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BinChan's ZeroNotes

Messy Notes about using ZeroNet and other things
All code published here are under CC-BY-SA licence, if not compatible, then MIT license X)

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Updated ZeroBlog with Tag Index and Mobile Support

on Jul 15, 2017
tag: mobile zeroblog

There is a ZeroBlog that supports tag and date index, but it's based on an old version, which doesn't support alloy-editor and image inserting yet. I use the awesome meld tool and merge the code base, also add experimental mobile support ;)

Bildschirmfoto_2017-07-15_17-09-41.png (24x24)

Get it from this zite if you don't need the buggy (:P) ZeroMessage plugin. Also the source code is available on Git Center.

You can clone the blog from 3-dot menu near the zite on ZeroHello, but you may prefer to merge it to your present blog:
Backup your blog first, then edit the content.json in your blog root directory and change the "cloned_from": "..." to "cloned_from": "15mSYzsDxzarssqtV1pFPKqoCTaLdjVB2f", then go to ZeroHello, from the site option (click the 3-dot button near your blog) and choose Upgrade code. That's all.

If it doesn't work, simply copy all the folders and files except content.json and data folder in the root directory of your blog (which contains your blog data and user comments). Finally from the config panel (drag the "0" button to left to open it), sign and publish your new blog, reload and rebuild your database. You may also need to restart your web browser to refresh the css code.

Bugs and Troubleshootings:

[Fixed] There's a little random chance that tags will duplicate themselves... It's bug that already exists in the original version. The author even places the relative code on the top of the js file:

//I don't know how to write this function as coffee script
//it's been called at two place and I don't know how to use
//-> => @ correctly
function tagToHtml(tag){
  if (typeof tag === 'string'){
    //input parameter must not empty nor have duplicate
    tag = tag.split(" ");

  if (tag.length==0) {
    return "<a href='?Toc=tagNone'>not tagged</a>";    
  var ret = "";

  for (i in tag){
    value = tag[i]
    ret+=("<a href='?Toc=tag:"+encodeURIComponent(value)+"'>"+value+"</a> ");
  return ret;

Reload the page solves the problem.
Hope you enjoy it ;)

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