Nanasi text board
Click "Create account" and select "***@nanasi" from the list popped up.
Note: If you want to remove the created @nanasi account, you need to remove the entry from zeronet/data/users.json yourself and restart ZeroNet.
Name:   Account:
ETA3mZ9J : No name : 8/9/2016, 1:57:42 AM   Account: tkarita@zeroid.bit
maybe it's openuser?
MppUQceg : No name : 8/9/2016, 1:54:48 AM   Account: tkarita@zeroid.bit
can't find the owner... site descriptions would be nice
70KcYvKW : No name : 8/9/2016, 1:46:15 AM   Account: tkarita@zeroid.bit
seems like is a good way to get things seeded quickly
IqHC5hqG : quadrangle : 8/8/2016, 11:58:47 PM   Account: 1HTLdwtBQqZDF@nanasi
Csf1WyAo : No name : 8/8/2016, 11:52:37 PM   Account: 1HTLdwtBQqZDF@nanasi
: :   Account:
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