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on Mar 02, 2016

ZeroNet! Hello! The idea of decentralized data is great. It can provide a wonderful method to spread information, even though it's niche now, my contributions can help provide the community with more content that would be uncomfortable to post on any other clear/dark/gnu(net). I feel it's a red flag to post content on anything other than the clearnet, until ZeroNet with Tor. Likewise with clearnet, as it can easily be traced back to my identity. This provides a happy medium for now, we will see :P

However the concerns I have for security vulnerabilities such as XSS and no control for trusting a new site that is posted in the chat or anywhere on the main ZeroNet pages. The ZeroNet Docs page refers to how the sites are sandboxed, but what happens if when someone finds a way to execute code outside of it. Also the docs quote, "You are in full control of what you are hosting. If you find suspicious content you can stop hosting the site at any time." The possibility of a bot or group of bots that will seed mirrors of a malicious site and fool users into thinking it's legitimate by number of seeds. It is an opinionated speculation, but more feasible as the population for this takes off.

Here is my zeroid email if you have any suggestions, comments, or you just want to say hi: lucky@zeroid.bit

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