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Range anxiety

on May 31, 2018

When I talk to people who drive fossil cars about electric mobility, range anxiety is always something that comes up rather quickly. It is also something that worried me a bit in the beginning. Electricity is everywhere, but if there is no fast charger, it can take a while to juice up. After driving an E.V. for a bit, range anxiety vanishes pretty quickly. The navigation system does an amazing job planning the required charges. It is also stunningly accurate calculating the state of charge at the destination. You get used to have a coffee or toilet break while the car charges on long distance trips. You also plug in the car while having a meal. After a while it becomes natural, and you don't even think about it any more.
Two weeks ago we went for a small hike and barbecue on the Zugerberg. When we returned to the parking area, a blue car which was parked just next to ours was about to leave. I had the impression they looked somewhat awkwardly at us. Later I found out that somebody slammed their door against the fender of my car. I found remains of blue paint on the dent. The moron just left, and didn't even leave a note.
My insurance approved to pay for the repair. So my neighbour who works in a car body repair shop, took the car right from home. He told me it would take three days to fix it. A full repaint of the fender and the scratched door was necessary. The insurance would also cover a loaner car. But I just used my vintage sports car again after a while, since I still have it.
During the three days I drove the Jaguar to work last week, I had more range anxiety than with the Tesla. Funny isn't it? When the fuel gauge indicated low and the warning light came on, I started calculating in my head how far I would still get. I started worrying if I had my wallet with me and enough money to pay for the gasoline. Instead of just plugging in at home over the night, I had to actually drive to a gas station. When I arrived there to fill the tank with toxic liquid, I had to wait next to the car and inhale the fumes until it was done. At least it was not freezing nor raining. I almost forgot in the past year how expensive fossil fuels are.

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