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BinChan's ZeroNotes

Messy Notes about using ZeroNet and other things
All code published here are under CC-BY-SA licence, if not compatible, then MIT license X)

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Install Numpy on Mobile Phone

on Jul 22, 2019 · less than 1 min read
tag: not tagged

Taking a deep learning online course and numpy skill becomes essential. For some causes I failed to compile numpy using pip on Termux, though there is a tutorial by this method online. And here is my solution:

  1. install Termux
  2. Add its-poinless repo [ref] (I failed to use wget to download the script, curl works for me):

    pkg install curl
    curl -O https://its-pointless.github.io/setup-pointless-repo.sh
    bash setup-pointless-repo.sh
  3. pkg install numpy and done.

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Installing ZeroNet py3 version by Termux on Android

on Jun 24, 2019 · 1 min read
tag: not tagged

How to install:

  1. Get Termux from F-droid
  2. Open Termux and run the one-line command below or do them one by one:
    pkg upgrade && pkg install clang curl make python-dev git grep c-ares-dev libev-dev openssl-tool automake pkg-config libtool libffi-dev && git clone -b py3 https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/ ZeroNet-py3 && cd ZeroNet-py3 && pip install --upgrade pip && pip install virtualenv && virtualenv zeronet && source zeronet/bin/activate && python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

A qrcode for your convenience ;)

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Reading Log for Analysis I

on Apr 13, 2019 · 17 min read
tag: not tagged

Just for backup, nothing interesting :P

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Coding is Harmful for Health

on Aug 19, 2018 · 2 min read ·

tag: not tagged

Excuse me for using such a horrific title, it's translated from a toot of a young Japanese hacker, so not my idea :P and actually I'm not going to shitpost the bad of coding, but to share my experience about dealing with health issues, especially neck pain [Kiwipedia mirror], for longtime working with computer.

In common we are sitting when using computer, and when coding or doing other things, like gaming, many people may keep on using computer for several hours and even more than half a day, time table of some hardcore/dead skull/superhuman can be 20h/7d/.., but unfortunately we all have a vulnerable body ;_;

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Notes Update Log

on Jun 13, 2018 · 3 min read ·

tag: log

20/09/18 ZeroNet General Dark Theme Ver. 2 fixes ZeroHello, removes old userstyle.css.

13/06/18 Local ZeroMail Bot add Local ZeroMail Bot zite to my messy repo for code transparency and security, also add solution to prevent storing contact list in plaintext. You can find them in FAQ 1.

01/06/18 ZeroNet General Dark Theme Ver. 2 works for Firefox > 57 now! Find it in the Edit section.

14/03/18 Local ZeroMail Bot add security suggestion in FAQ 1: remove subject, body (or even send_from) to avoid storing ZeroMail in plaintext.

24/01/18 Setup A Clearnet Proxy for ZeroNet add Edit 1: more secure way to start ZeroNet server for clearnet thanks to Lxpz's config.

30/12/17 My ZeroBlog Goes Dark Now add Edit 1: now I also provide an option to view my blog in white theme, simply click the link in left panel for it.

13/12/17 Add Experimental History Diff to the Current ZeroWiki add ZeroHello feed query code and screenshot.
A Dark Theme for ZeroNet add json format of the style and new method to install and update the dark theme.

10/12/17 Some Experience with Pebble Time Recently add Edit 2: List of highest funded crowdfunding projects from Wikipedia.

15/11/17 Updated ZeroBlog with Tag Index and Mobile Support source code is now available on Git Center.

11/11/17 ZeroMessage: ZeroChat as a Widget for Any Zite! improve code for better compatibility again and easier installation (still a little buggy for ZeroBlog, etc), also now you can check my messy repo on Git Center for the changes.

29/10/17 The Ultimate ZeroNet Mobile Guide add alert for ZeroNet-kivy Android app.

09/10/17 Some Experiments about ZeroHello Feed add PS1, I can receive feed from ZeroMail now, but meaningless.

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Idea: CDN Zite

on Jun 10, 2018 ·

tag: idea zeronet

Guess it's a common knowledge that CDNs help a lot reducing resource cost/redundancy. But for clearnet, CDNs are also perfect trackers.. Currently ZeroNet only has a third party CDN zite, but I don't know if any zite used/is using it. There is also CodeR, which hosts quite many popular libraries and works as jsfiddle alternative, you may like to check out this beautiful particletrain by Nofish. One of ZeroNet's greatness is lightweight (as my main node is in a Rasperry Pi 2, and IPFS is now stuck as a resource hog afaik), but still all official zites and many popular zites are using same/similiar libraries, but they need to have their own replica and can't share them.

Think it's a good idea (iirc some fellows on ZeroNet mentioned it before) to have an useful/official/popular CDN zite, but to prevent bad things happening, e.g. an evil hacker hacked the pc of the owner of the CDN zite, got the private key, changed/deleted part of it and crashed half of ZeroNet (like this Nodejs example), it's better that this CDN zite is blockchain-like:

  1. the owner/moderator of it can only add new version/lib/content, but can't delete old version. There is already a POC blockchain-based zite btw.

  2. it can't be deleted.

  3. except some core libs, most libs are optional, so not all users need to host all libs (like ZeroID zite, archived json data files are optional).

