago, ISIS has printed pictures of what underwear is acceptable and what is not.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump Adviser: U.S. Should Extradite Coup Suspect Fethullah Gulen to Turkey

Washington should extradite the exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen—who Turkey suspects of plotting a failed military coup in July—to Ankara, a top military adviser to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said Wednesday.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs Assaulted Just Hours After Trump Win

The first police reports started trickling in within 10 hours of Donald Trump's victory speech.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims in Italy: “Give Us Back Our Mosques or We Will Pray in the Vatican’

Despite a major Muslim protest at the Colosseum against the closure of illegal mosques, Rome police have continued shutting down so-called “garage mosques,” and now Muslims are threatening to invade Saint Peter’s Basilica to pray there.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Year-old Paris attack probe sights new suspect, but mastermind elusive

French investigators believe they have identified a Belgian militant in Syria as a coordinator of the deadly Islamic State (IS) attack on Paris, but a year on they are still struggling to pinpoint the mastermind.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamist extremists revel in Trump triumph

IS supporters view president-elect’s anti-Muslim rhetoric as opportunity to ‘enlarge the field of jihad’.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

We Must Wage a Jihad of Peace

'I believe we can make our country safer and stronger and greater, but only if we work together'
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim-Zionist Activist: ‘Antisemitism Is the Norm in the Islamic Community, But the World Will Come to Realize Its Mistake About Israel

Antisemitism and Israel-hatred is the norm among Muslims, including in the United States, even though the Koran can be read as a “Zionist text,” a devout American Muslim told The Algemeiner this week, explaining how she came to work to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding and how she thinks the world will come to see the Jewish state in a different light.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS hails Donald Trump victory claiming billionaire 'fool' will destroy America HIMSELF allowing jihadis to seize power

The Republican was branded a "donkey" by militants who warned that they plan to seize power if he destroys the country
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Just two days after Trump’s election, reports of anti-Islam attacks spike

Less than 48 hours since Donald Trump became the president-elect, reports of Islamophobia are already on the rise.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Jakarta governor slips in polls after hardline Muslim protest

The governor of Indonesia's capital Jakarta, the first ethnic Chinese and Christian in the job, is losing support in his bid for re-election as allegations that he insulted the Quran increasingly put off Muslim voters.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Tennessee mother calls for removal of school history book 'promoting Islamic propaganda'

A Tenessee mother and founding member of a parents’ group opposed to Islamic “indoctrination” has asked for a history textbook to be removed from her daughter’s social studies curriculum, claiming that it “promotes Islamic propaganda”.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Western Islamists Scare the Hell Out of Syrian Refugees

After risking death to escape from extremists, refugees arrived in their new homes only to find the same sort of radicals already recruiting Muslims.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Syria Kurd women fighters out for revenge against jihadists

“Our taking part in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) is revenge for the women who were kidnapped in Sinjar (in Iraq) and sold (as sex slaves) in markets,” said the brown-haired woman riding a four-wheel-drive.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

In Once-Tolerant Mosul, a Social Unraveling That Feels Permanent

Before the Islamic State’s occupation began more than two years ago, Mosul was Iraq’s most diverse city. Its rich culture, stretching back to the ancient Assyrians, and reputation for tolerance made it a vital symbol of an Iraq that could at least aspire to being a unified and whole nation.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim thugs force a father-of-six who converted from Islam to Christianity to flee his home for a SECOND time as armed police arrive to whisk him and his family to safety

A man has been forced to flee his home for the second time amid fears for his safety after suffering 'seven years of persecution' for converting from Islam to Christianity.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

I’ll Never Wear a Hijab, But I Love the Reasons Why These Women Do

The word “hijab” conjures up different images and feelings for just about any person who hears it. Religion, bold fashion statements, politics, mystery, oppression—a hijab is not simply a headscarf.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Why Wait? Addressing Radicalization Before It Happens

A program for students and their parents in London's east end uses a broad approach to counter the threat of online radicalization.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

