In this page you can read and download some knowledge related to occult/Satanism.

Hello, and Glory to Satan! 卐

Everything you find here, such as PDF files, are totally free. You can freely republish and share all the files you find here as long as you don't modify them. Some of you may never heard about Spiritual Satanism, in this case, I suggest you to visit Joy of Satan website: [ENG|ITA]

ZeroHell's documents

Here you can find articles we write and publish.

  • About recent terrorism attacks in Europe [Link|PDF]

Satanism Wiki

Satanism Wiki was a website where me and some other Satanists used to post knowledge about Kundalini serpent. Now the site is offline, and we don't plan to make it ever available again. However, we would like to share some of the knowledge we posted in sswiki as free PDF files.

  • Serpent's magic [PDF]
  • Ways to rise the Kundalini serpent [PDF]
  • Serpent's mind [PDF]
  • Cobra breath by Kai Purr [PDF]
  • Making your surrounding Satanic [PDF]
  • Guide to ectoplasm [PDF]
  • Guide to clearing blocks [PDF]
  • Guide to deal with insecurities [PDF]
  • Full 666 meditation [PDF]
  • Meditation program for beginners [PDF]
  • List of meditations included in the meditation program [PDF]

Joy Of Satan

  • There is a page from Joy of Satan about Philosopher's Stone. It is no more available on JoS, but we found it on Italian Joy of Satan website. We translated it from Italian to English, adjusted some informations about the correct chakra to put the stone in, and posted it here. The correct chakra is the Sacral one, instead of Heart chakra.
  • Philosopher's Stone: [Link|PDF]
  • We found difficult to find HP Vovim's book on internet, so we think it would be useful to share it here.
  • HP Vovim's book: [PDF]


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  • Everyone who is watching and peering this page.
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