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Tusiko's Tavern

My blog about Zeronet and other unimportant things.

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Back To The Daily Routine

on Jan 01, 2019 ·

tag: work routine holiday

Tomorrow the daily routine is back and the Christmas holiday is gone. Wake up early, work in the office. Leaving the house in the dark, coming back when it is dark again.
Now I have to wait till spring, when the next holiday begins.
But one good news: Now the days are getting longer again. We have winter, okay. But we are running fast to the spring. I hope so.
The bad news: I will have less time for ZeroNet. I hope to get on every evening. We will see.

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Happy New Year!

on Dec 31, 2018 ·
1 comment

tag: 2018 Sylvester

I wish everybody in ZeroNet a happy new year. Stay as you are and go your own way. You will do it right.
We see us again in January 2019!

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New Domain For Tusiko's Tavern!

I am very happy to announce the new domains for both addresses of Tuskio's Tavern. From now on you can go to: - My Englisch blog - Mein deutscher Blog

This was possible with the great support of zboy@zeroid.bit. I really thank you for your patience and motivation. Great job, bro!

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Whonix Changes The Virtual Machine

Whonix changes from Virtual Box to Qemu/KVM.
They write on their site:

Recently, the VirtualBox developer team have taken the decision to switch out the BIOS in their hypervisor with one that requires compilation by a toolchain that does not meet the definition of Free Software as per the guidelines of the Free Software Foundation. This move has been deemed problematic for free and open source software projects like Debian, on which > Whonix is based.

Here is an excellent installation guide and some sentences for the reason of changing the virtual machine.

I installed it on my Arch Linux and it works with Zeronet.

Screenshot Zeronet in Whonix

A guide for the Zeronet installation in Whonix is here

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19 Years Ago - The Big Fear Of The Y2K-Bug

on Dec 26, 2018 ·

tag: Y2K, Bug, Fear, Time

In some days we start into the next year - 2019. I remember on the good old times in the 90th, when many things in the digital world where growing up. The big time of many computer pioneers. The WWW and Linux were born, a start of a great friendship. Tor and other today well known deep webs were not born and the people used the good old Usenet, newsgroups, IRC and mails.
But at the end of the 90th a big fear of particularly apocalyptic dimensions (some really thoughts that) was running around the world.

The big Y2K-Bug

Younger people perhaps don't know it. In the 70th and 80th the most computer conquered the world. Storage was rare and expensive. And so the numbers for the date had only 2 digits. :-)
A really little change for the reader from 1990 to 90. But for an operating system is was the end of all stories. What about the year 2000? You asume right. Every OS would start at the beginning to count 00. But this was implemented in the systems as 1900.

What happened you can see here:

Y2K Bug in Nantes, France
source: Von Bug de l'an 2000 - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14719963

It sounds like a funny story, but in fact the people were in fear of problems with banking systems, security systems and computer in the military and industry. And most of the big companies invested enormous amounts of money to solve this bug in 1999. Appreciated $600,000,000 was the amount of damage costs due to this bug in the year 2000.

Two simple missing digits has feared the whole world in the late 90th.

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Merry Christmas

on Dec 23, 2018 ·

tag: Christmas

I wish every reader of this blog and all users of ZeroNet merry Christmas.
Health and happiness are the most important things in life and invaluable.
Merry Christmas

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A view to Puppy Linux - My favorite one

I really love working with many different operating systems. Some of them I use for daily work and some others I am just playing with to see, how they work. Perhaps I will try to introduce some of them here from time to time.

One of my absolutely favorite Linux systems is Puppy Linux. You can get several different flavors of it, I use Bionic Beaver, coming from Ubuntu. One word first: Puppy Linux is no fork of any Linux distro. The devs take the best of several systems together and build a completely new distro - Puppy Linux.
Take a look at their website.

I chose Bionic Beaver and worked before with Xenial Pup. Here is a screenshot from Bionic Beaver:

Puppy Linux - Bionic Beaver

How does it work?

Fast. Incredible fast. Puppy Linux is a live-os and you can run it from every CD/DVD/USB-Stick, whatever you like. You can even install it (frugal install) to the harddrive. Further you can set an encrypted partition for your own data. Every saved settings or data is provided there and nobody can visit them. It is a LUKS encryption, as used in many Linux distros.
After booting the whole system is build into the RAM, what makes it absolutely fast, even on old machines. No other system can be faster on your machine. I use it on my old eeePC with 2 GB RAM and it works fantastic.

