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21 hours ago · 2 min read ·

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Check if a zite connected to clearnet

on Mar 24, 2017
tag: privacy zeronet

Tips to check if a zite links to clearnet:

  1. Right click the page and select inspect Element, then under inspector, search page content with http. These are almost some static links, if you don't click them, they shouldn't cause problem, except that they are used in the javascripts. But my knowledge is limited, there may be some types of link that I miss.
  2. Also with inspect Element tools, choose Debugger, click every js file and search page content with #http. Javascripts can contain lots of traps to security and privacy, besides malware, it can use to record every interaction you do with the browser, including scrolling, clicking, typing, etc. I don't have enough study to give cases and details, but I recommend two add-ons: Noscript and Librejs. Unfortunately we need to allow the whole domain to make ZeroNet work, and when using Librejs, one script (pasted below) can't mark as whitelist and zites are totally unfunctional, but you can still add the domain to whitelist and learn what kinds of javascript it is blocking.

  3. Do it again under Stylesheet Editor tag. Stylesheet sometimes uses outside sources like images, loading buffers. These are quite harmless, but still can use to track your Internet activities (when do you surf the website).

Anything lacking? (hmm, like maybe someone also links its zite to ftp server )

And a perfect workaround: use Tor browser but disable Torbutton and TorLauncher add-on, then your browser will never connect to clearnet X)

PS: But still... Website owner can use javascript to send your activities to clearnet website.

Also, everytime starting Icecat (another Firefox fork) it will connect to https://check.torproject.org/, I guess Torbrowser is same, if you care, maybe you can install foxyproxy addon and setup a fake proxy for it.

PS2: Relative Info & link

# Script that can't mark as whitelist

NONTRIVIAL: innerHTML identifier

document.getElementById("inner-iframe").src = "about:blank"
document.getElementById("inner-iframe").src = "\/1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9\/\?wrapper_nonce\=4c208d3bd54159651e6e38f1f0fe7fbb128e4d81a39551d4319a826dadc66dd3"
address = "1EiMAqhd6sMjPG2tznkkGXxhdwFBDdeqT9"
wrapper_nonce = "4c208d3bd54159651e6e38f1f0fe7fbb128e4d81a39551d4319a826dadc66dd3"
wrapper_key = "ae3b0071b41099815adf03de668d274981f59c9d45d2abdca38b8126916e0f75"
postmessage_nonce_security = true
file_inner_path = "index.html"
permissions = []
show_loadingscreen = false
server_url = ''

if (typeof WebSocket === "undefined")
document.body.innerHTML += "

<div class="unsupported">Your browser is not supported please use [Chrome or Firefox](http://outdatedbrowser.com).</div>


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user_name1 day ago
ssdifnskdjfnsdjkon Dec 18, 2018

I am blocking some known tracking networks using uBlock origin browser extension and and some known CDN using https://decentraleyes.org/test/

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