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Team Bitcoin
WAVE Trophy 2018

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Hi Everyone!

on Apr 06, 2018 ·

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[Charles] Hi guys! Excited to be posting here for the upcoming Wave Trophy 2018! Richard has kindly setup our team blog on ZeroNet, a fantastic P2P platform for the decentralised web, powered off Bitcoin. Definitely in line with our theme of embracing future technology.

I love cars - anything to do with mobility intrigues me. I've had the privliege of working with a wide range of vehicle in my work, but I've never driven an electric vehicle cross-country before - exciting!

We're in the process of procuring sponsors for our charge across Switzerland. Any help with expenses is a big help, particularly since I'll be coming from Singapore.

I'll be posting more regularly now, as the team prepares for the competition. More updates soon!


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BTC sticker and new tires

on Mar 29, 2018

Today the car received the big BTC sticker on the hood. And because I can pay with Bitcoin at Streit Imports, I also bought new summer tires and pressure sensors from them. It was rainy today, that is why a nice picture will follow later.
I bought other stuff with Bitcoin as well in preparation for the WAVE lately. For example a high power extension cord from Elektro Zollinger and rally name stickers from Red rock decals.
Paying with crypto currency is so easy, reliable and hassle free. I really don't want to go back to clunky insecure credit cards, paypal or whatever unreliable means there were in the past.

installing the BTC sticker

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on Mar 18, 2018

Today was the briefing for this years WAVE events. It is the first year with two tours. One is in June along the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the second is in September through Austria. We will participate in the Switzerland tour.
In the morning we had a factory tour at Kyburz, the maker of the eRod and many smaller electric vehicles. Some people could also test drive the eRod, but the seats were limited.
After the lunch in the canteen of one of the tour sponsors, the tour director Louis Palmer went trough all the important points for the participants.
View some pictures in our gallery. Should you get a strange error message, first click on our gallery to start seeding my 0gallery hub.

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The Team

on Mar 07, 2018
Richard Charles
Richard Ulrich Charles Wong
Software Developer for CAD Autonomous car developer
Switzerland Singapore

We met last November at the Hack4Climate in Bonn Germany. Together with four other guys we were in the same team and made it to the finalists.

Hack4Climate at the UN Climate Conference

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The Car

on Mar 07, 2018

We will participate at the WAVE Trophy with a brown Tesla Model S 85 from late 2013. I bought it in early 2017 for roughly 61 Bitcoin.

In the meantime I drove it for almost 40'000 km. Last year it served us extremely well for our family road trip to Norway. We also completed two family ski holidays with the car. It has currently 133'000 km on the clock and still feels like new.

It has a rated range of 502km which translates to real world average of 400km in summer and 330km in winter. I never drove it to below 5% charge and I usually charge it to 80% every night.

Tesla in Galtenebnet

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Blog created

on Feb 20, 2017

On this site, we will blog about our experiences during the WAVE Trophy 2018.

The best way to read our blog is to install ZeroNet and the zero protocol handler in advance. After doing so, you can browse directly to zero://wavebtc.bit.

Alternatively, the blog is also reachable through a ZeroNet proxy such as e.g.
The links may not work every time. The second one randomly redirects to different proxy servers, some of which can be temporarily down, or don't allow adding new sites. If you get an error, just try again, or even better install ZeroNet.

ZeroNet doesn't need a server to work. So we don't have to neither buy hosting nor surrender control of our data. You are not tracked when you read our blog. We can edit our blog offline, and synchronize it to the the peer to peer network, when we have internet connection again. This is especially valuable on a tour where we won't have reliable internet connection everywhere.

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