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By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. Confucius

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Creating a site - more possibilities

on Jun 05, 2016 ·

image alt use cases, enhancements, curiosities

  • NullPaste
    You can clone it but you can customize the admin part(for ex. if you want to put another language) only by editing the files. The user side is however relatively flexible.
    Users can make private pastes(unlisted and encrypted) also and the content is accessible only with the provided link.
    Syntax check was tested for html and xml and seems to work.
    Deleting unwanted content or blocking unwanted users is possible only by editing files and eventually the database like by all other ZeroNet sites. As reading private entries is restricted even for admins by providing the link they would be anyway hardly moderable.
    The application has a high functioning reliability and high usability.
    Implementing a paste category could improve navigating in large paste listes.
    With the private feature from here could be enhanced the Talking sites functionality also.
  • Advanced Blogging Site
    I remarked that nofish have developed a new blogging board with 'TOC by date' and 'TOC by tag' as enhancements relative to the standard Blog site.
    After some testings I remarked that 'TOC by tag' produces some strange bug and can be observed only if you test it with a second computer/proxy/or VM.
    By consecutive manual or automatic reload of the page the number of tags will increase by 1 so after 50 small updates of your blog the visitors will see 50X more tags and the site will be unreadable.
    So I took for this blog only the original well tested Blog site and took over from the advanced Blog site only the 'TOC by date' menu customized here as 'Site index'.
  • Nanasi Text Board
    It is a kind of strange chat or text board but somehow I get the feeling that it has much more potential in it.
    Just clone Nanasi's text board then you have it. Customizing or administration you can do only editing the files.
    It is definitely less useful than the standard chat or the blogging site but combined with them could have more potential.
    The fully decentralized identification of the visitors could enhance ZN generally but in the actual form offers little spam resistance.
    Some proof of work could eventually improve it.
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Creating a site - the best possibilities

on Jun 04, 2016 · 1 min read ·

image alt use cases, weaknesses, suggestions

  1. Creating a static website with html, JS and eventually local DB:
    You just create it or just take it from elsewhere, put it in a valid site directory, then SiteSign and Publish.
    If you have to update a couple of times you will be frustrated with the bad network propagation by SitePublish(you need to do it more times).
  2. Creating a dynamic site interactively with ZN:
    Haha. You should be a good developer and know the ZN APIs before thinking on this.
  3. Cloning a working dynamic site, customizing and running it:
    They are some useful interactive website templates. All of them are lacking a good admin interface so if you want to use your admin right you need to edit the files. As I see there is a development request for this. Somebody could create it.
    Cloning is the best solution for the most users.
    --- Blogging site: You can clone it from here: Links
    This has the highest reliability and usability on ZN.
    After you cloned a working blog site, you customize it and you put articles on it. The visitors will be able to comment the different articles but only you can write new articles or modify them.
    --- Talking site: You can clone it from here: Links
    Just clone a working site, customize it then anybody can post an article and anybody can comment it.
    Also a high reliable application with moderate usability(less use cases then a blog site).
    --- Chat site: You can clone it from here: Links
    Again clone, customize and let the people talk on it.
    This could be a very useful application in ZN but it is not so reliable. The chats are not always working as the ZN connections seems to be not so stable. The messages of the others are sometimes appearing 8h later, and sometimes your messages are not propagating.
    Other problems:
    --- you don't know who is on the chat (not even the user-number corresponds)
    --- you don't have private chat rooms where you can speak with selected users only
    --- you don't have encrypted communication channel for the chat
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Creating a site - starting

on Jun 02, 2016

image alt Confucius has right, but imitating=cloning on ZN

Trying to create a site on ZeroNet with the easiest method.
So I am imitating an already created site with the easiest method.

  1. I am going on the terminal to the ZeroNet directory.
    From there: ..\Python\python.exe zeronet.py siteCreate
    Hurra. I have an own site with Hello 'generated address'.
    I customize to 'Hello testing'.
    -- siteSign 'generated address' 'private key'
    Seems to work.
    -- sitePublish 'generated address'
    A lot of error messages on the terminal.
    Locally I see my mini site with 'Hello testing' but not in another computer or on a proxy. Again siteSign, sitePublish. After a couple of times doing so and restarting ZN I can see it on a proxy or on another computer and sometimes on both.
    Now I put about 10 rows and I am trying to repeat it. No chance. Don't work.
    Another 10 sites created. Sometimes works, but 90% don't. Error messages just confusing. Browser restart or network restart sometimes help, sometimes deactivating tor, sometimes only computer restart and sometimes nothing. Very nasty experience creating such a simple static site.
  2. Cloning a ZN site. It works.
    Customizing also works. Site sign and publish works almost every time(90%).
    That was the imitation about what wrote Confucius 2500 years ago.
    So Confucius has right. But we must also know that imitation is cloning by ZN.
    Generally if you imitate the right people you will have always easy.
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Zeroverse Mail and ID - continuing

