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Newbie things I've learnt

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Porn on Your Computer

on Oct 17, 2016 ·

By having GIF Time (data\1Gif7PqWTzVWDQ42Mo7np3zXmGAo3DXc7h) on your ZeroNet Hello even though you don't activate it, you will have porn videos and pictures downloaded to your ZeroNet folder by default.

Search your ZeroNet folder for .mp4 and you'll find them.

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Mirroring a website to work without internet on ZeroNet

on Oct 06, 2016 ·

A frustration with wget so far has been that the websites such as Celsius and Vista have still needed an internet connection to their servers to work properly. So I tried this:


After the download is complete, convert the links in the document to make them suitable for local viewing. This affects not only the visible hyperlinks, but any part of the document that links to external content, such as embedded images, links to style sheets, hyperlinks to non-HTML content, etc.'' (http://linuxreviews.org/man/wget/)

And used this at Ubuntu's terminal emulator, using Mozilla's Firefox as my browser:

wget --wait=20 --limit-rate=20K -r -p -U Mozilla http://automatetheboringstuff.com/ -nH --random-wait -nc -k

To get Automatetheboringstuff to work with a ZeroNet non-working proxy.

Make sure to New Folder and wget in that directory or you will get files all over.

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WebTorrent Desktop and Archive.org Torrent files

on Sep 28, 2016

Kopy Kate has a video upload zite that we can cloned.

I've been playing with a clone here at Dipbeak.

A clever thing to do might be to use WebTorrent Desktop to File>Open Torrent Address... and use an address for a torrent on Archive.org. But this causes the torrent to not play properly but only preview as here (hover over the torrent info: magnet to see where it is coming from).

Using WebTorrent Desktop on a file that is still downloading also causes an error:( as the torrent address has the % downloaded as part of its url.

I've tried .VOB and .AVI files and only MP4 has worked so far.

And if the computer's processor is busy and a video played, WebTorrent Desktop skips the automatic play on start and the screen has to be refreshed.

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on Sep 26, 2016

You may see on your ZeroHello page '1 FILE UPDATE FAILED'.

To remedy this, go to the (0) top-right of the zite that is failing. Pull the (0) all the way to the left. Scroll down to 'SITE CONTROL', click the 'Update' button. You'll see the actual file that is failing to update disappear.

More information about this is found here, under 'siteUpdate'.

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I've digressed...

on Sep 26, 2016 ·
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I've digressed from my quest to find some nice games on ZeroNet. Here are two:



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Getting a .bit Site Name for Your New ZeroNet Site

on Sep 25, 2016

The instructions here are correct except for some clarification.

The biggest correction we should make is that the JSON string example has spaces: it shouldn't to work:

{ "zeronet" : { " " : "1C5P1EcTZA6FDEg4w6SacfPjvSDCWmzeyt" } }

The JSON string needs to have no spaces:


The second clarification is we need to see all three of these in our Namecoin-QT for our name to be ready to use on ZeroNet:

name_new:d/ 0.02NMC
name_firstupdate:d/ 0.00NMC
name_update:d/ 0.005NMC

The last one we need to initiate, and we will do when we write our JSON string. The first two will happen when we pick a name and pay NMC for it.

And third, we need to add "domain":"mynewwebsitename.bit", to the content.json in the folder of our website for ZeroNet to see it.

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siteSign-ing Cloned ZeroNet sites

on Sep 25, 2016 ·
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As we don't have the private key for a cloned zite all we have to do is pull the (0) top-right until it holds. Scroll down and toggle the 'This is my site'. And then click Sign and Publish at the bottom.

This works for cloned sites but doesn't seem to work for siteCreated sites we own.

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on Sep 25, 2016

Don't forget to sign your new ZeroNet site!

On windows in command prompt($, don't write this symbol) navigate to your ZeronetBundle-win>ZeroBundle> and if you are to sign site 1HBXiufU8RyFMREQa27yM92U329EXrfWvS:


$ zeronet.cmd siteSign 1HBXiufU8RyFMREQa27yM92U329EXrfWvS

And then copy and paste the private key you got when you siteCreated the zite.

In Ubuntu (Linux) navigate in terminal emulator to ZeroNet-master:

$ zeronet.py siteSign 1HBXiufU8RyFMREQa27yM92U329EXrfWvS

And do the same as above, but Edit>Paste your private key.

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Starting your own new zite on ZeroNet in Linux (Ubuntu)

on Sep 23, 2016

To start your own new zite in Linux (Ubuntu) you will need to again navigate to your ZeroNet-master folder and then type at the terminal ($ means the terminal prompt, you don't need to type it yourself):

$ ./zeronet.py siteCreate

Then follow the normal instructions below.

Do note that trying to Ctrl-c your private key in terminal is fiddly and it may be best you just highlight the text you need and click Edit>Copy.

The great thing now is that we can wget in Linux and have the folders right there for ZeroNet. The challenge now is to wget an actual copy of a website that works with a ZeroNet non-working proxy.