India's ex-Muslims: Shedding traditional Islam for science

India is witnessing the emergence of a movement of 'ex-Muslims'. Troubled by the involvement of Muslims in suicide bombings in primarily Muslim countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, helped by the availability of alternative interpretations of Islam on the internet, and driven by a questioning mind, Muslim youths in India are gradually leaving Islam.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS 'cubs of the caliphate' - including two Russian children - execute four 'spies' in sickening video as fanatics send threat to 'dog' Putin

Sickening video has emerged showing young ISIS executioners - including two Russian children - killing 'spies' as fanatics sent a warning to Russian president Vladimir Putin.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Young Muslims in the US now say there are 'real Americans' and then the rest – Trump's victory reinforced that belief

At my cousin's school, the canteen is segregated: 'There are four long tables – one for the Arabs where I sit, one for the Mexicans, one for the blacks and one for the real Americans'
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

London man Jabed Hussain convicted of terror offences after trying to join Isis in Syria

Jabed Hussain, from Acton in London, pleaded guilty to two counts of preparing terrorist acts at the Old Bailey on Thursday after being caught at the Turkish border.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Court of Appeal decision a letdown for converts out of Islam

We are extremely disappointed with the written judgment of the Court of Appeal dated Nov 1, 2016 dismissing the appeals of three appellants who wish to leave the religion of Islam.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

100,000 Muslims Have Fled Russian-Occupied Regions Of Ukraine

Prior to Vladimir Putin’s Anschluss of Crimea and aggression in the Donbass, there were only a few thousand Muslims in the central part of Ukraine, but now, some 100,000 of the faithful have fled there from Russian occupied areas, dramatically increasing the size of that community in areas with little experience with Islam.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS orders fighters to skip prayers as battles bite

Islamic State leaderships and preachers in Mosul are telling militants to skip prayers and reschedule their times to be able to fight the advancing Iraqi joint forces.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Anglican Primate Asks PMB To Address Rising Cases Of Attacks On Christians

Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to address the rising case of abduction, forced conversion to Islam and forced marriage of Christian girls in parts of the country.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Myanmar's anti-Muslim groups wax lyrical on Donald Trump victory

Myanmar's anti-Muslim hardliners cheered Donald Trump's election as US president in prose and poetry on Thursday (Nov 10), hailing the divisive billionaire's triumph as a victory in the fight against "Islamic terrorism".
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Wilders' Plan For Holland: Time For Liberation

This government has destroyed our country with its austerity policies and has allowed our country to be colonized by Islam. But let's start aiming for the imaginable. Let us liberate our country.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

CAIR: American Muslims Will Not Be Intimidated

Regardless of who won, we as American Muslims are here to stay. We aren’t going anywhere. We will not be intimidated nor generalized.
on Nov 10, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

ISIS Is Happy Trump Won: ‘The World Is On The Verge Of Exploding’

Fans of the Islamic State are celebrating the election victory of Donald Trump, convinced the Republican candidate’s anti-Islamic position will alienate and anger many people around the world and rally more to their cause.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Crusade of Truth: a soldier’s internal struggle with the memories of jihad

A veteran-scholar struggles with the memories of suicide bombings and attempts to understand an enemy that fought him in Iraq and haunts him in his sleep.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

What the Muslim Community is Saying about Trump’s Win

Today, Muslims in America woke up to the news of Donald Trump winning the presidential election with an overwhelming feeling of shock.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

To Protect Seattle's Muslims from Trump's Promises, "We've Got a Lot of Work to Do Now"

Donald Trump, the president-elect of the United States, has risen to power on campaign promises to enact a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." He's even recommended surveilling and shutting down mosques. Roughly 100,000 American Muslims live here in Washington State.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim teen shares mum's heartbreaking text message after Donald Trump's US election win

My mom literally just texted me "don't wear the Hijab please" and she's the most religious person in our family....
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamist extremists celebrate Trump’s election win

