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BinChan's ZeroNotes

Messy Notes about using ZeroNet and other things
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21 hours ago · 2 min read ·

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ZeroNet Banners

on Apr 21, 2018 · less than 1 min read
tag: zeronet

As you see, the left panel of this blog has a ZeroNet banner and it's linked to ZeroNet github repo. It looks quite nice, isn't it :D You can get it from the folder of this blog /path/to/zeronet/data/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9/img/, including two versions, one for light background, one for dark background ;)

Also the idea is from ssdifnskdjfnsdjk, you can check this topic on ZeroTalk with Images for more.

And here are some other nice banners or pictures for ZeroNet:

ZeroNet Wordcloud, discovered from /r/zeronet:

WordCloud_2017_nofish.png.jpg (0x0)

ZeroNet rocket, shared by PepeCyB on Diaspora:

zeronet_rocket.png (0x0)


user_name1 day ago
binchan2on Apr 21, 2018

ssdifnskdjfnsdjk: Hi, mentioned site with banners sometimes does not load for me, so here is a mirror.

Thx for the work! It's probably a bug from ZeroTalk with Images. It doesn't work directly opening it, but it works when visiting the main page first then enter that topic. I change the link from
and it now works for both Firefox and Chrome, may need a page refresh

ssdifnskdjfnsdjkon Apr 21, 2018

Hi, mentioned site with banners sometimes does not load for me, so here is a mirror.

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