By the way, there isn't $2 in the Bitcoin private key you get when you start a new zite anymore: I looked:(

Also, I've tried every which way with getting a Namecoin .bit address, to no avail. It's easier renaming your zite this way.

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Installing ZeroNet on Linux: a how to

on Sep 23, 2016 ·

I've had much trouble trying to get ZeroNet on Linux although I've seen postings (such as joczo11's below) and youtube videos of how supposedly easy it is. So I decided to take our esteemed colleague's good advice and went to Github where top-right I selected the green 'Clone or Download' then 'Download ZIP file'. Once that was done Ubuntu (the Linux version I was working in) asked me whether and where I wanted to extract, which I did where it said.

The problems I had before with both Ubuntu and another version of Debian is that the gevent and msgpack files are missing. Ubuntu has support for these files as webwurst points out:

"It seems the package python-msgpack-python exists on OpenSUSE. Ubuntu Precise provides msgpack-python and since Ubuntu Trusty we have python-msgpack."(https://github.com/ceph/calamari/issues/249)

The easiest way I have found - as a newbie - to get these files is use Synaptic. So you'll need to go to Software and search 'Synaptic' which you then install. Once you click on Synaptic and enter your password you can then search for 'msgpack' and 'gevent' and tick their boxes. Ubuntu will also ask you to install another with a name like 'greenlet', say yes to that. Then click 'Apply' and the installation will begin.

Now you need to open Terminal the same way you opened Synaptic, it will already be on your Linux. Here you will need to navigate to the ZeroNet-master folder you extracted. You can do so by:

this will view what is in the current directory (folder) you are in

this will change the directory to what you write after it

cd ..
remember the space between the cd and the .., this takes you back to the previous directory up

press [TAB]
will complete the word you are writing so your don't have to spell it all out whether command or file name: so write cd ZeroN and then press TAB to get cd ZeroNet-master then press Enter.

This is a brief run through of what I wrote at the terminal (jon@ubuntumachine:~$ is similar to what you'll find at the terminal on your machine, you don't need to write it):

jon@ubuntumachine:~$ cd ZeroNet-master
jon@ubuntumachine:~$ ls
jon@ubuntumachine:~$ ./zeronet.py

So what you do is navigate with the above commands in terminal until you get to the folder that if you ls it, you will find zeronet.py

To run zeronet.py you need to write in terminal like this ($ means the terminal, you don't write it):

$ ./zeronet.py

Yes, with the ./ in front; and ZeroNet will run.

ZeroNet will not pop up in your browser like in Windows. You will have to manually paste or click on the link that you see printed for you in the terminal to get to ZeroNet.

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Change the Name of Sites to Recognise them

on Sep 22, 2016

To change the name of a zite so you can recognise it rather than the long string of numbers and letters:

  1. Drag the (0) top-right to the left;
  2. Scroll down until you see This is my site and toggle this on;
  3. For the Site Title, change this to how you want the zite to appear on your ZeroHello page;
  4. You can also give it a Site Description;
  5. Save Site Settings for immediate effect.

You can also do this for zites you don't own, but want to give a descriptive name to remember by.

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Protect yourself with a non-working proxy

on Sep 19, 2016

Erkan highlights that ZeroNet can sometimes spill into the wider internet. To protect yourself from this accidently happening he advises that we use a non-working proxy. Having done this the Archive.org mirror links do not work: meaning that its links are being connected to outside of ZeroNet :|

I think it is because I used this tutorial:


Rather than:


And so got a copy of the website that links to outside rather than a full offline copy:(

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Automate the Boring Stuff with Python (ZeroNet mirror)

on Sep 19, 2016

Automate the Boring Stuff is a website released under a Creative Commons license by the author who we thank very much. It recently had a problem with a back-up and went into maintenance. Even now the Trinket part (Chapter 2 onward) is not working. Because of this I saw the need to back it up myself using wget.

What I've learnt is that the same thing happens to Archive.org as Automate the Boring Stuff: you need to go top-left and click 'Home' to get the full site on ZeroNet. Otherwise it's broken pages.

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Just watched D.O.A on Archive.org mirror zite

on Sep 16, 2016

I was browsing on the Archive.org mirror test zite when I came across an old black and white, 'D.O.A.' in the Films Noir section. A real classic. I am surprised the MP4 played in-browser on ZeroNet.

To see it you'll need to use the top-right icons and find 'Video' then 'Movies': the rest of the links on the Home page don't work:(

The 'Movies' hyperlink takes a little time to load, but it eventually did for me.

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Archive.org on Zeronet

on Sep 16, 2016

I recently found Disney's Alladin on Archive.org. I wanted to see what would happen if I wget that page and made it a new ZeroNet zite, whether I could still play the game. The result is here. Click the Software icon, top-right, and navigate through to MS-DOS games. Some of the other links are not working as I only chose to wget, for offline use, the Alladin game's page.

The Alladin game does not play nor do the others I tried. I did lose internet someway through the download and as tkarita points out, ZeroNet restricts some characters that wget doesn't.

The instructions I used are found here:


GNU is Linux.

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