Puppy Linux - Bionic Beaver

You can just shut down your system, put off the USB-Stick with Puppy Linux and use it at the next machine. Where ever you like it to use.

What's in it?

Puppy Linux comes with many, many software for nearly every purpose. Most of the default apps are lightweight (of course), but very useful. The devs made a very good job here. With the packet manager you can install much more software. But again, it is not Ubuntu.
$ apt-get does not work. But you will not miss a thing.
Bigger packets like LibreOffice can be loaded on the fly with an *.sfs file. It is similar to an app image. You can download it, load it and work with it. If you don't need it anymore, you can unload it to save RAM space.
Browsers, Chat, Mail, Text-Editor, Spreadsheet-Editor, PGP, Picture Viewer and Editor, everything is on board.

Where is the catch?

There is no. One may say, you only work with a single user, root. That is right. But consider, everything is running in the RAM. Reboot your machine and everything is fresh and new. It is a good system to even do online-banking. When the system is loaded, you can put off your USB-Stick and just work on. Nothing can happen to your stick.

Puppy Linux - Bionic Beaver

Puppy Linux has a big active and friendly community. Go to the website and join the forums. There is a #puppylinux channel on Freenode IRC.
I recommended to give it a try and I appreciate you will use it. Really.

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Why I like to use old computer

I really like to use some old computer for my work and my hobby. There are good reasons not to buy a new machine, when an old one is damaged or too slow.
I am no gamer. My passion is the work with Linux distributions, some exotic other operating systems and, of course, darknets. This doesn't need very powerful machines.
All started with my sons. Some day they wanted to buy a new machine with their money and I asked, what's up with the old one. Garbage, was the answer. I could not accepted this and gave them some money for their old machines (which I payed before as well ;-) ).
Now I had two old computers and thought about their future purpose. Well, one got the home network server for all of us and the other one served a website and a router in I2P. Unfortunately both needed much electricity to work. That was not really very the best for my money.
Long story short, I went into the next shop and bought two Raspberry Pi's 2, which took over the tasks as the old computers. One of them works even today as a media server in the living room.
At next my workmate asked me, if I liked to get a second-hand Laptop. He was not so lucky with it. I got it very cheap, an Asus E1-731 17'' Laptop. I inserted 8 GB RAM and a new Hybrid SSD/HD with 1 TB. I works like a charm and is my most used machine till today. It is more then 4 years old now.
I bought myself a new machine as well. 2009 I bought an Asus eeePC 1101HA for about 300 EUR.

Asus eeePC 1101HA

This old thing works with an 1.3 GHz Intel Atom processor, 2 GHz RAM and the baddest GPU forever, the "legendary" Intel GMA 500. But it works. Originally there was Windows XP installed, but I installed immediately Lubuntu on it. Much better. For some years now I use it with Puppy Linux on an USB-Stick, which boots all into RAM and works very fast (makes the best out of this crappy machine). I'm writing this text with it. I usually work with the Tor browser and Zeronet (ssh with port forwarding) without any problems. Even the Chromium browser for daily tasks works well. At the end I love this Netbook. It works till today and is nearly every day in use. Tough boy!

If one of these two Laptops will be unusable, because it is really to slow for the net or damaged, I will buy the next second-hand Laptop. In the years I found several ones in the garage of a neighbors or in a storeroom of a school or in drawer of an old desk of my friend. I didn't took these, because I have two laptops and two Raspberry Pi's (One RP 3 was bought new).
I do not understand, why people throw good machines away, only to have the newest stuff. It is the same with smartphones. Why do people order every 2 years a new one? The "old" one is okay. My Android phone is 5 years old and works. I'm waiting for the first real Linux Phone, perhaps the Purism Librem 5, but that is another story.

I recommended to think twice, if a computer is really garbage to give away. Why do I need a big desktop computer, which needs 100W up to 500W per hour only to write an article in Zeronet? I don't know.
If you have an old Laptop, which you don't need, and you are living in the near of me, call me. I take it for the next years. ;-)

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ZeroNet, Tor and IPFS on a Raspberry Pi

On December 12th I published an article about using ZeroNet, Tor and I2P parallel on a Raspberry Pi 3. Click here.

