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Daniell Mesquita's Blog

Personal blog about ZeroNet, design, programming, projects, decentralization, technology, ecology, biology, etc.

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Implemented my ID (daniell) and privatekey of Site of Interesting

on Aug 04, 2018

It worked.
post15-1.jpg (1200x674)
Now I'm looking for other zites and the authentication to implement.
post15-2.png (1365x767)

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My ZeroNet data was recovered!

on Aug 04, 2018 ·
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In first place, I thank the Creator (I never had a successfull recover using this program in this HD, after writing more files), and thank Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 8.6 Unlmt.
I left my computer on yesterday, with the program running.
With this program I recovered my ID (daniell), sites/auth data and my zite's privatekeys.
I stopped the search of new files.
post14-1.jpg (1200x674)
Then I'll need to copy data and adapt it to my ZeroNet installation, using git to help to revert when mistakes are made.
Don't worry if you don't see your files after the above process, they should be in this folder:
post14-2.jpg (1200x674)
Please don't count in recovery softwares, backup your ZeroNet installation, like said in the previous post.

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Take care of your ZeroNet installation!

on Aug 04, 2018 ·

Now I hate cybercafes:
If we need a frequently good-speed connection we need to pay more than when have a Internet installed, they own our data, rules the computer and takes no responsability about the viruses they have installed.

All this occured in two different cybercafes.

Day 1, I connected my external HD (Seagate 2TB) to a computer in a cybercafe.
I closed ZeroNet, and the icon had removed from System Tray. I throught: "ZeroNet isn't running". Also looked for ZeroNet on Task Manager, and no instance running.
I tried to remove the HD securely from Windows, but as usual, it rejected.
I manually removed the HD, and when I came to house: ZeroNet was corrupted.
And in this cybercafe, I prompted to remove all history from Chrome, and the guy replied: "you don't need to do it, there's nothing wrong". My feeling was if I were a criminous. The guy really don't understand about privacy and digital security.

Day 2, in another cybercafe: The man said to use Computer 11 (to other clients he say to use Computer 5). I connected my pendrive (Sandisk Ultra 3.0 16GB) and the files turned into shortcuts. Said about it to the man, but he replied: "this is a protection against viruses". A protection agaisnt viruses? It is the even virus! He said that this is only in this computer.
On another computer, recovered the files, then connected the HD. Did another ZeroNet installation, logged with new ID (daniellmesquita).
Downloaded some zites and synced data.
Closed ZeroNet, and the icon was removed from System Tray.
When removed the HD, Windows said that content.json was being written in a zite! ZeroNet installation was again corrupted, and I missed the privatekeys from my zites.
We need to ask nofish to update ZeroNet, to show shutdown status and only remove the icon when ZeroNet is fully closed.

But ZeroNet can have more errors and bugs that corrupts your data.
Prevention is better than cure, so please read what I'm doing now to protect the ZeroNet installation.

Use git

Download a good git client (I use Tortoise Git on Windows, its intuitive and integrated with Explorer), and turn your data folder into a git repo, and commit.
After it, turn your ZeroNet folder into a repo, and commit.
Every day, commit to save your data, and you can revert when files are corrupted or when any mistake is did.

Backup your zite privatekeys

Look for the zite addresses and copy the privatekeys, then save in a text file or import on Electrum (or other Bitcoin wallet). You can also save on a password manager, such as KeePassX.

Hope it can help you to not miss your files, and please comment if it is helpful or if you have other tips.

Now I'm trying to recover privatekeys and my ID (daniell) using Easeus Data Recovery.
post13.jpg (1200x674)

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My Desktop 31/07/18

on Aug 01, 2018

The first text files, are my control of the cryptocurrencies I invested/have.

The 1, 2 and 3 images are the chapter covers I need to upload to Wattpad (Blumenauenses letters).

Grn.online remembers me about a domain I need to renew. Emercoin is where I'll register copyrights.

"cc" folder contain videos that will be used in the channel I'll create for my friend (I appear on those videos, doing crazy things).

Some folders gained icons.

post12.jpg (1200x674)

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All my posts were imported to ZeroBlog

on Aug 01, 2018

Since april, I'm storing posts (as text files) and its images on folders, and using some funny markup to know where are the images.

Folder (Bl means Blogs) used to store my blogs:

post11-1.png (1365x705)

Inside a blog's folder, containing all posts:

post11-2.png (1365x705)

Inside a post folder:

post11-3.png (1365x705)


post11-4.png (1365x767)

Sample of the funny formatation/markup language used (when we are in need, we create crazy things):

post11-5.png (1365x767)

Thanks to ZeroNet and ZeroBlog, now I imported all my posts to this blog.

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on Jul 03, 2018

Organization of desktop from last month, I did some modifications recently.

post10.jpg (1200x674)

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Post 9

on May 27, 2018

I waste about four hours for simply use a model of Bulball and make it rotate in Phonemon TCG app. Next step is to add a texture, but before it I need to resume Runny Car's development.

post9.jpg (1200x674)

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Post 8

on May 26, 2018

The first level of Runny Car is designed.

post8.png (1365x767)

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Organized Desktop with icons

on May 25, 2018

Adding icons to every project folder and organizing they by priority.

post7.jpg (1200x674)

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Updates since Gittex/Framework.js/Screens

on May 23, 2018

Since my first post talking about my desktop organization and my posts about Framework.js/Screens, I lots of things happened.
From April 15 I began developing Gittex, and aftter it I forced my eyes when developing Framework.js till 2 AM everyday.
From April 24 I began developing Communicator's ICO project (causing problems in my eyes till 2/3/4/5 AM everyday), and I stopped it in May 11 when travelling to another city. In this city I began developing Irmãos Neto.club (for the Neto brothers - brazillian youtubers) till May 16. I restarted Irmãos Neto.club development from May 19 to May 20.
May 21-22 I just was drafting some things in papers.
Now I need to organize my files and post updates in Communicator's Medium blog.

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No OS is working well in my phone

on Apr 24, 2018

I tried to reinstall the stock ROM in my Alcatel Pixi 3 4.5 but it failed. CyanogenMod with Android 5 is draining the battery. MIUI is resetting the WiFi Hotspot. And the LineageOS with Android 6 isn't accepting my SD card.
I know it can be sounds strange, but I really need to create my own version to work in this phone. It will be Screens.
But I'll need to emulate the Android apps, so Cordova needs to: read infos about a APK (including his permissions), install a APK and know if a APK is installed (I can't get a installation status, but I can show a installation screen then every second check if the app is installed) and mirror running apps to a webview.

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Post 4

on Apr 24, 2018

I searched "electron linux installer" but no results, so I need to research by myself how the Linux installer works and create a program for it. Screens will use a JS-based Linux installer.

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Post 3

on Apr 20, 2018

Creating a git repository in every project, so I keep the history of they.
post3-1.png (1365x766)
Also, creating git in empty folders.
post3-2.png (1365x766)

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New desktop organization (Framework.js, PEHTML, Plasnerd, Plascrypto, UltraCreator)

on Apr 20, 2018

I added the folders of projects I used in GitHub folder.
post2.jpg (1200x673)
Please do a comparison with the previous post.
Now this Desktop is more organized with other priorized folders.

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Post 1

on Apr 20, 2018

After a error after inserting my external HD, the positions of my Desktop icons where reseted. But it was good, since I could do a very better organization in it.
post1-1.jpg (1200x674)
I'd put the icons in the Start menu since I do not use they with frequently.
post1-2.jpg (1200x673)
So in Desktop I organize and prioritize the most used files.

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