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WAVE Trophy 2018

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WAVE route on the car browser

on May 20, 2018

My car received a couple of over the air software updates lately. The change logs only showed minor improvements. Then somebody at a STOC meeting told me that the long promised browser update finally arrived. So I went to the car today to check if I also have the improved browser. Page loading times are still not impressive, but it was able to load a couple of pages that caused problems in the past.
One very useful site is the road condition report from TCS. It also shows what mountain passes are closed which the navigation system doesn't know.
Another web site that didn't load before was the one of the WAVE Trophy. Also this site loaded flawlessly today, albeit a bit slow the first time.
WAVE Trophy website in the Tesla browser
Thank you Tesla for making our cars even greater over time!

I read from lots of people who use the in car browser almost never, because they were not satisfied with its performance. But I use it actually quite a lot. The explanation might be unexpected at first. Part of the reason to buy this car was to save money in recurrent expenses. Yes it was a huge upfront investment. But we save big time with running costs. The most obvious is the electricity vs. fossil fuels. For the 40'000km I drove in the first year, I payed about CHF 600 for power. With gasoline it would have been about ten times more. Another saving opportunity is that I no longer have a mobile phone data plan. I have wifi at home and in the office. On the road the car has internet and allows me to browse all the info I need.

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