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ZeroNet many newcomers may not know a few tips

on Apr 16, 2016

ZeroNet many newcomers may not know a few tips

Mouse over the above post/blog/title, pencil icons appear on the left, click the pencil icon to edit the post/blog/title, you can also delete a post/blog. Edit when there is a question mark at the bottom of the page, clicking on it will appear Markdown formatting help (for Markdown more detailed usage here and here), can write very simple of typesetting beautiful like this post/blog (Markdown source this article here, welcomes the reference, dissemination)
A 0 icon in top right corner of each page, hold it with the mouse, drag to the left, there will be lots of information about the page, also do a lot of settings, not quickly try it!
ZeroID registered account, remember to Create my mailbox at ZeroMail, or you cannot send encrypted mail to you.
ZeroNet what station? Please see ZeroNet collection sites and search engines
"Attention" function: this station or other stations, if there are concerns or Follow the Word button, after you click, a menu will pop up, post/Blog/Posts is ticked by default, is concerned the station posts, comments/Comments If you click on the menu to make it tick, it is together with the post/blog comments with concern. After concern, will be in your ZeroHello Home Newsfeed to see your updates. Unfollow is the inverse of the above operations.
Create your own blog/Forum/... Super simple method, see here
Backup your ZeroNet account/private key: ZeroBundle\ZeroNet\data\users.json this file when your bitcoin wallet, this file is missing/damaged and if you don't have a backup, you will not be able to operate your account/Web site. Backup this file is very important. Just put the file on the in-situ overwritten by a restore. If you want to reinstall/transfer ZeroNet, key is the file.
ZeroNet upgrade methods, see here
Proxy setting method: Add the parameter--proxy (port set to own) to start the ZeroNet and add methods, see anonymous below in the relevant section of the operating parameters open Tor always mode automatically (if you want to set the Tor proxy, please see that section)
Anonymous: is there need to be anonymous, depends on what you publish something anonymous and knowledge see here

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on Apr 16, 2016
  1. 鼠标移到帖子/博文/标题的上方,左边出现铅笔的图标,点击铅笔图标以后能够编辑帖子/博文/标题,还可以删除帖子/博文。编辑的时候页面下方有个问号,点击它会出现markdown格式的帮助信息(有关markdown更详细的用法看这里这里),能够很简单地写出像本文那样排版优美的帖子/博文(本文markdown源码在这里,欢迎参考、传播)
  2. 每个页面的右上角有个0图标,用鼠标按住它,向左拖拽,就会出现很多关于该页面的很多信息,还能做很多设置,还不赶快试一下!
  3. 在ZeroID注册好帐号后,记得在ZeroMail里点Create my mailbox,否则别人不能给你发加密邮件。
  4. ZeroNet上有哪些站?请看ZeroNet站点集合 & 搜索引擎
  5. “关注”功能:本站或其他站,如果有关注Follow字样的按钮,你点击后,就会弹出一个菜单,默认情况帖子/博文/Posts是打勾的,就是已经关注了这个站的帖子,如果点击菜单里的评论/Comments使之打勾,那么就是连同帖子/博文的评论也一同关注。关注以后,就会在你的ZeroHello首页的Newsfeed里看到你关注的内容更新。取消关注就是以上的逆操作。
  6. 创建自己博客/论坛/...的超简单方法见这里
  7. 备份你的ZeroNet帐号/私钥:ZeroBundle\ZeroNet\data\users.json这个文件相当于你的比特币钱包,这个文件丢失/损坏而你又没备份的话,你就无法操作你的帐号/网站了。所以把这个文件备份出来很重要。恢复时只需把这个文件放到原位覆盖即可。如果你要重新安装/迁移ZeroNet,关键也是这个文件。
  8. 升级ZeroNet的方法见这里
  9. 代理设置方法:添加参数--proxy --disable_udp(端口设成自己的)来启动ZeroNet,添加方法见下文匿名相关一节里的使用运行参数自动打开Tor always模式(如果你想设置Tor为代理,也请看那一节)
  10. 匿名相关:是否有需要匿名,要看你发布什么东西,匿名设置和相关知识见这里
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on May 31, 2015

Your zeronet blog has been successfully created!

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