Shortly after Trump was declared the victor, a number of prominent Salafist ideologues linked to jihadist outfits in the Middle East took to social media to cheer the prospect of a Trump presidency.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamic school’s sex segregation policy is not discriminatory – High Court

An Islamic school’s policy of segregating its male and female pupils does not constitute discrimination, the High Court found, refuting claims published in a highly critical Ofsted report over the summer.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Attackers of Elderly Christian Woman Beaten to Death Are Acquitted of Charges, Set Free by Nigerian Court

Christian persecution watchdogs are denouncing the acquittal of five Nigerian men charged with murdering an elderly Christian woman whom they accused of blasphemy.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Islamist 'Morality Police' Lurk in Troubled Swedish Suburbs

Islamic "morality police" have become more active in vulnerable suburban areas across Sweden.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Blasphemy Behind Blasphemy in Pakistan

This is what happened to Asia—she was a berry-picker who dared to drink out of the same cup as her fellow berry-pickers. Outraged, they accused her of uttering blasphemous statements about the Prophet.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims In America Wonder If President Trump Will Force Them To Leave

An Iraqi interpreter who risked his life to help Americans voted on Tuesday for the first time. He wonders if there’s a place for him in Trump’s America.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Gabriel warns about Islam-loving curriculum

A terrorism expert is concerned about the infiltration of Islamic propaganda in yet another public school district.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Georgia communities struggle with Muslims' arrival

Masjid Al-Mu'minun, a mosque in south Atlanta, is one of the few that play the call to prayer over external speakers, letting the sound drift through the neighborhood.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims Mourn Trump Win as CAIR vows: We ‘Must Act’

In a Wednesday morning tweet, the Council on American-Islamic Relations blasted at Trump’s win, warning Muslims of what’s to come.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The Father, the Son and the Jihad

This is the unique story of the Ayachis, a French-Syrian Muslim family who trade their peaceful lives in Europe for revolution in Syria.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

The power of language and the language of power in Medieval Western Islam

EU research into rare Medieval documents has shed light on how language was used to assert imperial power over a diverse population under the Mediterranean Almohad Empire.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim women are scared to wear the hijab in public after Trump win

While many are celebrating Trump's victory right now, some Muslim women are expressing fear that they may be targeted by hate crime.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Bishop says peace, justice and education key to dialogue with Islam

“On a theological level, differences still remain, and they are known. Beyond any theological difference, however, we take each other’s hand to build together the common good.”
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslims in fear, ask ‘Will America attack Muslim countries again’

After a bitter campaign in which fiery anti-Muslim rhetoric was central to Trump’s populist strategy, many Asian followers of Islam were dumbfounded that Americans had chosen him to lead the world’s greatest power.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

UK keen to promote Malaysia’s initiative on Islamic moderation to the world

Malaysia’s initiative on moderation known as Wassatiyyah has attracted the interest of the United Kingdom.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Michigan Muslims face reality of Trump victory: 'I pray for our community'

For the city of Dearborn, Michigan, where one-third of the city’s 96,000 residents are of Arab descent, the presidency of Donald Trump is almost certain to be volatile and unpredictable.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Spain dismantles jihadist recruitment cell in Ceuta

Spanish police arrested three men and a woman on Wednesday in Spain's north African enclave Ceuta on suspicion of recruiting young people as Islamist militants.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A push to reform Islamic divorce could make Sharia councils redundant in Britain

Controversy over Sharia councils in Britain has resulted in an ongoing parliamentary enquiry on their role and remit.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Crucifixions and vice patrols show Islamic State maintains Mosul grip

Islamic State militants fighting to hold on to their Mosul stronghold have displayed the crucified bodies of five people they said gave information to "the enemy", and are back on the city streets policing the length of men's beards.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump: The Islamophobia president

Trump rose to power with an Islamophobic campaign and Islamophobia now will become his official policy.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Muslim Americans fearful of Trump presidency: ‘He sees us as less than human’

Fear and uncertainty is boiling within Muslim-American communities nationwide after Donald Trump was declared the next president of the United States.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