A few days ago, December 16th, I changed this and stopped I2P. I installed IPFS instead and let it run 24/7 together with Tor and ZeroNet.
It works like a charm. I publish 2 websites myself in ZeroNet. I am connected with about 50 other sites, have activated all ZeroMe hubs and I am connected to 54 from 2432 peers.
IPFS is working as a daemon and publishes one website. It is connected to between 690 and 1300 peers. Incoming and outgoing data is up to 4MB/s in a peak.
Tor works only to support ZeroNet and does not host or serve anything.

The RP 3 needs with this configuration about 610MB from 936MB RAM. So there is enough space left for some tasks. It works with 30% - 50% of the CPU resources and even here is enough space left to let the whole system properly.
I am very happy with the little busy friend and it is a good idea to test it. The RP 3 is cheap and needs about 5 EUR per year for electricity.
I recommended Arch Linux 32bit ArmV7 instead of the common Raspian because of less resource consumption. Arch Linux works very fast and is highly flexible for all purposes. Give it a try.

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Check the bandwidth used by Zeronet

on Dec 20, 2018
tag: Stats Zeronet

To check how much bandwidth ZeroNet is using, you can use the ZeroHello page, dragging the topright 0 button to left.
There is another nice tool implemented in ZeroNet, called Stats.
You find it here at the per connection statistic page:

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Issue with comment reply

Actually I have a problem with replying any comment. After writing a reply I save the post, sign and try to publish it.
But now I get the following error:
But the information of this site shows that there should be space enough. I extended the space up to 100 MB.
Site Info

The solution came from @caryoscelus

"It's a different setting. 10K is per user comments, to change that admin needs >to edit content.json. Is this happening on your site?"

I edited the file 1FMGApV8HfFdq8wX8vvfn27twHhyFPVM7N/data/users/content.json and set the max. size from 10MB up to 100MB.
After that I had to open my blog again, go into the admin settings on the right side and sign and publish the data/content.json again.
Now all works fine.

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BTC down to $3200

The Bitcoin (BTC) was falling down last week to around $3200. The value in October this year was about $6800. That is a loss of more than 50% in 10 weeks.
Who knows where the journey goes to?
Most cryptocurrencies have the same problem and all values are falling down. Some people says, that BTC is dead and it is true that the BTC lost massively on value after the last big fork to Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
In China many BTC miners are closing their doors and stop mining, because the effort to grab BTC is higher than the earnings. The massive need of energy to mine the BTC makes the process unprofitable.
I hope that the BTC will survive, but the high times seems to be over.
For now.

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Blocking users and sites

on Dec 18, 2018
tag: blocklist block user site

In the actual Zeronet 0.6.5 rev. 3670 the blocking of users and sites does not work without issues.
It is possible to use one or all of the blocklists, but this does not work permanent. After some time (I don't know how long) the lists are empty and one can read again stuff from these spammers and visit the blocked sites without warnings.
Blocklist MOAB
The same is with blocking content or users individually over ZeroHello or ZeroMe.
@nofish published that this issue is fixed in the rev. 3679, coming soon.
So with the next update blocking should work fine and permanently.

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ZeroNet Search on ZeroHello

on Dec 17, 2018 ·

tag: tutorial search zeronet

Most Zeronet zites are searchable, including ZeroMe. And the search is easy and fast to be done.
Just open your start page of ZeroNet, ZeroHello. On the upper side you find in the middle an entry field, where you can insert your search query. The result is an instant search in all connected zites.
You can filter your search to get better results by inserting the zite name.
Examples: You like to search in ZeroMe
Same with ZeroTalk
This works not with every zite, you are connected to. As in the comments from @caryoscelus written, this function only searches through databases, so static (or semi-static) content will be not be searched.

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Tusiko's Taverne is opened

on Dec 17, 2018 ·

tag: Tusikos-Taverne deutsch

I published a blog in German language. The topics are the same as here and I publish it in ZeroNet and IPFS.
Tusiko's Taverne in ZeroNet
Tusiko's Taverne in IPFS

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