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Avast Internet Security / Premier license files

on Jan 04, 2017

You probably need professional protection against the threats on the web. As you know hackers are releasing new viruses daily. You probably also know that the most antiviruses are just slowing down your PC. Avast is deferent. Avast are running a portion of their analysis in the Cloud - and not on your system where it can slow you down. They also have build it technology that captures unknown files and sends them to the Avast Threat Labs for real-time analysis to keep you safe. So what are you waiting for download faster, lightweight protection that won’t slow you down.
Oh, I forgot to mention that you can chose whichever you want because I also have licenses for that! :D

Avast License Files

To activate the license file first extract the file and then just double click on the license file which you selected.

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