'I'm very afraid': Muslim shock as Trump heads for victory

Muslims across Asia were struggling Wednesday to accept the news that the populist politician who has made fiery anti-Islamic rhetoric a key part of his campaign was likely to become president of the world's greatest power.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Donald Trump victory in US election shocks Muslims

Muslims across Asia were struggling to accept that Donald Trump, who had made fiery anti-Islamic rhetoric a key part of his campaign, has become US president.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Book condoning sex-slaves, stoning handed out at Ontario Islamic Heritage Month event

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The seizure of Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves is sanctioned in the Qur’an.
on Nov 09, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Germans consider Protestant bishops, Muslim writer for their next president

Among the names put forward as candidates are two leading Protestant bishops — one of them a woman — and even a respected Muslim writer.
on Nov 08, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

A liberal mother of six jailed for challenging Saudi taboos

When Souad al-Shammary posted a series of tweets about the thick beards worn by Saudi clerics, she never imagined she would land in jail.
on Nov 08, 2016 ━ submitted by islamnews

Janet Jackson: Pregnant Singer Allegedly Converts To Islam

Janet Jackson has reportedly converted to Islam in order to share her religion with her husband, with whom she is expecting her first child.
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Why the West cannot afford to ignore political Islam

After a US presidential campaign conducted, for the most part, in the gutter, and the spectacle of national newspapers branding three top judges in Britain “enemies of the people” for a judgement which did not suit their cause, Britons and Americans are in no position to lecture Arabs on “democratic principles and liberal values".
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This Muslim Fourth-Grader Has Just One Wish For Donald Trump

“Being Muslim is a little difficult,” she wrote. “Imagine if everybody hated your religion.”
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Isis forces 1,500 Iraqi families to march to Mosul

Civilians expected to be used as human shields by Islamic State as it loses control of village where mass grave found.
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'French Muslims must make an effort to adapt to France'

Conservative Muslims should do more to integrate into mainstream French society says the Frenchman who was controversially chosen to head France's new Foundation for Islam.
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Two Paths to Bring Yemeni Bloodbath to an End

The Saudi-led coalition's actions in Yemen could be described as "war crimes," Maryam Jalalvand, a law expert at Payame Noor University (PNU), Iran, told Sputnik.
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Tunisian minister ousted for criticizing Saudi Arabia

A Tunisian religious affairs minister has been fired from the government after linking Saudi Arabia's religious ideology with extremism.
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Hamas-linked CAIR To Muslims: Don't Help FBI Prevent Election Day Terror Attacks

CAIR officials sounded the alarm on social media, urging Muslims not to say anything to the FBI without a lawyer present. The organization offered to provide counsel to those who needed it.
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Britain First’s Jayda Fransen Says Police Should Be Able To Shoot Muslims

“If the presence of armed police is required to protect an innocent Christian family against Muslims in Britain, then they should be permitted to turn their guns on those Muslims.”
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Why al-Qaida is now more dangerous than IS

Al-Qaida’s ruthlessly pragmatic approach has placed it in a far better position to achieve its strategic objectives.
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Pastor Among 9 Killed in Attack by 2 Female Boko Haram Suicide Bombers in Nigeria

Prior to the bombings, new Boko Haram leader Abu Musab al-Barnawi declared that his group will now focus on attacking Christians.
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ISIS closes borders with Syria to obstruct fleeing members, says Iraqi militia leader

Islamic State militants are now closing the borders with Syria to prevent their Iraqi fighters from escaping battles to the Syrian city of Raqqa, a senior intelligence officer at al-Hashed al-Shaabi paramilitary forces said Tuesday as the extremist group continues to succumb to defeats from attacks by Iraqi joint forces.
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On Election Day, Muslim Americans Are Ready To Be Heard

