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Business Plan Writing Service

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Your business plan

on Jun 11, 2016
  • your business plan is critical for your business execution and fund raising;
  • you maybe too busy in your business buildup, or not experienced in writing a business plan, so we are here to help;
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Who we are

on Jun 11, 2016

We have collectively over 40 years of startup and business development experience. We have helped over 50 businesses and startups writing their business plans. Some of our clients have successfully raised funding. We are particularly effective in helping medium to small Chinese companies to write business plan and raise funding. If you are interested in hiring us to write your business plan or for general inquiries, please send us a note to the following zeroid mail:


or please feel free to drop a note here.

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Business Plan Writing Service

on Jun 11, 2016

Our business plan writing covers the following segments:

  • communication with you regarding full business information to make sure we understand fully your business, product, market, and strategy;
  • as much as possible we will provide our honest opinion and try to add value to your business planning;
  • the business plan will cover the following sections:
    • overview
    • product and service
    • key technology
    • management team
    • market and competitive analysis
    • business execution plan
    • financial projection
    • funding need
    • other issues you want to discuss and include
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Process and Fee

on May 31, 2015
  • total fee is 30 bitcoins;
  • first payment: 1 bitcoin for your engagement of our service; this is not refundable even you decide not use our service after our initial discussion (see next two points);
  • after your first payment, you should send us the preliminary information we need about your business;
  • after we finish reviewing your preliminary information, we will make an appointment with you for our first discussion; this initial discussion is expected to conduct through skype; if you require us to travel to meet, there maybe extra charge;
  • second payment: after our initial discussion, if you are satisfactory and want to continue, you pay 19 bitcoins so we can start the writing process; the first draft generally takes 3 weeks; the second draft takes 1 week; the third draft takes 1 week, and it is the final version; we may need to contact you from time to time for more informaton;
  • upon final delivery you pay the final 10 bitcoins;
  • additional fee applies for future update;
  • after finish the writing of your business plan, if you are interested in raising funding, we can submit your business plan to our funding partners who actively invest in many startups every year.
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