Fenix is the European alternative to Bitcoin, a new cryptocurrency based in the blockchain using the new algorithm proof of stake (PoS). 

This new algorithm can maintain the Fenix Network with very little hardware power consumption, it is environmentally friendly.  Fenix explorer is now available from

Dark globalist powers are trying to destroy Europe and our way of living.  Vulture funds and international banking are taking all big corporations, real state and natural resources.

The Fenix Network is in testing mode, it is the first step towards a new usury free European Cryptobank that will protect the interest of European families and corporations.

You can only mine with PoS, to be able to do it you need to have coins in your wallet. You can download the wallet for Window and Linux here

We have created a 1000 FNX bounty for the graphic designer that creates the best real coin image of the new Fenix coin.

We need blockchain developers, graphic designers and community managers to support the project. If you think you can contribute you can contact us here.

Join now the European Fenix Telegram Group

The Fenix DAO