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Who we are and what we do

on Jun 11, 2016

We are a group of professionals with advanced degrees in fields that cover Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Literature. We provide tutoring service for a wide range of clients that include Chinese students of K12 and undergraduate level, foreign students who study and live in China. Our tutoring covers the following fields:

  • general English study;
  • general academic k12 study of all major fields;
  • English exam prep such as SAT, TOEFL, GCSE, IELTS;
  • AP exams prep of all major areas, such as AP Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, US History, and etc;
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Our teaching methodology and curriculum

on Jun 11, 2016

Most of our clients choose to study in one on one format. As a result, we design customized teaching curriculum for each and every student. Every student is different. They come from different background, have different personal traits, pursue different life goals. The only thing they share is they are all busy. As a result, a customized, targeted curriculum specially designed for each student is critical for their ultimate success.

For example, we have designed various teaching programs for English learning, including:

  • pd English (project development based English learning program);
  • Shakespeare English (learning the writing and style from the English grandmaster);
  • gg English (a learning method designed specially for boys who have interest in learning through talking to girls)
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Fee and Contact

on May 31, 2015

We generally charge by the class, each class typically scheduled for two hours. We generaly prefer face to face teaching. But sometimes skype based teaching can also be arranged. The fee is US$250 for one 2-hour class.

We also offer a comprehensive high value VIP tutoring package. Please click to the following site for details.

If you are interested, please drop us a note here, or send zeromail to:


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