Please take a moment to donate to our project

We are a small project (2 people actually) that donate refurbished computers and counseling to victims of domestic violence as well as people with special access computer needs (visually impaired, etc.).

We teach victims of domestic violence, stalking and cyber-bullying to understand and secure their digital footprints using open source tools and operating systems. We provide customized specially prepared refurbished computers to people with special needs and teach them to use them.

If you feel this project is something you could support and would like to help provide valuable resources, then please consider donating. Any amount will provide much needed assistance.

Our Project is POWERED by the donations of people like you!

Bitcoin: 1ETbF3gozhWY4KypDXC6hTW9cb9UL9RsNu

Litecoin: LVHzSe7gCjhJ3n6XKmPAGBCMqtKvyJ1EFg

Thank you for your support!

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