3 is probably easy, 1 and 2 need extra implementation. Guess it's also ok that by default all users pause the CDN zite, and only add new files/libs if a new zite requests it, and when updating the CDN zite, there is a checking algorithm that prevents bad things from happening.

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My ZeroNet Clearnet Proxy Setup

on May 28, 2018 · 2 min read
tag: zeronet nginx

I set up a personal clearnet proxy last year, but I didn't post my personal tweak at that time. Now I post it here:

I don't use the multi-user plugin, instead I add password protection in the nginx site config:

server {
    server_name zeronet.mydomain.tld;

    location / {
        auth_basic "Restricted Content";
        auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/.htpasswd;

And here is the tutorial I used: How To Set Up Password Authentication with Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04

So only I can access ZeroHello of my clearnet proxy. But I also want to share some specific zites to normal visitors, and here is my tweak:

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My Android Experience and Self-defense Guide

on May 27, 2018 · 3 min read
tag: android tutorial

For celebrating Android receiving a court complaint that is worth €3.7 billion because of GDPR, write some of my Android experience and self-defense guide~

I started using Android (as a toy but not as a phone :3) with a second-hand Acer Liquid A1 (OS version is probably 2.1 [ref]) in 2010 and at that time I still had no any concept about personal data and privacy. I was using Nokia (N73, 5800) as my main phone and later switched to Blackberry (9700, Q10). My second Android phone is the one I'm holding now - YotaPhone 2, which was bought in Aug. 2016.

And now begins the guide :3

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Test a video by CORS

on May 10, 2018 · 1 min read
tag: zeroblog cors

Test inserting a video from my 0-Share, before I wrote a post about how to insert video into ZeroBlog, but I didn't test CORS at that time, recently I found Geekless is creating ZeroBlog++ XD, and it requires read permission to a ZeroUp clone, so let me take a try:

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My ZeroNet Mobile Setup

on May 08, 2018 · less than 1 min read ·

tag: zeronet mobile

I host a ZeroNet node in a Raspberry Pi 2 in my home and by remote mode, all my mobile devices, including my laptop can use it.

I use the Linux Deploy app and create an independent node in my Yotaphone 2 (Android 5) and in background it can keep running for more than one day, though I always shut it down when I don't use it and only seed a dozen zites, everytime it costs 5-10 MB to update all zites, and the battery can probably last for about 8 hours if I keep surfing on ZeroNet with the eink screen.

Also I have my personal ZeroNet clearnet proxy running in a VPS. So I can securely access ZeroNet anywhere by any device.

So actually I can use 3 ZeroNet nodes at the same time with my phone :3

Btw, on the left panel of this blog there is link to ZeroNet Mobile Guide, if you didn't know it yet ;)


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ZeroNet General Dark Theme Ver. 2

on Apr 26, 2018 · 3 min read ·

tag: zeronet css

This is a customizable ZeroNet general dark theme. It works for all official and many unofficial zites. For the custom feature, currently only official zites are well supported, other zites will be gradually polished. A light theme is also included, but I will only maintain it for official zites, it would be nice if someone maintained the light version for other zites. Some zites may have side effects, that some bright elements are still not changed. You can try it yourself, ask me to modify them or temporarily disable the theme.

This theme is implemented as a userstyle, needs Stylus or Stylish (ver. 2.0.x) addon. Because of a bug in Firefox > 57, so only Firefox < 56 + Stylish (ver. 2.0.x) and Chrome + Stylus are supported. [Edit] The new version of Stylish addon is not recommended, as it is not opensource, collects user data and even violates GPL license, for details please take a look at the comments in this article.

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ZeroNet General Dark Theme Next Pre-release

on Apr 23, 2018 · less than 1 min read ·

tag: zeronet

The userstyle.css file is available here, for instruction please check the old tutorial. Later I will create another detailed instruction, so please don't ask how use it right now :P Any suggestion will be appreciated. And.. enjoy ;D



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Added A Base64 Background Image

on Apr 22, 2018 · 1 min read ·

tag: css

Yet some css magic, copied from a Github Dark Theme:

body {
background-image: url();
background-clip: border-box;
background-origin: padding-box;
background-attachment: scroll;
background-repeat: repeat;
background-size: auto;
background-position: left top;

Now my messy ZeroNotes looks a bit less boring, if you agree X)

Type 2:

  body {
  body, body.loaded .right, .comment {
    background-color: #2c2c2c !important;

body is the whole page, .right and .comment is the right panel. Find sth weird :3 They are set with the same color~ aka Optical Illusion

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ZeroNet Banners

on Apr 21, 2018 · less than 1 min read ·

tag: zeronet

As you see, the left panel of this blog has a ZeroNet banner and it's linked to ZeroNet github repo. It looks quite nice, isn't it :D You can get it from the folder of this blog /path/to/zeronet/data/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/img/, including two versions, one for light background, one for dark background ;)

Also the idea is from ssdifnskdjfnsdjk, you can check this topic on ZeroTalk with Images for more.

And here are some other nice banners or pictures for ZeroNet:

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Some Statistics of ZeroMe

on Apr 19, 2018 · 3 min read
tag: zerome stats

At the time of this writing, ZeroMe has around 13100 registered users. The data is available in All Users page and is based on ZeroMe user registry hub. When a new user registers a ZeroMe account with ZeroID, a piece of the user's data will be added there, so this number is pretty accurate, except that some users registered ZeroMe with a different ID provider (yep, I also have some :P).

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