on Jun 01, 2016

image alt some discoveries and advancements but still confused

  • Now I have an account on zeroverse mail and on zeroid mail so what is the difference between the two? Investigating further I discover that still they are some differences(not only the address):
    -- From my zeroverse mailbox I can send to both zeroverse.bit and zeroid.bit addresses(from the same zeroid address) but from my zeronetwork address only to zeroid.bit addresses.
    -- Beside of this if I send to a zeroid address from my zeronetwork account with the same zeroid.bit address then it will appear only in my zeronetwork account. The same with sending from my zeroverse account.
  • Going on to get the zeroverse ID certificate I am informed that I should ask it on bitmessage or by zeroverse mail. Supposing that most of the ZN users don't have BM address I am trying also the simplest way and asking per mail. As I am in the Zeroverse account and want to have Zeroverse ID sending mail to Erkans Zeroverse address, which doesn't react.
    As I see here and on I should send Zeroverse ID request to erkan@zeroverse.bit but the system doesn't recognize this address as valid.
    Being creative I send to yilmazerkan@zeroverse.bit which appear as a valid address but nobody answers. After some time I send to his zeromail address also. Here seems to work. Thanks Erkan.
    I am sure it was a lot of work with Zeroverse, I just want to show where are still some inconsequences where someone may hang.
    Now I have a Zeroverse ID also and I can login with it in some ZN chats.
  • Now I am going to the final attack and want to send a testmail from my Zeroverse mail address. Testing a lot finally I came to the conclusion that I have a Zeroverse mail ID teszt@zeroverse.bit to login in chats with it but I don't have a teszt@zeroverse.bit email address. I also have a teszt zeroverse mail account from where I can send mail to existing ...@zeroverse.bit addresses.
  • Summary:
    -- Zeromail account - I have
    -- Zeromail address - I have
    -- Zeromail ID - I have
    -- Zeroverse account - I have
    -- Zeroverse address - NO, I don't have
    -- Zeroverse ID - I have
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Zeroverse Mail and ID - starting

on May 30, 2016

image alt hmmm, does not reflect usual logic and is confusing

With the zeroverse mail the confusion is even greater. As I thought I understood it and have one zeroverse address now I think maybe I don't have.
I came around to and here I registered a zeroverse mail address and I can look on sent and inbox where I have even some test mails.
On other places like chat it seems that I don't have zeroverse so it works differently then zeroid mail.
So let's look step by step in detail what causes the confusion:

  • I am expecting something like email but more decentralized and more anonymous inside of ZN but this doesn't fit somehow in this model
  • On I have teszt@zeroid.bit so on I registered with teszt again and I was expecting to have teszt@zeroverse.bit like it would be by a usual email provider.
  • Now I send an email message to erkan@zeroid.bit and receiving confirmation I thought I am registered but doesn't work as zeroverse ID.
  • Now I investigate my email and discover that from my zeroverse account I sent the email as teszt@zeroid.bit to Erkan and not as teszt@zeroverse.bit. So I am looking maybe I can change the sending address but there is no other way.
  • So this was the reason I couldn't login as teszt@zeroverse.bit because I don't have such an address. The descriptions about zeroverse and about the difference between zeroverse and zeromail are with technical details but doesn't explain this.
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First impressions

on May 29, 2016 ·

image alt it's OK but could be better

  • Installing(or decompressing) and starting:
    I used the archived version, so I decompressed and started it.
    With the description provided it was relatively easy to start both on windows and linux. However without any OS knowledge on terminal probably would be more difficult as some descriptions were not so accurate.
  • Visiting sites:
    Clicking in the browser is not much different from the clearnet so here everybody will come around.
  • ZeroMail:
    Registering Zeromail was without problems by but it was some confusion around as if you write to a zeroid address youremail@zeroid.bit it will not work only without @zeroid.bit. I needed some time to find this out.
    As I had no mails at all in my mailbox it came all the time a warning that my mailbox is almost full and I should increase the 10 Mb limit.
  • Chatting and commenting blogs:
    will work after having a zeroid mail.(which works also as own id)
  • My laptop became extremely noisy with processor load over 50% sometimes when running ZN so I started to delete seeded sites with games and sites with languages what I don't understand. Some sites I deleted 5-6 times as I came on it again and again. Time consuming. It could be helpful to have some feature to have a hint or warning in the browser that I have already deleted this site.(1 time or 10 times)
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on May 29, 2016

image alt very noble

  • first of all to the developers for the creation of ZeroNet !!!
  • for the visitors who are supporting ZN to have a censorship resistant network
  • for those who managed to create a site on ZN(for myself also)
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