With some 300,000 residents of Middle Eastern or Arab descent, Metro Detroit has by far the country’s highest concentration of Arab Americans; Dearborn, a city of 100,000 just west of Detroit that’s currently around 40 percent Arab and home to the country’s largest mosque, has long been the community’s heart.
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ISIS reveals names of multinational suicide bombers to raise fighters spirits

The group has unveiled the identities of 20 suiciders who carried out bombings against security forces in Mosul over the past three days.
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Investigators begin examining corpses found in ISIS mass grave

Iraqi investigators were probing a mass grave on Tuesday that was discovered the previous day by troops advancing further into Islamic State-held territory near the city of Mosul.
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ISIS Abducts More Than 200 Near Mosul, Retreats With Thousands

Islamic State fighters abducted 295 former Iraqi Security Forces members near the militant stronghold of Mosul and also forced 1,500 families to retreat with them from Hammam al Alil town.
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ISIS: US Voters are Top Target; Especially Muslims

The Islamic State (more commonly known as ISIS or ISIL) has released a six-page, English-language document about today’s presidential election. The group says that voters are the top target, even more so than “Crusader combatants,” with Muslim voters especially worthy of death.
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India Bans Use of 'ISIS', Unflattering 'Daesh' Must be Used Instead

India’s Internal Security Division has ordered that terror group ISIS will now only be referred by its Arabic acronym Daesh. The word Daesh is phonetically similar to Daes or Dahes in Arabic which means intolerance and spitefulness.
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Australia-born jihadi says he has no obligation to have any loyalty to Australia

We see this time and time again: Islamic jihadists declaring that their loyalty is to the umma, not to the country of their birth. Converts to Islam in the West again and again get the idea that their new religion requires them to commit treason and turn against their homeland.
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Iran: Muslims kill Baha’i, say Qur’an sanctions killing “apostates”

“The suspects have confessed that they killed Amiri because he was an ‘apostate,’ and they wanted to go to heaven. They said the Quran has sanctioned killing apostates, and that’s what they did.”
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Why Muslims Are Suddenly Turning to Jesus by the Thousands

We've seen the video clips of Muslim refugees—many of them from war-torn Syria—flooding into an unprepared and overwhelmed Europe. We've heard accounts of some of these refugees committing ugly crimes and others demanding that the post-Christian societies that welcome them conform to the harsh demands of Islamic law.
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An eye for an eye: Iranian thug is BLINDED as punishment for throwing acid in the face of a four-year-old girl who lost her sight

The law of retribution is a central part of Islam's sharia code but has been condemned by human rights groups.
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'Islamic State of Germany' video aims to shock US voters

Just days ahead of the US election, a new video has used Germany as an example of what a Clinton presidency could unleash. But the footage seems to have garnered more attention among Germans than American voters.
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Philippine militants claim German kidnapping after body found on boat

Philippines-based Islamist extremist group Abu Sayyaf says it has abducted a German man off the coast of Malaysia, according to the Philippine military.
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She’s one of the new faces of CoverGirl. And she’s wearing a hijab.

Afia will appear in a commercial for CoverGirl, marking the first time a Muslim woman wearing a hijab has been featured in an ad for the brand.
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Donald Trump has made it clear: in his America, Muslim citizens don’t exist

A tiny handful of Muslim Americans may, bizarrely, be Trump supporters, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that, while attempting to engage every other constituency, Trump’s campaign has made essentially zero public outreach to the Muslim electorate.
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ISIS Is Teaching Children How To Behead And Make Suicide Bombs

Children living under ISIS rule in Iraq have been taught how to make bombs and behead people, families fleeing the jihadis have warned, as the offensive to take back Mosul continues.
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“Moderate” Indonesia: Thousands of Muslims demand arrest of Christian governor

He supposedly committed “blasphemy,” and so tens of thousands of Muslims demonstrated to demand his arrest. When have Muslims ever turned out in those kids of numbers to oppose jihad terrorism?
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Irish Muslim ‘Khalid Kelly’ blows himself up in ISIS jihad bombing

He converted to Islam and became a lover of death, ultimately blowing himself up to kill infidels.
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